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Keychain Clips?

Discussion in 'Keychain Tools' started by volvo63', Dec 28, 2010.

    volvo63' Loaded Pockets

    I am getting some clips for my key chain and I don't know which ones to get.

    All I need are clips that hook my accessories to the ring. Not the ring to my pocket.

    Would someone please recommend me the brand and size to by.

    heathah Loaded Pockets

    I use the smallest size McGizmo's in stainless steel for my keyring but titanium is also available. You can get either from the forum store! ;)


    marsos52 Loaded Pockets

    i have several clips that are 25 or 26 mm..work great

    Nihility Loaded Pockets

    As an alternative to the clips, you could look into getting the EDCF Keychain Spider. I got one for Christmas and so far it has been amazing to use. Much easier than the split ring/clip system I used before as far as taking things on and off. Also seems to hang much better for me as well.

    volvo63' Loaded Pockets

    I would look into the spider but there are several things that I don't need to be removable.

    leadsled Loaded Pockets

    If you get the small size McGizmos, check them frequently. I bought four of the nano size clips about six months ago and all but one have failed/broken. Lost some keys to these, though I hear the larger sizes are much more secure.

    Sno4Life Loaded Pockets

    Get the true utility keychain system. It comes with 4 ~25 mm clips and a lightweight key shackle. I just got one from amazon for $11. Im thinking of Kerstin another one just for the extra clips, although I really like the shackle as well.
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    Gnarly Loaded Pockets

    Check out jag-engr's fine thread on keychain carry,for more great ideas.


    Stormdrane Loaded Pockets

    I've used these smaller swivel clips, shown attached to anchor shackle with split rings. I've used them for a few years and they've worked fine for me.


    mbs4298 Loaded Pockets

    I would agree on the McGizmo clips in the EDCF store or the County Comm clips.

    rjstick Loaded Pockets

    What size anchor shackle is that?

    Stormdrane Loaded Pockets

    The anchor shackle is 3/16", that I've used for some knot work. I've also used a slightly larger 1/4" size too. Both came from Home Depot.


    xyz Loaded Pockets

    The TEC Accessories website has snap rings for $0.40. They are the same that come on Photon lights. In my experience, they have been more reliable than the larger McG clips.
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    Gnarly Loaded Pockets

    Wow! I like 'em.

    I got all ready to order 30 of those...only .30 each,if you buy > 10...but UPS Ground is $13.30,and the cheapest option is USPS Priority,which costs $10.95.

    We just thought CountyComm's shipping was outrageous!


    xyz Loaded Pockets

    Ouch. I only ordered a few and the total came to under $5.

    Their shipping charges are based on location, so I think it might be possible to order as many as needed and still only pay $10.95. I played around a bit and the most that could be added to a cart was 318, perhaps because of what is available. It might be possible to make a small profit by reselling them if purchased in such a large quantity, seeing that Photon sells them for $1.25 each. Perhaps they can be found for even less, but I haven't had any luck.
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    TECENG Loaded Pockets

    Actually, the problem is that we have to enter a weight for each piece in order to calculate shipping. For small items we usually use 0.1 lb to make sure it covers the padded envelope and the item itself. This covers us when people just order 1 or 2 (believe me, this happens more than you would think). So if you order 30 pcs, that is .1 lb x 30, or 3 lbs. That is why the shipping is so expensive, and why USPS first classs is not available.

    If you want to place a large order, I would suggest you PM me and we can work out a better shipping price.