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MXZ Pocket Saw - As Seen on TV

Discussion in 'MultiTools and Other Pocket Tools' started by Stormdrane, Sep 27, 2006.

    Stormdrane Loaded Pockets

    Has anyone tried one of these out yet? It looks like it might be handy. I just picked one up at Walgreens this morning($14.99). I haven't even opened it up yet. I've managed to break hack saw blades just about every time I use them and thought this might make a suitable replacement since it says it'll cut just about anything and it's sized for pocket carry, but I'd keep it in a toolbag in my truck most likely. MXZ Pocket Saw - As Seen On TV


    dinoadventures Empty Pockets

    You should definitely try it out on some things that are not listed on the packaging.

    pipedreams Loaded Pockets

    I've seen it on TV. I looks handy.


    jtice Loaded Pockets

    I have seen that before on TV also.

    Looks handy, seems to cut through alot of things.
    But that bit about it never needing sharpend, ehhhh
    Not that you could sharpen it anyway.

    Well,, starting walking around your house and sawing up random objects,
    report back to us how it goes. :D


    7k7k99 Loaded Pockets

    Now if you can just get it out of that clam shell package :laugh:

    zpo Empty Pockets

    Seems to be similar to the replaceable saw that came on one of my gerber multitools. It does cut everything, just not that well. I keep tools with dedicated blades on me, and the gerber is usually in a pack as a backup. If you can only carry one saw, I would carry something like the MXZ.

    Stormdrane Loaded Pockets

    If you can see from my photos, the edge is thicker than the blade itself and feels like sandpaper, it won't cut you. From the promotional videos it looks like the edge being harder than what is being cut, it comes down to muscle power and it will cut whatever you put in it's path if you put the muscle behind it. I think it'd make a decent EDC for a handy man for quick carpentry/plumbing applications. The paperwork says if it fails or wears out, send the blade back with a SASE and $4.95 for a replacement blade. The handle is case hardened aluminum(I weighed the saw on my postage meter, 7.4 oz) so without having used it, it feels like a decent tool.



    balrog Loaded Pockets

    Looks like a carbide recip sawblade with a holder. Lenox makes this type of blade.

    jtice Loaded Pockets

    Seen these on TV also.
    That was my take on it, real rough tough sand paper, and it takes muscle to do the cutting.
    Still might be handy as an all around blade.
    Seems well made from the pics, and what has been said here.
    Though it looks a bt big and heavy to EDC, maybe in an EDC bag.


    wylde21 Empty Pockets

    As mentioned above, the MXZ is the same, except color, saw as the Lenox "tri-fold" saw (http://hand-tools.hardwarestore.com/67-402-folding-saws/tri-fold-saw-675002.aspx). Guess they come out of the same factory in Taiwan/China/Korea.

    $15 for the saw plus a carbide blade seems like a good deal. BTW, these accept standard 1/2" shank 6" long saber/reciprocating saw blades. So you can replace with a metal, wood, corse carbide, fine carbide, combo, bimetal...whatever blades. Blades are available at your better supplied local hardware stores. The blades are anywhere from $2 to $20 bucks, depending on if you buy them in bulk and the blade type. I have paid as little as $5 for a name brand carbide blade, but that was a good sale. So $5, plus the cost of shipping the old one back, might be a good deal for you when you break the supplied blade.

    An alternate/cheaper option is the Stanley "Folding Pocket Saw" - item 15-333 (http://hand-tools.hardwarestore.com/67-402-folding-saws/stanley-folding-pocket-saw-296665.aspx). This takes the same type blades, is a little bulkier, but lighter in weight because the body is made from plastic instead of aluminum.

    parnass Loaded Pockets

    I think it was the Lenox saw I examined at Home Depot. Looked good, but it was heavier than I wanted to carry as an EDC tool.