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Looking for Slimmest Ferro-Rod for Keychain Carry

Discussion in 'Other Every Day Carry Items' started by this_is_nascar, Oct 11, 2013.

    this_is_nascar Loaded Pockets

    My BCB Ranger arrived and it's riding on my keychain, without the hacksaw blade. I can use the edge of a knife if/when I ever need this. I feel this will serve my needs just fine. Thanks for all the help everyone.
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    Al Effendi Loaded Pockets

    Most lighters will fail at high altitudes, and no matter how reliable they are, they all have small parts and can fail. They also don't burn as hot as magnesium shavings, which goes with a ferro rod like peanut butter goes with chocolate.

    In the zombie apocalypse, carry both. For EDC, I carry a mini Bic, but I keep a ferro rod and chunk of magnesium in my bugout kit. I make firestarters from mixing dryer lint and paraffin in cardboard egg carton cups.

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    JHGM Dinosaur Supervisor

    As you request; so shall I comply...
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    straightpuke Loaded Pockets

    I'm always gonna have my BIC on me and I'm always gonna have my ferro rod on me. Doesn't matter what you carry as long as it does it's job.
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    ldablo41 Banned

    The best answer.

    ldablo41 Banned

    Thanks bro.

    Martin Labak Loaded Pockets

    I'm not sure if you're still on a hunt for your ferro rod but what I did a while back was an Ebay search for standalone ferrocerium rods in bulk and had multiple options. They had different diameters and lengths however, what I went with was a 10-pack of 5/16" diameter and 3.15" long rods. They are pretty compact as is but then I was looking for a way to split them in half and the only solution I had at the time was to cut in half with my Dremel dril (crapload of sparks as expected). Make sure there's nothing around you to catch fire. Then I set the rod in small birch stub(drilled a hole and treated it with linseed oil) via gorilla glue. I suggest that or you can get a one of those metal pill containers and carry the rod in there. Hope it helps;)
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    this_is_nascar Loaded Pockets

    Thanks, but I ended up getting the BCB Ranger and have been wearing it on my keychain. It's just what I was looking for as it relates to size and function.

    this_is_nascar Loaded Pockets

    Well, so much for the BCB Ranger for EDC on the keychain. I dropped my keychain from 3-feet onto the pavement and the rod snapped right off the mount on impact. This product is probably OK if you're going to leave it in a BOB or something like that, but to EDC it where's there's a risk of it falling, it can not be trusted.

    JIM Loaded Pockets

    What else is on your keychain? I've got mine on my keychain for 15+ years and never had a problem..

    this_is_nascar Loaded Pockets

    Nothing that should cause an issue. It had to snap due to the force of hitting the asphalt. When I first got this, I was concerned about the durability of this. I guess those concerns were valid.

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    TarHeelBrit Loaded Pockets

    Just a thought, but have you considered the Doan magnesium bar? It's not that big and the ferro rod is almost indestructible. Factor in the mag block and it's a good firestarter. You could even use the blade from the Ranger as a striker. Like I said...just a thought, it might be too big for your needs.

    comis Loaded Pockets

    The Doan has decent quality of magnesium, but there are reports about the ferro rod falling off the bar after uses.

    Although it is not as compact, how about the "light my fire" ferro rods with a little tab? I like mine a lot in combination to my Mora Bushcraft survival knife, and it gives a decent amount of spark. Personally, I am not a big fan of anything made by BCB, somehow I found the quality of my BCB products are lacking(such as the signal mirror, the ranger firesteel, etc)

    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

    Another option might be a Ferro Rod Pendant

    It's available in brass or Red, Green and Silver anodized aluminum.

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    TarHeelBrit Loaded Pockets

    Really?? wow that's a bit disconcerting as I've always thought that was one of Doan's marketing points was unlike the competitions their ferro rod never fell out. I bought one just on that point. it's not a big deal for me as mine lives in a tin, but it's good to know. Thanks.

    this_is_nascar Loaded Pockets

    Thanks, I actually have several Doan's around here somewhere. I was looking for something smaller, that's why the BCB Ranger seemed so nice. I also have a setup that just has the rod with a plastic end to it. Maybe I could sand down that end to the very smallest size needed to stay attached to the keychain. I think I got it from CountyComm.
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    MJGEGB Loaded Pockets

    If it helps I have a small one that snapped off of a mag bar and I just drilled a hole in it and ran a split ring through it. Its been on my keys for over a year now with no issue and gets used at least once a week. You should be able to do the same with yours.