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My Disappointing Experience with Arclight Systems

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by Joe S, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Joe S

    Joe S Loaded Pockets

    Jul 3, 2008
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    Copied from the thread I had posted on LF.net. Trying to keep anyone else from being screwed. Mods, I figured this was most appropriate forum, if not, I apologize.

    For back story, see here: http://lightfighter.net/eve/fo...=183104877#183104877

    On Feb. 4, I wrote an e-mail to Arclight, inquiring about having bags made in custom fabrics. On the 5th, Mike replied, answered my question. I replied back, thanking him, and letting him know I was going to order one immediately in one of the available options, and then, if I really liked it, order more in fabric that I would source. I then registered on their website and placed an order (this is February 5, 2011), got back confirmation e-mails from Paypal and from Arclight.

    Then, since the entire discussion in the above-mentioned thread was related to wait-time, I waited. I wanted to be understanding, as a guy who normally has a lot going on, that other guys sometimes do also.

    On March 10, Mike sent me an e-mail, without any prompting from me, that let me know he was finishing up the bag, would finish it over the weekend, and would get it out the following week. "Great", I thought. "5 week turnaround, when I was quoted 4-6". I wrote back immediately, saying as much, that it sounded great, thanks for the follow-up, and I looked forward to receiving the bag.

    Fast forward to March 30th, nearly three weeks later, and I have not seen any bag. If you put the bag on the back of a turtle, and smacked the turtle on the ***, it would've made it from Rhode Island to NYC in that time. So, I'm worried that it was sent, and then lost in the mail. I write an e-mail to Mike, saying to either way, let me know the status, and that if it had yet to go out, fine, but I needed to know whether he sent it. No response.

    2 weeks later, on April 14, I send him an e-mail, inquiring again about the status on the bag. I let him know that if there's something wrong, he can just tell me, and we'll figure it out together.

    More than two weeks later, I still had not heard anything, so I sent another e-mail, on April 30th. Still no response to that, either.

    Since then, I have called more than a dozen times, left voice-mail several times, and even PM'ed Mike/landshark on LF.

    So now it's the end of May, and it's been nearly four months, and I can't even get an e-mail back that tells me whether there is anyone at Arclight with a heartbeat. Don't I look like an idiot for publicly counseling another LF'er to patience, and wanting to give the underdog a fair shot to make up a mistake.

    So Mike/landshark, where the hell is my bag?

    Note: Still have not heard anything, and it's now the end of August.

    Joe S.