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Luminox navy seal watches any good?

Discussion in 'Watches' started by Jaygnar99, Dec 14, 2006.

    Jaygnar99 Empty Pockets

    First off this is my first post in these forums so please allow me to say Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone here @ EDC!
    I came here from candlepowerforums and I my newfound interest in flashlights has led to my newfound interest in all things EDC.
    I have seen what I believe are some good deals on the first generation of the luminox navy seal watches. I figure that they must be pretty nice watches because I remember when they were introduced and they were quite expensive. They are also made to military specifications ( whatever that means). And I believe that their internals are swiss made so i would think that would point to high quality.
    I was wondering who has one (or more) of these watches and your impressions of the watch. What do you think of the overall design? How reliable are they? I'm looking for a top quality watch with a proven reputation that's tough as nails with a low price point. And I realy like the looks of the old school luminox.
    However, if anyone has any suggestions as to other watches that are similar in appearance and meet the criteria, please feel free to suggest othe options.
    Thanks in advance, J.

    Goldtanker Empty Pockets

    Hi Jaygnar99-

    Welcome to EDCF!


    parnass Loaded Pockets


    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the forums.

    luigi Loaded Pockets

    I have one, I got it for $99 in a Sharper Image sale. To me it is great, the tritium vials
    are quite bright and work perfectly at night or in dark rooms. The watch is working well, measuring time accurately.
    The rotating bezel is very good too, it has 120 "clicks" I use it to measure elapsed time to remaining time until some event.


    Jaygnar99 Empty Pockets

    Thanks for the warm welcome Goldtanker and Parnass.
    Luigi, Thanks for the feedback.

    white_feather Loaded Pockets

    I have one and it is wonderful. I wear it daily. Cost me $175.00 and worth every penny.

    Jaygnar99 Empty Pockets

    Could you guys who own these watches please tell me how long you have owned them for? Durability is a main concern of mine. :popcorn:

    deeker Loaded Pockets

    I have had a black one for a year now. I have no complaints about the wear and tear it has taken. It still looks fairly new. I love the tritium hands! It has been underwater, in snow, sweat and seems no worse for wear. If the Navy Seals actually did wear this model of watch, it likely has seen some adverse conditions.

    I bought it from a reliable store on sale for about $120.

    uspopo Loaded Pockets

    Hi and welcome to the EDC Forums! :tree: I personally don't own a Luminox but my co-workers have owned them without any problems. I have a TraserH3 brand (I think they both are made in the same factory) and I love it as it is my EDC watch. You can't go wrong with them (very bright tritium markers and accurate/reliable swiss movements) but I don't care for the Navy Seals/Special Forces markings on the dial. Other than that, go for it. :)

    cave dave Empty Pockets

    I have a friend who had one and when he went swiming in a pool it leaked, got a replacemnet and that leaked too. Third one as well. And this was in a pool! Not exactly Navy Seal territory. Then he bought a Casio and had no problems.

    Jaygnar99 Empty Pockets

    Wow cave dave, that's the first negative thing that I've heard about these watches. I definately would not want to have to go out and buy another watch after spending that much money one. That would totaly suck. I wonder if the place that he was ordering from got a defective box of them or something. I mean if leaking water at swimming pool depths was the nom, I don't think that the watch would meet military specifications as the retailers claim. Then again, I think that I need more feedback from others who have owned these watches before I take the plunge and order one. Thanks for the heads up. :)

    mikeymoto Loaded Pockets

    Jaygnar99, welcome.

    I had a Luminox Navy Seal (Series II); it was my first watch with tritium illumination. I got mine from Cabelas, and I had it for about a week before I returned it.

    I feel that the watch is "ok" for the money, though they are a little "plasticky". That, coming from a guy with 2 G-Shocks! I generally liked the one I had, and it seemed like it would give good service. What bothered me most is the way Luminox goes about marketing their stuff. From what I have read, they do not make these watches, but they label and market them like crazy. Luminox is a marketing company. I felt pretty sour about that eventually and so I chose to get rid of the Luminox I had and moved on to other things.

    Now I have a Traser (classic automatic pro) and 2 Marathons (one quartz, one auto), all 3 of which are tritium illuminated and which serve me rather well. I can easily say that all 3 are more durable, in my opinion, than what I got from Luminox. See below for a couple shots comparing the Navy Seal II to the Traser.



    Mike Loaded Pockets

    Hi Jaygnar99

    Hello. I own a luminox with a stainless body and rubber strap. It is a very durable watch. I haveĀ  had mine for probably 4 years now. I have worn it quite a bit. I am on a Dive/Rescue team and it has seen a lot of water time. No complaints. It is very bright. The brightest watch I own. I can even see the time at night without my glasses. The only watch that I can do that with. My crystal is scratched up pretty good, but in all fairness, it is my beater watch. I wear it while wrenching on my vehicles or just about any other job I don't want my good watch to get beat on. It is a good watch, very bright and I would buy another one if I needed to. Hope this helps a little.


    My "good" watch is a Tag Heuer Automatic Super professional I have had this watch since 95. I also own a couple of G-Shocks, a Seiko "pepsi" and a Citizen Aqualand. The Luminox is the one that I dive with the most.

    Mark G Empty Pockets

    I have had my Luminox for over four years now and love it. Have thrashed it a bit and it still looks great. The tritium still glows strongly as well.


    cave dave Empty Pockets

    My friend with leakage problems did not buy new ones. They were replaced under warrenty, but he gave up on the brand.

    sak_collector Empty Pockets

    I have never had one, but I say if you like it then go for it. I like my G-Shocks, Seikos, Citizens and also my Breitling SuperOcean which is by far more WR than any of the others. I have had excellent luck with them all. Still with that being said, I have looked around the net and I can find negative stories on each and every brand...G-Shocks leaking when new, Breitling problems, Seiko and Citizen failures and all of that but in general the problems are rare. So if you do hear negative things about the Luminox, rest assured you would hear problems with any brand you may want...does not mean they are junk.

    Jaygnar99 Empty Pockets

    @ cavedave- Yeah, i figured that the watches that your friend got were warrantied and replaced for free, I just thought that maybe the dealer that was replacing them had got their hands on a bad batch of the watches and that might account for the unexpected lack of quality. Sorry , my wording was kind of unclear on that. :idiot2: LOL
    When I said that I would hate to spend that much money on a watch and then have to buy another one, I meant that if I kept getting defective watches and then I gave up and changed brands, then the initial investment would be out the window unless I could find a dealer that was willing to allow a trade-out for a similar model.

    I have so far been able to find these watches at around $130 US and they seem to have the features that I'm looking for ( tritium, low battery indicator, big analog display without a bunch of dials and such).
    However, if anyone has any suggestions of a watch with similar features that's as tough or tougher for the same money, Please feel free to suggest some other options. The main things that concern me are simplicity, tritium and durability.
    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread so far and to those who contribute in the future. Im sure that I don't have to tell you all what a help honest feedback is when you're trying to make a decision that you don't want to regret.
    Keep it coming! :santa: :rudolph: :)

    Buffalohump Loaded Pockets

    Forget about this watch. This is a plastic watch for the price of a stainless steel watch. The SEALs have never had anything to do with this watch, it is all marketing B/S. No US military unit is allowed to endorse a product. If you do any kind of research on what the SEALs prefer in terms of wristwatches, you will see one kind of watch over and over again - Casio G-Shock. Why? It is cheap, low-profile, accurate and will take a major beating. As for the tritium, if you are on a mission, the last thing you want is a watch dial that can be seen in full dark hundreds of meters away. Hardly tactical now is it? With a G-Shock you get the light only when and where you want it.

    However, this is a digital watch, if you want an analogue diver's watch, there is only one to consider at this price point, and that is the Seiko Black Monster (or Orange if you want something a bit more garish). You don't need tritium believe me. This watch positively radiates light at night and it doesn't use tritium. The glow in the dark material they use is unbelievably bright. It is also 100% genuine stainless steel, features a near bullet proof AUTOMATIC movement and a choice of excellent stainless steel or rubber straps. This thing will take a beating that will leave the Luminox in several pieces. Think about it: stainless steel or plastic. It's a no-brainer. You can get them in several different places: Amazon.com, chronograph.com. do a search, you'll find one. Don't hesitate, it is an awesome watch for the price. Spend a bit of time on the watch forums if you want a second opinion. Luminox doesn't even get a mention there.

    SERT Empty Pockets

    'Tis true, the Teams don't endorse this watch, however, I have ownde the Stealth for about 4 years now and have even taken it diving in Hawaii with no issues. I have since switched to the 5.11 watch (hey, it was free) but I still have my Luminox. I've heard that most of the problems with leakage are in the hot tub... :shrug:

    EODtech Loaded Pockets