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List of High CRI Flashlights

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by Rawls, Jul 12, 2010.

    Rawls Loaded Pockets

    I have been doing research into high color rendition index flashlights and so far I have found only two:

    The one that started it all:

    The McGizmo Sundrop

    Then there is the HDS offering:

    The Ra Clicky High CRI

    Caleba's deleted because of their marketing misinformation.

    Anyone know of any others? I am not talking mods (though drop ins would be nice too), but actual complete lights.

    I figure I am not the only one interested in this so why not start a list for everyone to use.

    derfyled Loaded Pockets

    The Quark series is now offered in neutral white. There is also an ''older'' (1 year...) series with some warm white XP-E emitter... There is also Nitecore that has a warm series and I can also think of Fenix with their TK20 that also has a warm emitter. Liteflux also offers the LF2XT which have a neutral emitter. Eagletac also offers some of their model with warm white and let's also mention Zebralight.

    Generally, high CRI is refereed to SSC emitter but all the one I suggested are equipped by CREE, like the Cabela XPG

    Rawls Loaded Pockets

    There is a difference between color temp (warm v neutral v cool) and high color rendition. A warm or neutral light changes the tint, boosting reds over blues, for example, but a high CRI renders all colors accurately. Anyone know of true high CRI lights other than those mentioned above?

    Rawls Loaded Pockets

    Here is an explanation of the difference between CRI and color temp. Also here is a sweet video displaying the positive attributes of a high CRI light.
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    jsmitty1967 Go Big Blue

    You have the Ra Clicky on there but the Twisty can also be built High CRI. I believe that McGizmo also did a small number of Sapphire Mules with High CRI LED.

    derfyled Loaded Pockets

    I understand... A lot of people are mistaking high CRI and warm, I thought you might be...

    The SSC high CRI P4 led generally have a CRI of 93, while a warm CREE XP-G emitter will have a CRI of 80. Not that far but it's still not as good as the SSC...

    The cabella flashlight that you suggested has a CRI of 80, like the warmer flashlight I've suggested... that's why I figured it was using a Cree
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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    I think these are the only "stock" lights with the high CRI emitters.

    derfyled is correct. By your definition, the Cabela light does not qualify as high CRI. Cool Cree emitters have a CRI of about 75. Warm or neutral emitters push the CRI up to 80. True high CRI emitters have a CRI of about 93. Cabela's is simply putting a warm or neutral Cree XP-G (CRI=80) in the light and explaining it like they've invented something new.

    Rawls Loaded Pockets

    I had no idea that Caleba's light was not using a high CRI LED. FAKERS!

    Okay so only two true high CRI lights?

    derfyled Loaded Pockets

    The other RA that is offered with an high CRI SSC, the TWISTY, is out of production, so hurry up if you want one, they are still for sale on ralights.com

    zenlunatic Loaded Pockets

    I've got a Ra High CRI on the way.

    vipers Loaded Pockets

    There's plenty of confusion as you mention. Your link in the other post is a pretty good description. The part of you post I emphasized is one of the other normal things confused though. CRI by itself (as opposed to CRI and CCT both) doesn't tell us very much about how color rendering. A quote from the link in your other post with my emphasis added:

    My favorite example of one extreme is the dull red glow of the heating element on an electric stove just as it becomes warm enough to become visible. It's 100 CRI but horrible for color rendering.

    Sadly that's all I know about using a high CRI emitter. I was actually hoping to see something I had missed when I saw the thread title.

    Rawls Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the clarification. Great example about the need for both CRI and CCT.

    Still only two lights? Boo.