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My Review of the Landsend Extreme Squall Jacket

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by jon1996, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. jon1996

    jon1996 Loaded Pockets

    Aug 13, 2006
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    This is my first review but I wanted to do this...

    Some of you may recall seeing a few posts of mine asking about Jackets, Well after 2 months of looking on the net and in stores, I settled on the Landsend Extreme Squall Jacket.. This is the Landsend link below

    Landsend Extreme Squall Jacket

    First off The Fit of this jacket is perfect! Everything is right where it should be! And I am a picky shopper about what I wear, Plus alot of sizes are not what they list, I can now say that Carhartt and Landsend must be working together because they are the only 2 Clothing sizes that fit me

    The stiching is superb! Each zipper has a waterproof coating on them for when zipped it is waterproof

    It stays where it should, it does not flop in the wind like some lighter weight jackets I have do

    The pockets- It has a large hand pocket on the outside of each side, Each one is zippered and very roomy and warm.

    On Left side inside there is a Cellphone pocket with a velcro flap, It fits my nokia with room to spare.
    Beside of that there is a zippered pocket, This ocket is about 6" wide and about 12" deep (yes it has the room).

    On the right side it has a large pocket that is about 10" wide and about 10" deep with a velcro snaplike to keep it shut.

    Now saturday at the mall the wife and I were shopping this was the first real outside the house outing I have had witht the jacket, Well she did not wat to carry her purse so here is what I had in the coat alone...

    Right front outside pocket- 4Runner Keys, Chapstick, Pack of Gum, Spyderco Meerkat,
    Inside right large pocket, Wifes large checkbook wallet which weighs in at about a pound, Fenix P1 on lanyard, Rite in the rain notepad with cover and pens
    Left cell phone pocket, Both mine and wifes Nokia 6102i's
    Left inside zippered pocket, My Spec-ops THE wallet, Pack of Cigs and Zippo

    Now with all this I could not even tell I was carring it all, It all rode nicley

    It has adjustments at the cuffs and waist for the fine tuned fit,

    It was 11 degrees and with it zipped up I was plenty warn while only wearing a carhartt heavy weight t under it, from the waist down I was froze

    The only thing I added was a Square sinnet black paracord zipper pull to each of the 4 zippers

    It has a hood but it is tucked into the collar and I paln on not using it unless I have to , I hate a hood hanging on my back, But it is closed via button on the collar, very nice and neat, you would not know there was a hood in there

    So overall my only complaint on this jacket is the material is a little noisy, I think after a wash or two it will quiteten down some,

    But I will give this jacket a 8.5 out of 10, Oh and please ignore my spelling, I am from KY


    link shortened - :gl:
  2. benatlexus

    benatlexus Empty Pockets

    Nov 21, 2006
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    Great Review! I really like lands end and I think I will order up a jacket!! One thing...If you want to check the fit on something my local sears grand carries a great selection.....

    Merry :tree: