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Multi tool finder?

Discussion in 'MultiTools and Other Pocket Tools' started by grandeson, Feb 7, 2013.

    grandeson Loaded Pockets

    hey all, just wondering if any sites have a sort of user selected tool selector that can help me find exactly the right multi tool for myself? Sort of like how a watch site has selections to narrow down results. Not set in stone, abd open to advice, I am looking for the following:
    1. Pliers (preferably spring loaded and needle nose)
    2. Blade (serrated ok)
    3. Scissors
    4. Awl
    5. Phillips screwdriver
    6. Flathead screwdriver
    7. Saw
    8. Bottle / can opener

    Definitely do NOT want interchangeable bits.
    Prefer a full size but on the smaller end of the spectrum or decent size compact, definitely has to be smaller than my LM Core.
    Currently i'm considering the:
    LM Wingman
    Gerber mp400
    LM juice cs4
    SOG powerassist if the v-cutter can be replaced with a scissors, but site says no.

    Keep it under $60, thanks for your expertise gentlemen and ladies (if applicable)

    baja820 Loaded Pockets

    I would get a leatherman Wave. I think you can find them on Amazon for sixty bucks.
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    grandeson Loaded Pockets

    How does it compare size wise to the lm core?

    baja820 Loaded Pockets

    The core is comparable to the PST I think I don't have one but I have a lm blast and its pretty close.

    grandeson Loaded Pockets

    Actually think i'm leaving towards the blast now. Thanks for help, maybe also sell my skeletool and pick up a wingman.
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    littlequick EDC junkie

    Go down to Home Depot and they should have everything you want for a decent price without shipping and handling.

    grandeson Loaded Pockets

    Gripes, no awl on the blast! Back to drawing board.

    patrat Loaded Pockets

    rebar has all of that except spring loading of pliers.
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    baja820 Loaded Pockets

    No scissors though
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    Kripto Evil Sid

    Have you seen the Swisstool Sprit? ;)

    *shameless plug : I have one in BST*
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    enki_ck Loaded Pockets

    What he said. :D
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    grandeson Loaded Pockets

    Ah, like the spirit alot, but lets get started with the great blade debate. I MUST have the scissors, so its either butter knife our plain edge. Lets hear it fellas. I do usually carry an sog flash, and this will be an edc BAG tool so I am leaving toward butterknife, but really wish thee was at last a small plain edge. CHIME IN!
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    powerring Loaded Pockets

    I prefer the Spirit X version with the standard blade. I have the version with the butter knife too but I find I rarely use it.

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    15 minutes and a few grits of sharpening stone and those stupid serrations come right off.... ;)

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    vegassprky Loaded Circuits

    Buy them all and all bases are covered.:cool:

    grandeson Loaded Pockets

    There was a time that I would buy them all. But now with a family with one income my play money is nowhere to be found. I use to do this type of chatting on a watch forum, but no chance of that happening anymore. Its cheaper to be a flashlight and multitool hobbit now, lol. So confused though. Like the idea of an SOG power assist being customizeable, and heard some liberalism about leatherman which makes then tougher to swallow. :censored:, now I'm letting politics get in the way of my multi tool, lol

    Yarak Loaded Pockets

    This forum is one giant tool selection committee...better than an website.

    grandeson Loaded Pockets

    seems that way!! i find myself waiting for my thread replies like a girl waiting for a boy (me, lol) to call in high school. ok, maybe its me waiting for the girl to call. now i may be interested in the juice xe6. i hate this already

    Soappeddler Loaded Pockets

    The Juice CS4 is a great choice. It covers all of your requirements and is the most pocket friendly of all the tools you've listed. My CS4 has been my EDC for many years and it is still going strong.

    P185Renegade Loaded Pockets

    3 words: swisstool spirit x
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