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Multi-tool parts

Discussion in 'MultiTools and Other Pocket Tools' started by tbirdowner86, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. tbirdowner86

    tbirdowner86 Loaded Pockets

    Feb 19, 2016
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    Happy New Years!!!
    A loooooooooong while back I bought my Gerber MP600. I used it a good bit for work. The site tool was a good conversation piece to my customers that stood over me. As time went by and temporarily misplacing it under myself, I had other tools that did the job. It got to the point I just threw it deep into my "last ditch bag". Well going over it and picking out what's wrong with it(and what's wrong with all the other brands/models), I decided to see if there are parts/blades/tools that I could buy and swap out myself. It's a shame that we can't order what we want with these companies.

    So here are my pros and cons.
    >Needle nose pliers with one hand deploy
    >Replaceable wire cutter bits
    >Tools inside handles making the outside grip smoother(not 100% better than open channel)
    >Phillips P2 screwdriver
    >Sight tool(just cool)
    >Knife is ok(prefer full fine edge and separate saw)
    >Flathead screwdriver(3 sizes/ wide one is mainly used for scraping)
    >Carbon scraper/awl

    >Bottle opener.100% useless. I'm a REDNECK from Georgia. I can open my bottle with the back of my Homefront. ANYTHING with a bottle opener is a NO SALE for me at this point.
    >Lanyard ring. 100% useless
    >Serrated knife. the blade is small enough with out taking last half for a saw. I cut with the tip/front half
    > Don't need 3 flathead screwdrivers
    >Can opener. I have a P38 if I ever would need to. I can use a knife to do it too.

    I guess I should have bought the MP600 bladeless. Removed the can opener an add the large flathead. Removed the phillips and added the punch from the MP600 DET. Remove the other 2 flatheads, and add a 1/4" hex bit driver. Manufacture a knife blade that could swap out with the saw(similar to Outdoor Edge knives). That would be my perfect tool. If anyone has a damaged Gerber with the parts I want. let me know what you would want for it. I would like to modify MP600
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