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Kodiak Gearslinger vs. Sitka Gearslinger vs. Malaga Gearslinger

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by m29oicw, Jan 3, 2009.

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    alabasterblack Loaded Pockets

    No replies on this?

    I am looking at the same options. The Malaga is ambidextrous and the Kodiak and Sitka are not. On long hikes/runs it would be nice to be able to switch shoulders.

    My wife is probably going to get the Sitka. She wants something to stick running gear into so she can change from her work clothes jog home. But be able to easily swing onto her lap and access on bad weather days when she takes the bus

    I was looking at the Kodiak, but am not sure (worried about one shoulder getting all the abuse everyday). I want something that will serve multi-duti. Pack for long hikes, an overnight bag, and messenger replacement I can stick my laptop and other work gear in. I am 6' 7" 275lbs. So not worried about a bag "looking" too big.

    I like lots of pockets. My current Maxped gear includes a Fatboy S-Type, Colossus, an M-5 and some rolly poly dump pouches of various sizes.
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    hal_chase EDC Junkie!!!!!

    A Sitka all day and on long hikes would get uncomfortable I reckon and a Kodiak more so as you can load it more. I use a fully loaded Sitka for four or five hours at a time and it starts getting uncomfortable!!

    Geek_Bag_AZ Empty Pockets

    I wouldnt recommend either bag for long hikes... Best bet would be to get a double shoulder strap bag for those long hikes.
    The Sitka is perfect for an EDC type bag. a pair of clothes could fit if nicely folded. Shoes wont fit at all in a Sitka.

    The kodiak is perfect for a quick bob bag or large EDC bag. shoes and clothes will fit in the main compartment but thats about it... front compartment of the kodiak is big enough to fit a small 10" laptop or ipad along with a few small items.

    Gödel_Fan Loaded Pockets

    I like the Malaga and the Kodiak a lot. The major difference is the Kodiak has more compartments, but it's longer and flatter. It does well at carrying largish flat rectangular things. If you wanted to carry a magazine I'd personally go Kodiak as I think the Sitka would roll the corners a lot. The Kodiak can handle a think like a book, a binder, folded clothes etc. better.

    The Malaga holds a lot of stuff for its size, and is more size efficient than the Kodiak and lower profile, but it is more of a cube shape. It works better for carrying small, chunky things. Cameras, snacks, tools, etc.

    The Sitka and Kodiak are both smaller than you think, probably.

    Smousefam5 Loaded Pockets

    I wouldn't want to use ANY of the Gearslingers for actual hiking. They might work ok at an amusement park where they would be taken on and off a lot. For hiking I believe you would want a regular 2 strap backpack. That said, my Sitka works great as my EDC. I carry the normal gear plus my iPad, book or two, and for what it's worth, a magazine fits in there just fine. I added a Cocoon and an M1 waistpack to the side to mine.

    rckshrk Loaded Pockets

    If your wife wants to store running gear in the bag, then the Sitka and Malaga will probably be too small. And I agree with everyone stating that none of the three are ideal for hiking. As an overnight bag or messenger bag, these can work perfectly. These bags rule in the area of activities that require accessibility or ease of on and off such as when commuting to work, air travel or just EDC.

    alabasterblack Loaded Pockets

    We looked at a number of bags online and she said...Ohhhhhh I want that one (Sitka) !! After seeing this video


    The jog home is about six miles. She did have some concerns about the sling interfering with her boobies :) But it looks like the support strap would solve that.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the advantages of an ambidextrous bag like the Malaga ove the Sitka or Kodiak, or a traditional pack?>

    Anyone ever do a 10 mile hike with a Gearslinger with say 15-20 lbs of gear? ;D
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    hal_chase EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Running with a Gearslinger? Whoah.....i wouldn't fancy that.

    I regularly carry a Sitka for long periods of time, heavily loaded and its not that comfortable!!

    Redbeane Loaded Pockets

    have to agree with all of the previous comments. the sitka's great for day trips; the easy access makes it a real pleasure to use. the single strap precludes it from being a hiking pack, and loading it up with too much weight will cause real discomfort. if you're looking to run with a pack, you may want to find a double strap pack with an expandable (elasticized) sternum strap.

    Gödel_Fan Loaded Pockets

    As much as I love the Kodiak and Malaga, if you're going 6 miles in succession jogging or are going hiking, get a small backpack instead. Pymgy Falcon II for example. It will be way better.

    The one strap bags are okay for bumming around if you're just out there enjoying being outside for a little while, but if you're committed to serious excursions, they aren't going to work so well.

    QDaddy Loaded Pockets

    I had to make a set of backpack straps for my Malaga. Since mine is a heavy rig, I had no other choice... I was starting to walk with a 30° list to port.

    dRobinson Empty Pockets

    I currently use a Monsoon as a day hiking pack (more than just a couple hours). As such, it is loaded with different gear and can be cumbersome after 3 miles or so. For some reason, I am attached to the idea of a gearslinger for this purpose. I am looking at changing to the Kodiak as it has been suggested that it is more comfortable than the Monsoon. I'm assuming this is because it has a regular shape (not tear dropped) and has different weight distribution characteristics. Anyone have any input on this?

    legoman0721 Loaded Pockets

    I know this is an old thread, but for those that said shoes will not fit in the Sitka, I suggest you watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_CRMtS4D-o&feature=channel_video_title

    Personally, I'm inclined to believe her. ;D

    I have no experience whatsoever with the Gearslingers, but I'm planning on getting a Kodiak as soon as I can to use for school. The hardest part now is choosing what color I want!

    Ynos Empty Pockets

    If you plan on carrying a water bottle, the Kodiak and Sitka come built in with water bottle pouch. The Malaga doesn't so you will have to add one (more money) or add a mini rollypolly (more but less money).

    I have a Noatak (little brother of the Sitka) and Malaga (and Falcon 2, Pigmy Falcon, Jumbo versipack). Currently, I am carrying the Noatak. I like it alot more than the Malaga due to its organizational setup and built in water bottle pouch. But, the Noatak is a bit small for me to pack all my crap in so I am thinking of upgrade again, to the Sitka. Seems like every few months, I switch bags... strange.
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    hal_chase EDC Junkie!!!!!

    No Gearslingers are really any good for extended hiking as the load distribution is all wrong. Don't get me wrong I love Maxped stuff and have owned Jumbo, Sitka and Monsoon (sold after 24 hours !!) but if you are gonna hit the trails all day then a 'conventional' pack designed for hiking is gonna win every time.

    I thought the Monsoon was really neat until I bought one then realised it was a dumb shape (looks cool though ;D) for carrying stuff so I sold it immediately and bought a 5.11 Rush 24 for carrying heavy stuff.

    Most of the time I use a heavily loaded Sitka and it sucks after about four hours...

    hakaduka Empty Pockets

    I bought and quickly returned a Malaga and a Sitka - just really awkward and uncomfortable even walking around th house testing them out. I loved the Malaga's setup as far as pockets but the strap was awful.

    Pygmy Falcon 2 is where it's at.

    Everyone seems to have to figure out the Gearslinger thing for themselves though, I know I did. Seems like such a cool idea but once I got my hands on them, no dice, for alot of folks at least.

    wingmann5 Loaded Pockets

    I have a Noatak that I carry everyday. It's smaller than a normal backpack but it forces me to carry less. I can fit more than the bare minimums but won't allow me to overpack. Works great for an iPad, concealed carry firearm (of which it has a dedicated zipper compartment for), and numerous smaller sleeves and pockets for lots of EDC items. It also has attachment capabilities for molle applications on the rear pocket as well as on the strap. I can't say enough about this little bag.

    bobbyc Loaded Pockets

    In the MaxPed family:

    For hiking, get a Falcon II

    For low-profile EDC, get a Malaga.

    For travel EDC, get a Sitka.

    I have a Sitka and will be getting a Malaga for use when I am not on-and-off planes. The Sitka is very uncomfortable when loaded up and carried for an extended period of time, and especially uncomfortable when carried over the shoulder instead of across the chest.

    novata2ist Empty Pockets

    I'm a similiar sized guy to the op, and I use the Kodiak for everyday to and from work, edc, and occasional hikes. Its comfortable for hiking, but I could see running or jogging with it may cause it to jostle around too much. It does fit my HP 17" laptop in it comortable, along with a metric ton of other crap, and is still comfortable on the shoulder. Part of my commute is on DC's metro system so being able to slide the kodiak around from back to side is very handy.