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LeftRight minipocket organizer pouch

Discussion in 'Other Carrying Devices' started by severdhed, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. severdhed

    severdhed Loaded Pockets

    Jul 25, 2016
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    A few weeks ago, i was looking for a pocket organizer pouch to keep in my cargo pocket. My EDC loadout consists of a lot of gear. I was looking at the maxpedition mini, but during my search, I found a similar unit by a company called LeftRight. It seemed to be the right size, had a nice selection of elastic loops and pockets, and unlike the maxpedition, they could fasten onto a belt or molle webbing. I picked up a black one for $9.99 and when it arrived, i was so pleased with it that i bought a khaki one for my other cargo pocket. The build quality seems very nice. The dual zippers are smooth, the stitching seems very nice and overall i'm quite pleased with them. They just barely fit in my cargo pockets, but with the grab loop on the top, they are easy to remove.

    While they don't hold quite all of my EDC gear, they hold a good bit of it and are a welcome addition to my EDC loadout.

    You can find them on amazon listed as:

    LefRight Camo Mini Tactical Molle EDC Compact Pocket Organizer Pouch





    In my khaki pouch, i carry the following:
    two vehicle key fobs
    several usb flash drives
    USB wifi adapter
    Full sized pen
    mini pencil from Ikea
    small pill fob with prescription medication
    large pill fob with various OTC medications
    UltraTac K18 (370 lumen) 10440 flashlight
    two ponytail hair ties (my wife and daughter always seem to need these)
    homemade pocketshot slingshot (gatorade bottle top + punch balloon = fun)
    pre-wrapped plastic utensil set (knife,fork,spoon,napkin, salt + pepper)
    Gravity Hook XS with 15ft of paracord
    water bottle belt clip hook
    Altoids tin with various items, including:
    Bluetooth headphones
    Bluetooth hands free unit
    wired headphones (for when Bluetooth ones die)
    USB-C to headphone adapter
    USB-C to Micro USB adapter
    USB=C to USB A OTG adapter
    USB micro-SD card reader
    full size SD to micro SD adapter
    USB charger for Ultratak K18 flashlight
    mini USB wifi adapter

    In my black pouch, i carry the following:
    Mini notebook
    pouch with marbles to use as slingshot ammo
    Sharpie mini
    Sharpie mini that has been converted to a pen
    disposable lighter
    screen cleaning cloth
    old gift card i use to pry apart electronics
    precision screwdriver with 9 bits in handle
    both Leatherman bit kits
    Leatherman bit extender
    2 inch #1 philips bit that I cut down to fit in my Leatherman
    plastic pry tool
    2.4amp USB phone charger A/C adapter
    Gerber EAB utility knife
    6ft mini measuring tape
    Leatherman Style CS
    Leatherman Squirt ES4
    6.5ft flat Ethernet cable
    USB A to C cable to charge my Pixel 3XL
    USB micro cable
    Multiple flash drives on keyring
  2. Moshe ben David

    Moshe ben David Loaded Pockets

    Jun 30, 2015
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    @severdhed: with those pouches in your respective left & right cargo pockets, you must wear a heck of a belt to keep the shorts up. Or maybe suspenders? Yowzer! :)


    Moshe ben David
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