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Keyport slide

Discussion in 'Other Every Day Carry Items' started by Street, Apr 17, 2010.


    Man that is far-out, super expensive and a great way to waste money .. but you have to admit it is also very cool ,)

    BE WELL .. GH

    Simsmac0o Loaded Pockets

    Plus, they seem to be taking orders "by invitation" only. Kind of suspicious...
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    TECENG Loaded Pockets

    Naw, I got an invitation because I signed up for product notifications a LONG time ago. It seems to have taken them quite a while to finally get this to market and I see this as a way to give first dibs on the production units. I think there may have been a discount as well, I forgot because I deleted the invitaion. I was curious what the final price would be and it was just way more than I was willing to spend.

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    So I perusing the interwebs and came across this: http://www.engadget.com/2010/08/17/keyport-review/. I think it's interesting, but I don't have enough keys for this to be awesome. Also, I would want my truck key in this but it's got a chip in the head of it.
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    jsmitty1967 Go Big Blue

    I saw the Keyport back when it was really expensive. Now that it is reasonable I am going to order one tommorow. I have been looking for a way to get rid of my large ignition key. Thanks for the post!

    EDIT: Just ordered it!

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    We look forward to your review upon receiving it ;D.
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    jsmitty1967 Go Big Blue

    No sweat! I spoke to one of the guys over the phone and he was very nice and helpful. He asked how I heard about it and thought it was interesting when I said EDCF. Apparently he has talked to Jon before when developing the product and had a lot of nice things to say.
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    jsmitty1967 Go Big Blue

    I just re read the OP. You can put your chipped ignition key in the keyport. THe chip takes up one spot so you have five instead of six.

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    I recently got a keyport too. It's fricken awesome. I just have no idea what to do with my car fob now :/. The supplied lanyard is too long for my taste.

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    r-ice Loaded Pockets

    i thought about getting it. was also on the mailing list since the beginning. I originally bought the one from jon first and am still using that. I would like the slide but at 80 bucks I just can't justify it. maybe 80 bucks with the car keys and the remote door unlock button as well.

    xchrislee Loaded Pockets

    Pricing like that would be near impossible. I think the hook that got me was that they were trying to charge a ridiculous 250 for this. When they dropped the price to 100 I was hooked :/

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    marsos52 Loaded Pockets

    i have not ordered one yet..when i first saw the keyport i said no way,,,know i am think it couuld be a good thing..they also have or will have a thumb drive for the key port also..that is hot too..the web site states so other future plans or add-ons to..so this may become a must have...

    and for once even my wife likes it...

    one thing i'm not liking is the; if lost recovery they have...if some finds a keyport and goes to the website listed on the keyport..enters the serial numbers,,and gets a address to mail it back to the owner...nahhhhhhh..now the finder has the owners address and has the keys too... i dont like that...

    marsos52 Loaded Pockets

    i stand corrected,,i re-read about the lost and found program on the keyport site...they do have a way so the finder does not get the owners address.. i must have read it wrong or did a glance over the first time i read it,,my fault and sorry
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    keyport Loaded Pockets

    We are working hard to bring the price down without moving manufacturing overseas. That is a real challenge for a product that has these tolerances and requires a bit of customization.

    One thing that I would appreciate your opinion on:
    If you got Keyport Blades from your locksmith instead of direct from Keyport, and therefore the transaction was broken down into two parts
    ~ $49 for the Keyport, Nodes, and Lanyard from Keyport
    ~ $30 to $60 for the keys, USB, LED, etc. from your locksmith
    Would you look at the transaction differently? i.e. Would $49 seem more reasonable even if you had to buy the Blade separately?
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    keyport Loaded Pockets

    I know that you guys posted your comments a while ago, but you should take a look at Keyport these days (mykeyport.com). Lots going on, and if you're still interested, I'm happy to tell you a bit about how we came up with the pricing.