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Multiple EDC knives: why?

Discussion in 'Knives' started by jeffm, Apr 12, 2006.

    Dok J Loaded Pockets

    One for work (Vic Tinker or Rescue Tool or SE Tenacious) one for food (Taramundi slipjoint) one keychain folder (Vic Classic SD)... So that's three at a time :D
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    EmberMike Loaded Pockets

    A lot factors into how a person develops into who they are over 13 years. I don't think it's fair to say that about public schools.

    Maybe if you're talking about kids who leave private school, go to public school, and then somehow change over a shorter number of years, the you'd have something there.

    patrat Loaded Pockets

    If multitools count, then I typically have 4 blades in 3 discreet tools, one of which is a dedicated knife.

    LM Micra on keychain, LM wave in back pocket (2 blades on wave), and a Blackjack neck knife (which is great for food tasks, its easy to clean!)

    Phyxiator Loaded Pockets

    To some point, we're all knife guys, therefore we carry irrationally many knives. That's obvious, isn't it? :D

    Personally, I usually carry 3 or more blades :D

    • Vic Compact or Alox Bantam as primary utility blade
    • B+ Subcom in my wallet
    • Multitool (typically 1 blade)
    • fixed blade (Spyderco Street Beat or Pohl Force Charlie One)
    • another MT and heavy duty folder in the EDC bag
    That totals up to 6 blades at maximum. Not too shabby :D
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    defuse kit Loaded Pockets

    Lol, I have plenty of great reasons to carry multiple knives, but in my heart it's because I like carrying them :)
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    Blitzwing Loaded Pockets

    Honestly, I carry 3

    My zt350 or a vic alox
    A charge alx
    And a vic classic or a Micra on my keys
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    Lynx Loaded Pockets

    I carry two knives on person most of the time.
    Currently, my Sebenza and a SAK.
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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Got a new Alox. Got the ALOX POX bad too. Got two "symptoms" in one day.
    But I'm here to say that, yes, even when I'm just at home siting around, I've got two knives on me...these two;)
    Thats right...I'm an EDCForum's Troublemaker! The new edition is the Sunset Orange Alox Troublemaker Edition #1 of 1 ;)

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    Lynx Loaded Pockets

    Congrats on your new Alox. That's one nice Farmer.
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    Windwolf Loaded Pockets

    That's sweet. I have an Orange Alox Farmer coming in the mail. :) Mine doesn't say troublemaker, though. :nah_disagree:
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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I really like the Farmer too. However, now I foresee owning quite a few more;)
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    plumberroy Loaded Pockets

    Always Red sak farmer Swiss army knives should be red:D and one of three other knives Cold steel pocket bushman when a fixed blade is frowned on I like it because it locks up strong thumbstud and pocket clip are reversable and is the easiest carrying big knife I have found outside of work the bushman gets replaced with a modded old hickory knife in a home made pocket sheath . If I am going to the woods I carry a condor rodan
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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Wow. That sentence was a mouthful. ;)
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    Revi138 Loaded Pockets

    I believe there's a punctuation set for sale on B/S/T ;)

    I always carry multiple sizes/profiles of blade, but never a large enough one for my taste due to prohibitive UK laws. But like any other tool, there's a right knife and a wrong knife for any given knife task. Same reason I don't own just one ring spanner :)

    Rivertamer Loaded Pockets

    I carry 2 .....the zt301 my wife gave me......don't use it much but it is my constant companion
    And I carry my zt550 as my daily cutter......performs all chores each day
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    sungame Loaded Pockets

    I normally EDC just one blade. Either my little Leatherman Style CS or my late grandfather's old Vic Solo.

    However, on occasion, I carry two blades in the form of a dedicated knife + a multi tool. Generally, the larger tool determine what I carry. I try to stick to large knife + small MT or vice versa. Also, on some trips to the backcountry I add a small fixed blade as a loaner for knifeless people in my group.
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    hatchetjack EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Typically one knife backed up with a pocket type tool. I don't subscribe to the "two is one, one is none" school.
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    MR24927 Loaded Pockets

    Most defiantly agree

    TheTomas Loaded Pockets

    I carry my large Sebenza as well as a leatherman squirt ps4

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    deputy tom Loaded Pockets

    I EDC a SAK Bijou for the scissors and opening snacks,etc. I also carry a Spyderco Endura for larger tasks. On weekends I'll add a multi-tool on my belt. Back in school days (1950's and 60's) every boy had a pocket knife. I had several different brands like Hammer brand, Colonial, Sabre, Case, Camilus,etc. Nobody got injured or threatened with knives back in those golden times.YMMV. tom.
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