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Lock box for Grand Cherokee

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Coolz, Nov 12, 2012.

    Coolz Loaded Pockets

    Hi all,

    Well, the day is fast approaching when I will have my CCW in my hands. I've been researching and testing guns, holsters, etc. for awhile, but one item I'm still lost on is a lock box for my '06 Jeep Grand Cherokee. People have mentioned buying a lock box and just securing it in the cargo section. So, I pose the question: How do you folks lock up your pistols in your SUV's? If you happen to have a Grand Cherokee and can take a photo of your rig, I would love you forever and ever, amen!

    - Coolz
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    Check out Tuffy products.

    kursac Loaded Pockets

    I keep 3 gun safes for my 1911, 1 in my home, 1 in my office at work, and a portable safe for my trucks. I carry my 45 everywhere I go every day. I have the ability to be armed more than most. With that said I can tell you that you are going to run into circumstances when you can not carry your fire arm.
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    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

    They are long (38:10 :eek:) , but prior to buying a (portable) gun safe, I would recommend viewing some of the DEFCON videos. They are a bit disconcerting, but worth the view....

    The section on smaller lock boxes start at around 7:50

    The takeaway I got was that a lot of safes could do with a lock upgrade after purchase.


    Echo2 Loaded Pockets

    I own a metal fab shop, and in my experience...any safe...all safes...are only to keep an honest man honest.

    Mudinyeri Loaded Pockets

    Or to slow a crook down or give him an incentive to move on to the next vehicle.

    GunVault makes several small safes for in-vehicle storage. Keep them under the seat and out of sight.

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    kb64 Empty Pockets

    I have a Stack on security safe that I bought at Bass Pro $29 I think. It came with a steel cable a couple of feet long and it is a TSA approved unit for secure a hand gun in your checked luggage. I like it cause it is easy to move and it will work (I hope ) to keep the run of the mill thief from getting away with your gun. The only time I use it is when I am at a place that doesn't allow concealed carry ( schools, Gov't offices, etc). I just attach it under my seat lock my pistol in and go do what I have to do. This is not a system that allows for fast access, but it is a reasonable way to store a firearm when you are in a place you can't carry.
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    D50boy Loaded Pockets

    I use a Gunvault NanoVault 200 model. It keeps it secure in a smash-N-grab.... but it can be defeated with some time. I keep it cabled to my seat frame and tossed under the drivers seat.

    Coolz Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the tips, guys.
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    amacman Loaded Pockets

    I have a nanovault bolted to the floor behind the front passenger seat. It under the floor mat and invisible to casual observation. My kids step on it without trouble when climbing in and out. I can easily access it from the drivers seat.

    Coolz Loaded Pockets

    I ended up going with a Gunvault NanoVault 300, the one with the combo lock. It won't get much use, so didn't feel like carrying around a key. Thanks for all of your input, folks. Much appreciated!