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Most expensive/favorite knife you've LOST

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Southpaw, Dec 5, 2012.

    Coolio Loaded Pockets

    I have lost a couple folders and while it was upsetting, I always treated them as an opportunity to try another folder.

    But several months back I bought a folder that I absolutely loved - the Spyderco Paramilitary 2. A few months ago, I lost it and I was very distraught. I tore the house and cars apart looking for that :censored: thing. Retrace my steps everywhere. I looked everywhere for 2 months but could not find it. And it was not in stock anywhere I looked. I did not even want to try another knife to replace it. Then finally, a couple weeks ago, I found one in stock and was able to replace it. Life can now resume. [IMG]
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    batteur Loaded Pockets

    I lost a Böker Walker G10 a few years ago. I know I still had it in 2006 because I went to downtown while there was a fenced public viewing area for (european) football world cup. I told the security guy he missed it while searching me, he said keep it and tell nobody (both that I had it and he didn’t find). ;)
    BTW: I’m not interested in sports anyway, but football is the game with a round ball. :p

    ModrnDayMcGyver Loaded Pockets

    Not long ago I scored a Leatherman Juice KF4 at a flea market for $10 bucks. I recently noticed it was missing which is a huge bummer since they no longer make that knife. :-(

    Invictus Loaded Pockets

    Back in May, I lost both my Victorinox Camper and my zippo on a hike. The camper was a present from my dad when I was 12 when we passed through Switzerland on out way to Italy. I was planning on retiring it after that hike, because it had been with me on so many adventures. Needless to say that loss was a serious emotional event. Oh and the Zippo I just bought 2 weeks before that :mad:

    lesson learned: lanyard all your stuff or clip it to your person when you go hiking!

    LoxahatcheeDawg Loaded Pockets

    Of the many I've owned, only two are lost and unrecovered. Both were fairly inexpensive but I would love to get them back. One was the pearl handled CaseXX I carried on my wedding day. The other was the first knife I bought for myself, a SAK purchased on a trip to switzerland as a young teenager.

    Dammen Loaded Pockets

    Might not be the most expensive ones, but I really miss the Vic soldier and the benchmade something I have lost. Most fun story was tho a tiny knife gifted and possibly made by my great-grandfather when i was a kid. lost it in the woods, and by pure luck I found it again several years later :D
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    Oaklington Loaded Pockets

    Haven't lost a knife, ever, luckily :)
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    EDCRVa Loaded Pockets

    I lost my brand new Benchmade 945. NO GOOD! Curse you Cosmos!!!!!!!

    Hellz Loaded Pockets

    I lent my significant other my Spyderco Lil' Temperance whilst she was working over at the stables. It sort of got 'left behind' with no trace of it when we went back :(

    Echo2 Loaded Pockets

    2 Leathermans

    2 Spydercos

    1 CRKT

    1 KBar

    None in the last 10 yrs

    Echo2 Loaded Pockets

    dbl tap...oops

    tennessee226 Empty Pockets

    I lost my first knife. It was a Case med. stockman in yellow delrin. A few years later, i had Case med. stockman exactly the same given to me. A few months later, i bought a med. stockman in amber bone, then another med. stockman in delrin. My obsession:D

    I also lost a Fisher bullet pen in the woods. I am still sad...
    The knives i almost lost are: Case small trapper, Case large trapper, Ka-Bar Eskabar, and a SOG trident.

    Evil D Loaded Pockets

    I've been fortunate enough to not lose many, but the last one I lost (which was about 8 years ago) was a Buck Rush assisted opener. It was ~$50 or so. It was a decent little knife. I lost it at work and of course there wasn't a coworker in sight who saw it, which was sad since at the time I only worked with about a dozen guys. Oh well, hope the new owner is happy with it.
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    CSM-101 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Lost my first Leatherman and my first SAK (Explorer). I then lost my replacement Explorer working in Dad's garden but found it 1 1/2 years later (plowed under while planting potatoes and then plowed back up!) And after that long under ground all it needed was a good dousing with WD-40 and it was as good as new.

    Thepossum Loaded Pockets

    I thought I lost my first SAK (and first knife) my Hiker, so I bought an explorer to replace it only to find my Hiker a week later under the counter at work when I was cleaning up. But I did loose my first Fisher bullet about a month after buying it, still makes me a little sad thinking about it. :(

    StuntZombie Loaded Pockets

    I lost an Endura 3 when I was swinging up on to the upper deck of the charter boat I worked on. It just slipped out of my pocket and flew over the side into the bay. I still cant explain that one.

    I lost a Gerber MPT when I tried to resheath it while I was sitting on the side of a boat. The ironic thing was that I was just bragging about how long I'd owned it.

    I lost a Delica when I was trying to cut a stingray loose from a fishing line.

    I'm sensing a common theme here..

    Bobbradley Loaded Pockets

    lost a Griptilian and native inside a year......... lesson learned, have not lost one in years thank god!!!

    ypsifly Loaded Pockets

    I "lost" a Vic Champ years ago at a restaurant I used to work at. I took it out in the employee bathroom stall an set it on the TP dispenser. About 20 minutes later I realized it was gone and went back to the stall and it was gone. Of course nobody had seen it or knew anything about it...:mad:

    About 3 years ago my BM 527 went AWOL and after an intense yet failed search and rescue operation I went back to the store and bought a replacement. Two days later my Fiance' told me it was on a shelf in the laundry room. She put it there when she found it in my pants pocket before washing a load. So I now carry my original when I think I might need a blade for hard use while the second one still sits new in the box. I kinda hope this happens with my 470 so I can justify having two. lol

    On the flip side...I have found at least four knives all while fishing the same spot. One a Buck 110, a tacticool Valor and two gas station cheapos.
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    KODIAKman EDC Junkie

    Lost a couple and found a couple over the years. Both memorable losses were spydercos. The first was in 1996. I had just bought my first spyderco. It was a serrated delica. A week later I lost it under a very thick tree and never found it. Second w as a PM 2. Barely broke in and I was flying out of state. I had it in a sunglasses sack which was jn my toiletry bag which was in my checked luggage. Needless to say it wasnt there when I unpacked. Super bummed. Will one day have the funds to replace it.

    akmedic77 Loaded Pockets

    Benchmade 9100 AutoStryker, all black. It had been given to me on deployment. Bought another in stainless before I left Iraq.

    Edit: the belt clip bent out and it came out if my pocket while riding in a HMMWV with no doors. I always check the belt clips on my knives now. It was a lesson that only took once to learn!

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