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My old man's Buck Knife - Buck's customer service is #1

Discussion in 'Knives' started by cubegleamer, Nov 26, 2011.

    cubegleamer Loaded Pockets

    My mother passed this buck knife on to me about a year ago. My father used to EDC this knife in the 80's. I remember the day he dropped it and broke one of the scales. My father put the broken knife in his sock drawer and it's been there ever since.

    About a month ago I was checking out the Buck Knives website and decided to call the "Forever Warranty" dept. to ask how I would go about getting new scales put on the knife. They told me to send them the knife with a note stating that I didn't want the knife replaced. I paid for shipping to them. They paid for the shipping back to me. Since it was my father's knife it was still covered under the warranty.

    This knife is the Ultima I. It has South Pacific pearl shell scales. My dad would be proud. It's hard to tell from the photos but the pearl is deep and rich. The tolerances are nice and tight and they even cleaned and polished it. To top it all off they sent me a 25% discount card for anything that I buy from their online store.



    • GITD Manix 2XL Owner

    Mumbojumboo EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Now that is the best news I have heard in some time. congrats!!!

    and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

    Omning Loaded Pockets

    Awesome story, beautiful knife!

    Brules Loaded Pockets

    Beautiful knife, and great customer service.

    gstojinovic Loaded Pockets

    Thumbs up for CS... What a beautifull knife... What do you guys think about EDCing Buck?

    A.D.D.i.c.t. Loaded Pockets

    This is a beautiful restoration and inspiring story. Thanks for posting

    sweetdaddyroses Loaded Pockets

    Awesome story! Two thumbs waaay up for Buck! That sure is a great looking knife. One I'm sure you'll carry with pride for many years. Maybe even pass it on to a son or daughter yourself one day?


    Moonduck Loaded Pockets

    I EDC a Buck right now. Good product for the money, and they back up their product.

    locknload223 Loaded Pockets

    That's great! I've been wanting to send my 112 in for a blade replacement for about 30 years. I broke the tip off when I was a little kid, it was engraved from my mom so I'd like to keep the body original. Thanks for the motivation.

    BullRome Loaded Pockets

    Great story! Happy that Buck came through for you. It is great to have an heirloom in the family, especially an EDC!

    xtrajack Loaded Pockets

    I have carried a Buck 110 since about 1979, actually 2 different ones, because I lost the first one. It/they have done everything I have ever asked them to do.

    I bought my current one in 1988, I had to send it back to have a new blade put on it in '92 because I cut a live lamp cord with it. I stressed to the CS rep that the damage was completely my fault. They charged me twelve dollars for all that fun. They even put on a blade with the same etching as the original 25th anniversary edition blade.

    I am a big Buck fan.