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Leatherman sidekick and Croc??

Discussion in 'MultiTools and Other Pocket Tools' started by stugumby, Nov 8, 2013.

    stugumby Loaded Pockets

    Seems these are out now at home depots, here in ky anyways.

    metropolicity Loaded Pockets

    I got one shipped to be me by a friend.

    The Croc is..umm..odd. Thinner than the Piranha and the finish isn't as nice. They better price it accordingly.

    Stuey Loaded Pockets

    The Croc doesn't look to be a regular Leatherman item; it looks like it was derived from the Piranha to be bundled with tools as part of holiday-timed gift sets. Leatherman Sidekick minus the carabiner and leather pocket sheath + $5 = the gift set combo.

    I saw on MT Forum that it will be a regular item later on. I don't think it will sell if it's not priced under $15.

    Grinch Banned

    I have the sidekick i bought mine online i wish i waited for the combo deal . My sidekick has been a joy to have and use daily .
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    Coup de Grace Uber Prepared

    So just doesn't have the screwdriver bit.

    Kilted1 Loaded Pockets

    In stock at several of my local Home Despots. May have to go check it out. Never heard of the Croc but I've been mulling a Sidekick for over a year now.

    Bong808 Loaded Pockets

    I picked up the Sidekick/Croc set from a local hardware store for about 29 bucks. I've been using the combo in place of my Charge tti/pocket wrench just to see how I like it. Not bad. I don't feel the least bit guilty when really putting them to work.
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    whyedc? Loaded Pockets

    Thanks guys and gals. I just bought myself a birthday present for my wife to give me. It's always better to get a combo for less then the cost of one of the pieces in the combo.

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    ramjet Loaded Pockets

    Anyone have a pic of the croc and how it's carried? Paracord or keychain?

    whyedc? Loaded Pockets

    No pic, but think of the Piranha with only the wrench cut outs. No cut out for the bit or the bit hole.

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