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Items For a Condor EMT Pouch FAK?

Discussion in 'First Aid Station' started by dudepal1510, Nov 9, 2012.

    dudepal1510 Loaded Pockets

    I recently purchased a Condor EMT pouch (The standard version, not the rip-away) and I am looking for your ideas on how you would stock it with First Aid Kit items?

    FrozenMuffin Loaded Pockets

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    MedicInTraining Loaded Pockets

    It honestly depends on your skill level. I would not put anything in your kit that you do not know how to use unless you plan on handing it off to somebody who does. The condor EMT pouch is big enough for a 'blow out' kit if you need/know how to use it- i.e. tourniquets, israeli bandages etc. But at the same time you could make a fairly comprehensive FAK out of it that you'd use on a daily medications. Things to start with:
    - Bandaids
    - Gauze (even the small sizes)
    - Pen and notepad
    - Personal medication
    - Alcohol wipes
    - Gloves (nitrile no latex)
    - Tweezers
    - Shears
    - Saline (to wash out wounds)
    - Eye Wash
    - Bandages (ACE and Crepe)
    - Personal Medical Details

    You'd have heaps of room for other things if you were space conscious.

    Exploriment Loaded Pockets

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    xbanker Geriatric Admin

    You are right. The thread you linked does pose a similar question. But, consider:
    • since the linked thread's initial post date, nearly a year ago, we have over 2000 new members; potentially, 2000 new sets of eyes who might be interested in the topic and who might like to post their own responses;
    • the reality: not everyone uses the search function to locate older threads nor do they browse sub-forums a year back in time;
    • for the OP to be able to pose his own unique questions on the topic would require "necro threading" (the year-old thread).

    Exploriment Loaded Pockets

    I fail to see the need to ask essentially the same question twice. Especially when the same question gets asked and answered repeatedly. Besides people using the search button, maybe there should be more stickied FAQ threads to cut down on some of the clutter. And given the choice between a necropost and asking a question for the 17th time, I'd rather see an old thread dredged back up to the top.

    dudepal1510 Loaded Pockets

    Forgive me, I should have been more clear. I meant how did people that have this Condor EMT pouch as a FAK utilize it? What were they able to fit in which pockets, etc. I should have made that much clearer, sorry. Incidentally that thread you have been linking was started by me, and I have indeed found it VERY helpful. Right on, guys!
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