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Lot's of GREAT threads on WHAT to put in FAK . . .

Discussion in 'First Aid Station' started by just1man, Dec 5, 2012.

    just1man Loaded Pockets

    so WHERE is good place to BUY? Looking for enough for family kit as well as stocking up several EDC bags and a couple of "blow-out" kits for the range bags.
    For example:
    -bulk gauze, coban, triangle, and other "essentials"
    -bandaid's and other booboo items
    -other items mentioned repeatedly on threads.

    Amazon prices seem hit or miss along with quality (based on reviews). WalMart seems to be really pricey.

    Kit's I've found seem to generally be glorified booboo kits (or they are insanely priced).

    Hoping to attend Wilderness Medical Training in spring, so while I'm close to a First Aid newbie, I don't want to simply have bandaid's.

    Bottom line question is: where is a reasonably priced place to buy supplies?
    Thank you.
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    SurvivePenna EDC Junkie!!!!!

    just1man Loaded Pockets

    Thank you. That is exactly what i was wanting - some referrals to reasonably priced places to shop. I'll go take a look once kids are in bed.
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    evolutionglitch Loaded Pockets

    Besides the acronym why do you suppose its called a FAK? I assume because when your in Boston and your here "FAK!" then you'll probably need one :p

    Hobs98 Loaded Pockets

    Check for a medical supply store. I have one local to me that sells scrubs and refills oxygen tanks. They have a great supply of bandages and other first aid supplies usually in bulk form.

    thatotherguy EDC Junkie!!!!!

    The QuikClot prepack trauma kit ($19.73 at Amazon) with a 4" Israeli bandage ($5.25 Amazon) and Clauss shears ($8.10 Amazon) would be fairly good for what you listed. Most if not all bases covered.
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    just1man Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the great tip! Got them on order (along with some other items suggested on the forum)

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    chmsam Loaded Pockets

    First, most but not all pre-packed kits are over priced and not well equipped.

    Secondly, anyone buying or building a FAK needs to assess their needs but also their skill levels. Going beyond those can mean either you are wasting your money or are potentially going to do more harm than good. It's good to be able to render aid but not when in over your head. Even doctors learn that "first, you do no harm" (or at least they should) and that doing harm is easy when you aren't fully trained and skilled for what you are trying to do.

    It's not that I'm trying to dampen anyone's willingness to help (and I freely admit that I don't know the skill level of the OP).

    It's just that I run into an awful lot of people who would have a surgical wing in their home if not "only" an AED just because their kid once badly skinned a knee. These same folks wouldn't dreamed of being inconvenienced by having take a basic first aid course through the local Red Cross.

    Most emergencies are not immediately solved by the American solution to simply T.M.A.I. (that's Throw Money At It for the younger crowd). Works OK in some other situations but very poorly on the scene of a car wreck or other emergency. If you haven't already make time to learn about what you need to do and how to react under that kind of stress. Training takes time and a bit of money but is better than almost anything you can carry in any FAK.
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    Eagle Scout Loaded Pockets

    Have had good luck at RiteAid.

    Seriously, they do "buy one get one" sales in the first aid section. Last time I was in there buying larger format surgical dressings the cashier asked if my wife's surgery went well. (funnier if you know they don't know me or my wife) :)

    Lot's of this stuff does not "go bad" sitting on the shelf. Pick up what you need local on sale. That way you can check the expire dates on stuff that has a shelf life before you buy.

    I used to carry a pretty large FAK in my pack. Nice to have everything all the time, but have since gone lighter. Having the item in hand in the store has helped me choose what to carry (size and weight). The rest of it finds homes in larger car, RV, and house based kits.

    Dapple Loaded Pockets

    I haven't purchased from them yet, but supply line direct seems to have some reasonably priced stuff by the case.

    Erasergirl Loaded Pockets

    I got nearly everything i needed at the dollar store even bandage scissors,
    except i had to order a good size assortment of single dose ointments from ebay.
    It isn't cost effective to JUST buy a few small doses for an EDC, so i put most of it in the large bug out bag/first aid/emergency kit, and then raid it when i have to refill the EDC.
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    kd7dvd EDC Junkie!!!!!

    My big issue is the expiration dates on some of the single-use packets. Advil seems particularly bad. On the other hand, too much Advil seems to be a self-correcting problem :D

    Dapple Loaded Pockets

    From what I read, the experation date is a question of efficacy rather than a question of safety. The way I look at it, individually sealed packets are more likely to stay fresh after expiration than bottles since they're only exposed to air/moisture seconds before you take them.
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