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My new Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by Jailer, Jul 26, 2012.

    Jailer Loaded Pockets

    I recently got the urge to EDC a backpack but realized I didn't know anything about all the high-speed gear available these days. I've gotten by for several years with a Jansport Nalgene Diablo & and before that a basic Adidas backpack.

    My searching led me to Tactical Tailor and their R.O.P.. It's exactly the right size for EDC carry and as a lunchbox for my 12-hr shifts in the dungeon. It will prove more roomy once I spring for a molle Nalgene pouch and a MSM Stealth Admin Pouch. But for now the interior nalgene holder and a re-purposed Gameboy pouch will have to do (you'll learn that I'm a world-class cheap skate).

    I changed out the black cordage for something a bit less tactical, but otherwise she's factory fresh.

    Please don't be too jealous of my super-cool lumber truck. She's a 20-yr old beauty who hasn't lost a step.

    One of the two interior Nalgene holders

    Another shot of the beautiful orange interior. I have to admit it helped me make my decision

    The water bladder section makes a great magazine holder

    A shot of what's inside

    My Gameboy Admin pouch

    The contents

    My small first aid kit. I need to pick up some Quick-Clot.

    Thanks for checking out my new toy, and I look forward to your comments and critiques. I'm new to pack carry and welcome suggestions.

    photos removed in violation of standards
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    ltbarber Loaded Pockets

    Love the pack,and the load-out. Please tell me(us) about your JSAR watch!!

    SgtVann Loaded Pockets

    Very nice pack. I live in Seattle and head down to TT every couple of weeks. Very cool pack.

    Jailer Loaded Pockets

    It's my beat-to-heck 2005 TSAR. This watch goes everywhere and does everything. I've lost count of how many times it's been slammed against steel or concrete, and it hasn't lost a second. I will DEFINITELY buy another TSAR when I finally manage to kill this one. Thanks for asking.

    jlomein Loaded Pockets

    What can you do at Tactical Tailor in Seattle? Factory store discounts? Tours?
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    MedicInTraining Loaded Pockets

    I love that you repurposed a gameboy pouch! I have so many lying around and I'd never even thought of doing that! Brilliant!

    Nice pack too :)

    trigger_cb Loaded Pockets

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing about the gameboy pouch. I have a couple of those from back in the day. I am going to have to try and see those will be useful. Great Idea!

    THERoxyStarr Loaded Pockets

    onebadwagon Loaded Pockets

    I really dig this pack. In fact, I went backwards, but I just picked up a GoRuck radio ruck, but if I don't like it, this one is up next. Very well laid out, I just wish that since it's not a clam shell opening pack, that it had one external nalgene sized bottle holder.

    Flash Owl Loaded Pockets

    be sure to let us know what you think of the goruck. ;)

    this pack, and the smaller gorucks have had my interest for awhile now.

    defuse kit Loaded Pockets

    I have a TT ROP. If you don't end up liking your Radio Ruck, I'll be a pal and trade you :D
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    Soulriot EDCF Rule Enforcer

    The ROP is a nice pack and you've got a nice load out. I have it's cousin, the Grey Ghost Gear version. It looks the same except the cord on the outside and the hi-viz interior.

    KDOG08 Loaded Pockets

    I had this bag a while ago in ranger green but sold it because I wasn't really using it. Kinda regret it now but I have an excuse to possibly pick up one in coyote....
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    onebadwagon Loaded Pockets

    For the price, I pray that I love it. Only time will tell, and currently the bag to beat is my awesome Blade 21 (in the b/s/t), but I no longer have to carry a computer/paperwork so I figure i'll try something new. It was tough not to buy one of these Tactical Taylor ROP bags, they look like a really well thought out piece of gear.

    Defuse, I'll be sure and keep that in mind.
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    bigfoot Loaded Pockets

    Really nice setup and pics! The yellow or gold cordage makes a really nice contrast with the black fabric. Is that shock-cord on the front, or just standard para-cord?

    Jailer Loaded Pockets

    It came with black shock-cord but i can't stand the stuff so it was the very first thing to go.

    Jailer Loaded Pockets

    In an effort to pay-it-forward to all those who helped me make my EDC pack decision, I took a few more pics to show what it'll hold.

    I'm afraid I didn't take a lot of time with it, but you get the general idea.

    These shots include the Milspec Monkey Stealth Utility/Admin pouch. I'll probably end up selling it and getting an organizer pouch to ride in the front pocket. The pouch is top notch, but this pack doesn't look right with it attached.





    Even with the pack full, the front pocket easily accomodates a fair amount more than what I put in here.

    If I'd had taken more time I could have packed it better and fit a lot more.

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    Jailer Loaded Pockets

    I think I've solved my main issue with my Removable Operator. 90% of the time it is enough pack, but occasionally I find that I've run out of room and have to pull out the malice clips and mount the MSM Stealth on the front. This takes time and is just a general irritation (This pack just doesn't look or feel right with an Admin on the outside). If I'm still stuck for space I have to hook my Gameboy FAK pouch on my grimloc and possibly carry my Nalgene.

    So I took the clips that Tactical Tailor included for vest attachment and made a makeshift quick-connect for my pouches.This has the side benefit of giving me extra handles on each side for quick grabs when exiting vehicles, etc. This setup will only be used occasionally, and for short periods of time. I'm aware I could buy accessories that would make this easier, but I'm a cheapskate and this actually fits the bill quite nicely.

    This is how I EDC the pack. All pouches and gear tucked neatly inside.

    I mounted the split bar female on the side webbing

    The strap was intended for attaching the ROP to a vest or another pack, but makes a great grab handle

    These females are mounted on the small pieces of side webbing on the Stealth/Utility Admin pouch

    The pack is empty and I was too lazy to head back from the barn for stuffing materials, but you get the idea. Running it through here keeps it from falling below the pack if the load shifts.

    Just a close-up shot of the hardware

    Again, if the pack was full and there was tension, this would look a lot cooler.

    The Nalgene issue will be solved soon. I searched high and low for an American-made collapsible nalgene pouch but was forced by lack of options to buy a Maxpedition small dump pouch.
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    Myrddraal Loaded Pockets

    I need to get me one of those IDGARA patches!
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    TARFU EDC!!!!! Junkie

    Nice "out of the box" solution. Another option would be Hazard 4's Molle-Pal mounting joints, which connect with a combination of easy-to-remove snaps and velcro. I've used them and they are a nice option when you need to remove pouches quickly and move them from pack to pack.


    As for the ROP, I love Tactical Tailor, but that pack is a bit too short and squat for it's size. I tend to gravitate towards packs which are longer in dimension since I'm taller (6'4). I have the same issue with Maxped's PFII and Condor II. Your mileage may vary.

    Also, I typically don't like hanging large-ish pouches off a small pack. It just looks odd and unbalanced to me and at that point you got to to be honest and ask yourself whether you should have just purchased a larger pack. ;)
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