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Long overdue update

Discussion in 'Show us pics of your EDC!' started by Jakala, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Jakala

    Jakala Loaded Pockets

    Apr 11, 2011
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    It is long overdue due to a busy personal life (marry, buy crappy house, rebuild, get kid, etc. Etc.)

    but now the little dragon sleeps and i can post an update to:
    first bag (bag-in bag concept)
    Second bag (just a bit to small)
    Third bag (not happy with lack of easy access, and comfort while carrying)

    So my edc bag at the moment is a ortlieb vario, which I Highly reccomend due to its durabilty, waterproofing and the combinded backpack panel and bikeframe holder:

    Then contents, the side pockets contain the basics:


    In the past i used a grid-it to organize this bag, now i moved to a large collection of "handbag organisers". (8 bucks from amazon)

    But first lunch:
    (Yes she is the cutest kid on thishere planet!)

    Then the basics bag, this goes everywhere, and it therefore swaps bags often. (No, it is not sturdy, I looked at the maxped triptych, but the price is ridiculous!)
    Content from top left to bottom right:

    -collection of pens (im not a pennophile)
    -micro usb cable
    -leatherman charge ti
    -Mechanical pencil and marker

    -bank identifier
    -leatherman bits

    -zippered pouch with sd cards, earbuds, thumbdrive, usb otg adapters etc.

    Main compartment with
    -mobile hardrive wrapped in a buff
    -notebook (i get mine from my wifes travels, this one is really really good!, made by "Waverley of Scotland")
    -first aid kit

    Zippered pouch with papers etc

    -Mobile powerbank
    -plastic shopping bag

    The last line of pouches is difficult to see from the top:

    So, thats the basics bag, (this post is not only long overdue, but long period.)

    Like I said i use this bag also on my bicycle to commute to work. (Because the netherlands.) And that means a lot of rain... (Because the Netherlands)

    So i use one of the sidepockets from my dragonslayer for this:
    It contains a raincoat and pants, overshoes and a packtowel.

    Below that, in the normal commute layout, I have another handbag organiser with repair stuff:


    - Bahco wrench
    - tire lifters

    - spare inner tire
    - gloves
    - pump
    - Cleaning wypes

    - old gerber legend 700 multitool

    Besides the basic layout above, I also have a emergency organiser (red) for serious problems, this I won't discuss.

    And a outdoor organiser:
    - Fallkniven f1 in custom kydex sheet from someone on this forum. (Thank you!!)
    - spiderco sharpening stone
    - fox40 whistle

    Parifinated cardboard in the zippered pouch to start a fire

    - 5meter of 6mm climing rope
    - 20mm of highvis paracord (at the bottom)
    - Baggy with toiletpaper, small shovel and hand sanitiser.

    - Fenix Flashlight with Traffic cone
    - foldable saw (bahco?)
    - insect repellent

    Im a scoutsmaster so this setup is mostly ment for that purpose, hence the toiletries...

    I have given up the "one bag to rule them all" concept, and besides the EDC bag above i use one of the following:

    When I take my daughter, its either a generic daiper bag, or this, which I also highly recommend:
    Osprey poco premium, very expensive but well worth it.

    For longer weekend, either with the family or more outdoorsy:
    Mistery ranch dragonslayer, also from this forum.

    For shorter treks i got a new bag from santa (we have the real one, he's more punctual then yours :)
    Karrimor hydro30, sellected for the big side pockets which carry a lot of stuff (compact camera)

    And that is enough I think, my appologies for the typos, and i hope to update the missing stuff soon!
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  2. twin63

    twin63 Loaded Pockets

    Oct 2, 2009
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    Nice bags (I was unfamiliar with the ortlieb). You've done a great job organizing your gear around your needs. Also, your daughter is adorable! I need to get a lunchbox like that and put my granddaughter's picture on it. That would certainly brighten up a lot of my work days!
  3. 343KD

    343KD Loaded Pockets

    Apr 7, 2013
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    I love my Hydro 30 for hiking/biking!