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Keeping it real pt. 1

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by aicolainen, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. charlie fox

    charlie fox Loaded Pockets

    Jun 4, 2006
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    “Accumulator of gear”; I like that and it fits me to a T. I, too, have been downsizing my collection to those items I use regularly or have some sort of sentimental value. Lately I have acquired the “last” two obscure items of desire and think I’m done for awhile (y’all could probably hear my wife’s eyes roll from wherever you are), but I honestly can’t see anything out there that hits my “GOTTA HAVE” button.
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  2. jcombs

    jcombs Loaded Pockets

    Jan 31, 2016
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    I have one more watch to buy and I will be set for a while. I haven’t bought a knife, flashlight or pen in a very long time, for me anyway, and have nothing I’m really shopping for.

    I think a lot of people go through a phase of accumulation, buying and selling, there is a graph that represents this pretty well on another forum, and it takes time to discover the likes/needs and what works for each of us.

    That’s part of the fun of these kinds of hobbies but also part of the struggle at some point. I’ve kept it under control for the most part but some people fight it more than others.
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  3. dmattaponi

    dmattaponi Loaded Pockets

    May 1, 2010
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    Although I’ve had to buy some replacements through years for lost items, I’ve been carrying a Space pen since 2008, a SAK since 2007, a Syderco Delica since 2007, and a AA flashlight since 2016. I think I’ve found what a I was looking for :)

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  4. plumberroy

    plumberroy Loaded Pockets

    Nov 11, 2012
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    I (according to my wife) have too much stuff :bounce: there was a time I went a little over board . But in recent years I have reeled it in . I never got into the limited edition stuff . But now I just turned 59 I look at things with a what works for me . And most of the time that isn't the expensive or latest greatest stuff. pocket knives . SAKs or Opinels fixed blades Mora or Becker, lights Olight or Fenix handguns Glock . Where I am has a big influence on my carry too . I have a knife, fire source and flash light AT ALL TIMES. I have a bag somewhere close . Work I have a watch and SAK Bantam and a Kabar TDI knife . Home SAK Walker the second knife might be a Opinel, Mora , Becker or a A.G. Russell Woods Walker gun may be a G42 ,G26 ,G29 or G20 if I am spending the day in the woods . The SAK Walker is probably backed up by a Mora Kansbol or BK-10. Handgun may be a Ruger SR22 or I may not carry a handgun at all and may carry a pump shotgun or an AR or my short rifle (Ruger Charger ) or if I my carry a single shot 12 gauge . There are a lot of things that I consider for EDC from need to location to mood . It will be a minimum of a SAK Walker clipper lighter and a small quantity flash light. All the way to a small backpack and long gun.
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  5. Nick4305
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Nick4305 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Jun 6, 2013
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    Once upon a time there has been a Grapplings hook Defense semi-Club, here on EDCF... I've been honored to be the President of :)
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