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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by b.s., Jun 2, 2012.

    b.s. Loaded Pockets

    UPDATE: glocktech is now making holsters for the RUGER LCR, and Kel-Tec's.

    The Glocktech MIC Holster... is quite possibly the best $18 I've spent on a holster... ever.
    Let me re-iterate that.... EVER.

    I've run the gamut of holster / weapon combinations. I have carried both full-size and sub-compact handguns in custom kydex, custom leather, and commercially available holsters.

    I am a larger guy, and while some may say that it makes concealed carry easier... upsizing all my clothing to fit a weapon is not as feasible and is somewhat financially limiting. With the slimmer cut clothing of today, and an SO with discerning taste that means "man bags" and over-shirts are even less of an option.

    I prefer to carry on my right hip, but as mentioned earlier the silhouette of a pistol grip and my clothing selection makes my weapon extremely visible. I happened upon a video on youtube about the Glocktech MIC holster:

    ok, I'll be nitpicky.

    "Cord Over Barrel"
    The cordage attached to the holster as it comes from glocktech may be a bit long and if the excess is not trimmed, or if improperly used... you can get what I call "cord over barrel." Seen in the picture below. In this scenario, the cordage wraps around the barrel and does not allow a seamless draw. SOLUTION: shorten your cordage, and be mindful of its location when holstering. (not a big deal)

    It takes about 5 minutes to watch a video on the proper usage of the MIC holster... Please watch the video.

    While the website, and some of their videos may seem a bit terse... there really isn't much to explain about this holster... It works, and if used properly will work everytime for a very LONG time. In my dealings with Mitch at Glocktech, my questions were always answered within a day and he went into great detail when necessary. His business practices are without reproach, he's a stand-up guy, courteous, and willing to do what's necessary to make the customer happy.

    This holster is extremely comfortable, conceals well, and allows me to carry a full sized glock 22 every day.. with everything I wear. I use the holster in a bag while hiking or biking, attached to a seatbelt on longer trips, and even store my weapon in this holster while on my nightstand.
    It allows the user to carry in the loaded and ready-to-fire position without fear of a foreign object causing a negligent discharge.


    Shot at 2012-06-02

    Shot at 2012-06-02
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    SgtVann Loaded Pockets

    Very interesting. I gotta say I think I want one. Thank you for sharing.

    e206 Loaded Pockets

    Brilliant product!

    reppans Loaded Pockets

    I have one for a G19/26, and while I wouldn't say it's my favorite holster, it's a top 3 for me, the best for deep concealment, in my carry rotation, and definitely worth the money, even if only used for safety in a range bag or something,

    Thanks for pointing out that they've expanded to other guns... I just bought another one for my LCP... now that is going to be my deep, deep concealment option (as opposed deep, deep, deep concealment - an NAA Mini).

    P35 Loaded Pockets

    I use the MIC when I stuff one of my Glocks in a fanny pack

    Zatx Loaded Pockets

    I use the MIC on a Ruger LCP. It's what I call a good "filler" holster for when a conventional holster doesn't quite work. Some of my cargo shorts I wear have really shallow back pockets so I can't use my Uncle George wallet holster. If I use a front pocket holster it prints too much in these shorts. If I slap the MIC on the LCP and put it in my front pocket it disappears all together. The MIC breaks up the outline just enough that it doesn't print has a gun.

    MerdachPKP Empty Pockets

    I'm a big fan. I have one and you're right.... the cord is a bit long. I still need to shorten mine.

    With that said, i'm really happy with it. I'm a bigger guy. I've put on a few pounds and there's not as much slack in waistband as there used to be. This prevents me from wearing my other holsters comfortably, but the MIC holster works great.... at least until i hit the gym.

    Pima Pants Loaded Pockets

    The guy in the video keeps putting his finger inside the trigger guard. It first occurs when he picks up the first Glock. The holster itself sure could use a sweat shield.

    mace85 Loaded Pockets

    I was on the fence about this holster until I read your review. I ordered one and it arrived 3 days after ordering. So far I am rather enjoying it. I uses to carry my Glock 26 in a comp-tac minotaur and barely print under a t-shirt. Now I can manage a Glock 19 with no printing at all. Going to try my 17 with a +2 baseplate for grins tomorrow.

    I am a huge fan of being able to move the gun around without having to adjust clips and slide my belt around.

    Melders Loaded Pockets

    This review sold 2 more for glockteck (one for my dad for fathers day, and i couldn't resist getting myself one). I have only had it for about three days now but i am really enjoying it. The MIC holster easily handles my G26 with little to no printing problems (im pretty skinny to begin with). Thanks for introducing me to this great product.

    HellBrentForLeather Loaded Pockets

    I bought one because of this review as well, for my G27. I like it and it will definitely get some use from me.

    BadgerX Loaded Pockets

    Very cool wish the made them for one of my pistols

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    chrischoi Loaded Pockets

    Not bad. Wish I could try one for mine.

    GFL1905 Loaded Pockets

    I wound up ordering one for my glock 21 based on your video. My summertime carry is a kahr cw9, and would like to add the glock back in the rotation with this holster.

    machine Loaded Pockets

    I use a MIC for my 19, along with a Clipdraw. Gives me a little extra security with loosed pants or fast movement. Love em both....

    mem4720 Loaded Pockets

    Are you using the Glock-specific clipdraw or the universal tape-on version? Can you post a picture?

    D50boy Loaded Pockets

    I'd like to see one of these for the Kahr

    D50boy Loaded Pockets

    OK, so I got one of these for my LCP. Initial impressions- Works pretty well for covering the trigger and holding onto the gun if dropped. IMO, the LCP is a bit small to carry stuck in a waistband.... I'd like to add the Kel Tec pocket clip to the mix to keep it in place a little better. I see some other makers making full kydex shell holsters for my pistol that have a sweat shield and clip. Might pick one of those type up to review in the future.

    Capbyrd Loaded Pockets

    Very interesting concept for sure. I think its worth mentioning that if you do end up using one of these, its a change in training. Instead of coming up immediately from the pant line, you will have to draw a bit farther to get free of the holster. It could create some interesting training exercises.

    machine Loaded Pockets

    Glock specific. Sorry Im offshore Africa at the moment, with nearly no internet, so pics are a no go. The only issue with the clipdraw is a slight interference with my crimson Trace on the side, but I shave it down and it works great. The MIC/Clipdraw combo has been great for CCW....