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Military Style Pen?

Discussion in 'Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Notebook Covers' started by Sawedoff, Dec 9, 2013.

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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I bought a box of them online for like 20 something, IIRC. I use one daily at work:)
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    WillAdams Loaded Pockets

    I guess I should've said adjunct to the Esterbrook fountain pen which I use for most writing --- I do still need to score a blue refill for either the Skilcraft or my Fisher bullet pen --- that'll have me back close to the functionality I had when I had a Rotring Quattro (though I still need to work out some sort of highlighter functionality).

    NorthernHarrier Loaded Pockets

    As Doc18 says, the Zebra F-301 is a nice pen. I personally like the F-301 Compact. It is one of my regular go-to pens for my personal use. I like the compactness, writing comfort, and sturdiness, for the price. I just found some fine point F-Refills for it at a local large-box type store. The pens and the refills come in packs of two.
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    tmedina EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I love my F-301 Compact. I keep one in my pocket with my wallet.

    choombak Loaded Pockets

    Maxmadco bolt action, absolute non threatening but equally sturdy. Get the lightweight in ha3 anodization. If looks aren't an issue, surefire has good options. I don't opt for fisher refills based pens as I don't write underwater nor upside down, however they don't write as good as my Schmidt p900 refill.
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    bystander Loaded Pockets

    Government Skilcraft pen X 2.
    the one equipped with metal refill is the best.
    my 0.02.

    Tesla Loaded Pockets

    I have 2 of them....1 modded for Fisher refill and the other modded to take the Z-Mulsion refill. Better design than the Fisher bullet. I gave my Fisher bullet to my youngest son after it basically came apart from being left in my car in Texas summer heat.
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    tmedina EDC Junkie!!!!!

    When I was still in uniform, I kept one in my pocket at all times with a fine blue ink refill specifically for signing documents.

    R_W Loaded Pockets

    More of what I've already seen here...As a former Marine, I always had a pen and something to write on. I have been a fan of simplicity when it comes to pens and always used a click-a-Bic. Size was perfect and if I lost it/loaned it to a battle buddy, I wasn't beside myself if I didn't get it back. In my current profession, I carry several "throw away" pens for use if I need someone to write a statement or something of the like. They are all click-a-Bics. Personally, my "ink stick" of choice is the Pilot G2 in.05mm (ultra fine point).
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    DCBman Loaded Pockets

    I carry two...
    1. A Skilcraft Aviator B3 in my shirt/jacket pocket. Work in aviation so I like the no-FOD features of this pen/pencil combo.
    2. A Fisher Bullet (with stylus) in my pants pocket (everywhere / all pants)

    edit...those are the pens on my person at all times, but being a pen/pencil geek I have all sorts of backups in my bags, EDC kits and vehicles.
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    Ironside Loaded Pockets

    The EDCPen:
    Takes Fisher Spacepen cartridges
    Aluminum,Steel,Brass or Ti
    0.5x4.5 inches
    Strong attachment point
    Built like a tank
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    fresh eddie fresh Loaded Pockets

    My dad was in the USAF and he gave me one of those "US Government" Skilcraft pens when I was a little kid and I thought it was the coolest thing!
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    DCBman Loaded Pockets

    I guess I should probably post a pic of my EDC choices for military style pens. I didn't include the Fisher Bullet (principally because it wouldn't behave and kept rolling off the page :D )


    From bottom to top - SKILCRAFT B3 Aviator (bottom), Fisher Cap-o-Matic Space Pen (middle), SKILCRAFT Alpha Tech 3 (top)