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Looking for experienced opinions on 8Cr13MoV, 8Cr14MoV, 8Cr15MoV steel please

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Pokerstud, Jul 3, 2011.

    Pokerstud Loaded Pockets

    I am looking at a couple knives that exhibit either 8Cr13MoV, 8Cr14MoV, or 8Cr15MoV steel. I have never owned a knife with this steel. Are there any real world use opinions out there that can help me? I appreciate your time.

    Viper715 Loaded Pockets

    I've carried a spyderco Tebacious on duty for about four months. My opinion is it's easy to sharpen, really easy, very sharp, does not hold the edge for long, not very rust resistant for my use. I carry back pocket eight hours a day and if I don't oil it every two to three days it starts rusting on the side closest to my but. For the price it's a good value but I have several knife steels on the way; 154cm, H1 and VG10. VG10 didn't seem to rust as bad the H1 not at all and haven't tries the 154 yet. But for the rusting the tenacious is out for me as well as 8cr13mov. Just my experience.

    Pokerstud Loaded Pockets

    Viper, just the kind of info I'm looking for, thanks. I have read where the 8Cr15MoV has more Chromium than the other 2, therefore making it a little more rust resistant, more on the order of AUS8.

    Viper715 Loaded Pockets

    I guess I'm just hard on my knives and need a really rust resistant knife I guess H1 but I didn't really like the edge holding on it either but at least it doesn't rust.

    oronocova Loaded Pockets

    I have been carrying a Byrd Wings Slip-it for about a year at work. It's 18Cr13MoV. My opinion is similar in that it takes a very keen edge but doesn't hold it very long. I touch it up about once a week on a belt sander just takes a few minutes... This is opening boxes, bags, cutting paper, etc. I put a pretty narrow bevel on it though. I carry it in my front pocket. I haven't had any issues with rust. It's not exposed to water other than rain, but it is very humid down here this time of year. There is my limited insight, I am interested in trying a steel with better edge retention though.

    Viper715 Loaded Pockets

    I suggest VG10 or S30V great steels I only have to touch them up monthly during edc use. ZDP189 is really good at edge holding but too much a pain to sharpen when it needs it. My ZDP Endura I bought was super sharp I used it for about two to three months then had to sharpen it finally and it took forever. I sold it shortly after.

    Yablanowitz Loaded Pockets

    If by "narrow bevel" you mean "small included angle", that may be the problem. 8Cr13MoV does a lot better with a 40 degree edge angle or microbevel than it does at lower angles. It's decent steel, pretty good economy steel, but there are much better steels out there if you are willing to pay the freight.

    As for rust resistence, my Byrd Crossbill did develop some surface rust and a few pits after laying in the weeds in my girlfriend's back yard for three months. That's the only corrosion I've seen on 8Cr13MoV, but I also live in a very dry area, so YMMV.

    Rawls Loaded Pockets

    I really don't like any of these steels. They do not hold an edge and oddly enough they aren't terribly rust resistance. It used to be that you got one or the other--edge retention or rust resistance--in the SAK steel or Buck's 420HC--but these steels just annoy me in that they give me neither.

    See here for a bit more on steels:

    ZDP-189 and other steels.

    Pokerstud Loaded Pockets

    Lots of good stuff to chew on, thanks everyone!

    CubistHamster Loaded Pockets

    Wow! I guess I'm in the minority, but I love 8Cr13MoV. My Tenacious is the only knife I can consistently put a hair-whittling edge on. Admittedly, it doesn't hold it for long, but touch-ups take about 20 seconds on the sharpmaker UF stones. Also, I've been carrying it while working outside in Florida for the past 7 weeks--I wipe it down with rem-oil a couple times a week, and no issues at all with rust.

    carrot Loaded Pockets

    I like the 8Cr steels. They aren't very rust resistant but they are really easy to sharpen to a nice, keen edge. I like to EDC a steel with higher rust resistance in the summer when I'm sweating a lot, however.

    jujigatame Loaded Pockets

    It's a fine steel for the money when done well. Never had any problems with rust on mine.

    Edited to add: I should specify that I'm referring to 8Cr13MoV. Have not yet used the other two flavors mentioned.
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    Dr Jekell I had fun once, It was awful.

    For the price they are acceptable steels, the heat treatment is what makes or breaks the steel.

    If it is not done properly it will cause problems with edge retention.

    Swedish169 Loaded Pockets

    all 3 have 8% Chrome, which will give you corrosion resistance but makes it softer. 8% is slightly less then you'll find in stainless. the 13% to 15% Molybdenum content will give you increasing hardness, which kinda leads to corrosion resistance as a side effect. more moly will raise the cost.

    As others have pointed out, micro-structure has just as much to do with the properties of the metal as the atomic makeup, so the heat treat is a big deal. the only control you have over that is making sure you buy from a company with good quality standards (no made in china). look for ISO 9001 if you can.

    cutter17 Empty Pockets

    I also had a Tenacious with the 8Cr13MoV, and like Viper, I found it to take a very nice edge, but did not hold it long, but it is easy to sharpen back to the razor edge.

    I currently have an AG Russell 2010 Texas Ranger that has 8Cr15MoV. Out of the box it had a super sharp edge, but I haven't really used it so I don't know about the longevity of the edge.

    I have knives made in China that come from Boker Plus, Hammer Brand, Steel Warrior, and now AG Russell. I haven't had any problems with the heat treament, as the ones I use take and hold a very good edge. At least as long as my Case knives do. So I don't think you can exclude China from doing the heat treat correctly.

    tonester Loaded Pockets

    good steel for the money, however i would not do anything other than light edc chores with it such as food prep and cutting boxes. use it for any heavier use and this is likely to happen:

    edit: this chip was actually a lot worse and also had a couple smaller nicks but i was able to sharpen most of it out.


    davek14 Loaded Pockets

    How do you all feel about AUS8 for edge retention.

    MWDP Banned

    I won't say anything new or unfamiliar here but here it goes... 8cr13MoV is a soft steel that can be sharpened VERY easily to a razor edge. It won't hold it as long as VG10 for example, but VG10 takes a bit more experience in sharpening as well. I'd recommend it as a good steel for beginners with sharpening and knives in general. After all, what good is an S30V blade if you can't maintain it?
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    carrot Loaded Pockets

    I'm curious, what were you cutting?
    In my experience, any material that will damage an edge would have done some kind of damage to another edge in any other steel.
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