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Manufacturers and Distributors, please read this before posting.

Discussion in 'MEMBER RULES, GUIDELINES & ANNOUNCEMENTS' started by JonSidneyB, Sep 3, 2009.

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    Effective September 1, 2009, Manufacturers and Distributors wishing to promote products on EDCForums will be required to hold a Manufacturer's Badge in order to market on the forums. Only Manufacturer's Badge holders and the staff will be able to start threads in the Manufacturers' section; any active member will be able to post in those threads. Manufacturers will be allowed only to initiate threads about their products in the Manufacturers' area. They can, however, answer questions regarding their products in other parts of the forum. Manufacturers will be able to engage in conversation like any other member as long as they are not promoting products outside of the appropriate areas.

    Only Manufacturer's Badge holders will be allowed to carry their company name in their sigline. If a manufacturer is participating as a regular member and not as a badge holder, he/she will not be allowed to use any passive marketing schemes, such as avatars and siglines, to promote their products. If the profile name is obviously the company, it will not be allowed either.

    Eligibility for a Manufacturer’s Badge depends on how the business is conducted. If the manufacturer only sells directly to the consumer (uses no dealers), then the manufacturer will have to pay for his/her badge. At this time, such a purchase will be on a monthly basis. The first payment will be a prorated amount based on the first of the month. After the initial payment, a monthly charge will be applied on the first of each month. If a badge expires and is not renewed within five days, the badge will be removed. Longer plans may be available in the future. The badge allows posting privileges only. If and when banners are made available, they will incur a separate charge.

    If the manufacturer or distributor makes use of a dealer network, and if the forum store is interested or able to become a dealer, there will be no fee for a Manufacturer's Badge. If the forum store (JSBurly's) does become a dealer, a banner will be posted to highlight the items in the forum store. If JSBurly's acts as a dealer, the manufacturer will hold a badge at no charge and is welcome to talk about and answer questions about the product(s). The manufacturer or distributor will not direct customers in EDCForums to another location to purchase the items. Any product promotion by the Manufacturer will be to the mutual benefit of both JSBurly’s and the manufacturer/distributor.

    If JSBurly's does not choose to become a dealer, the manufacturer/distributor will be able to participate under the same guidelines as companies that do not use retailers. If JSBurly’s chooses to become a dealer at a later date, then participation in the forums will revert to the latter method.

    How we are initially defining a manufacturer.

    1. They have employees on the payroll.
    2. If they use dealers to sell products.
    3. If they have a dedicated website to their products.
    4. The activity is a vocation or on occupational activity.
    5. If the owner calls it a business we have to consider it a business.
    6. If the entity displays that the reason they joined was primarily for sales by posting sales threads as their introduction or other posts that would lead one to think they are doing this primarily as a money maker.

    We are going to try and define home craftsman differently. A home craftsman produces a few items at a time on limited scale. A home craftsman is a hobbyist and is not conducting himself as a business. If it is being run as a business and not a hobby it may be reclassified as a business. If conditions #1 , #2, or #4, apply it will be considered a business. If a maker of products does not meet condition conditions #1 , #2, or #4, #5, and #6. but condition #3 applies and they do not consider them selves a business but a hobby craftsman then can appeal and the staff will discuss this. An example of a home craftsman it they make an item for themselves and other people want one so they make some available for others for a fee.

    The definition between a hobbyist and a business can be nebulous and the definition may be evolving out here. We will contact people conducting business out here that looks like a business to inform them of the new rules. If you feel we have unfairly labeled you as a business when you are not you can appeal and It will be discussed by the moderators. Like I said the definition of a manufacturer and home craftsman will be evolving on these forums. If they scale is small enough we very well might call something that looks like a business a home craftsman.

    Any threads initiated in this section by those not holding a Manufacturers Badge will be removed.

    PM me for information on how to get a Manufacturers badge.
    Any threads initiated in this section by those not holding a Manufacturers Badge will be removed.

    E-mail me at jonsidneyb@gmail.com to get a Manufacturers badge.