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    tso Loaded Pockets

    Now that i look into it, it seems that survivaldepot is stocking much the same as countycomm. Would make it easier for us europeans to get hold of those goodies ;)

    bluecrow76 Loaded Pockets

    I just got a new Lenovo laptop that almost fits perfectly in my CountyComm Bail Out Bag. I've been looking for an excuse to the XL version. Now that I have the excuse I went to buy it and they're all sold out! I was looking forward to making my ultimate IT bug out bag! Hoping they restock soon...

    jessek Loaded Pockets

    Someone asked for what tools one carries on an EDC keychain, here's what's on mine for my job as an IT guy:

    Primary keycahin drive on keyring:

    Portable Apps:
    • 7zip - the all in one file compression swiss army knife
    • ClamWin AV - portable open source AV, i personally think commercial products are better, but it's good to augment with more than one
    • Eraser - securely remove files
    • Filezilla - S/ftp client
    • Google Chrome - the best :censored: webbrowser ever
    • KeePass - stores passwords in an encypted database
    • Notepad++ - the best :censored: free text editor ever
    • Pidgin - IM/IRC/chat
    • Putty - ssh/telnet client
    • Revo Uninstaller - a kick *** uninstaller that's better than windows' builtin one
    • Sumatra PDF - pdf viewer
    • Spybot S&D - Spyware remover, good augment to malware bytes and microsoft security essentials
    • TrueCrypt - Military grade encryption
    • uTorrent - torrents for downloading legitimate linux isos, of course. :)
    • VLC media player - Video/audio swiss army knife, can play just about everything
    • VNC viewer - remote control PCs with this
    • Win Dir Stat - Get stats on where your hard drive space is eaten up, it's good for finding crap left behind by uninstallers

    • Adobe reader - specific version needed for work
    • Cain & Able - Windows password recovery
    • CCleaner - file, registry and autorun cleaner
    • CWShredder - malware clean up
    • Defraggler - disk defragger that's better than the stock windows one.
    • Malware Bytes - malware clean up
    • Microsoft security essentials - quality antivirus and spyware from Microsoft, first thing i do is remove whatever crap Norton/Mcafee/AVG scanner's on the PC and install this instead
    • PC Decrapifier - Removes common crapware apps/toolbars that are installed by default on new PCs/piggybacked onto freeware
    • Recuva - recovers lost files
    • Revo - software uninstaller
    • Speccy - gets comprehensive system specs
    • Sybot S&D - malware clean up
    • Unlocker - unlocks files that are locked by unkwnown processes
    • Wireshark - network troubleshooting

    • Network drivers for Intel and Broadcom ethernet devices
    • Latest ATi & Nvidia drivers


    Repair scripts/tools:

    Sysinternals Suite

    Truecrypt encrypted volume containing confidential documents

    Second Keychain on work lanyard:

    Hopefully i'll be able to upgrade to a 16gb drive and include Backtrack 5 and a windows 7 install disk

    jessek Loaded Pockets

    Also, sort of related to the key chain drive apps, Cloud/webapps I use regularly:

    soli Loaded Pockets


    Do want :)

    jessek Loaded Pockets

    looks like it costs around $300, don't think i'll get one unless work springs for it.

    Kripto Evil Sid

    I've got a cabledawg, they're pretty great tools wise.. The problem is that they're made by Gerber... The bits they include are made of IMHO poor quality.. My P110 bit managed to shear off the cutter within 10 minutes of use.. (punching down wire.. shocking!)

    When I contacted them about possibly buying additional bits (because I know I'm going to send this in.. break another and have to send that in. ) They told me that they don't offer them for sale.. I'm still looking for a 1/4" P110 punchdown bit to replace this one with...

    soli Loaded Pockets

    tso Loaded Pockets

    It makes sense in a military setting where every bit of weight and bulk counts, but less so for a civilian setting unless one find oneself working in inaccessible locations where going back for the right tool can be a problem.

    Scott83 Loaded Pockets

    I have been employed in a variety of IT roles over the past 10 years. Currently I am working in a medium-sized manufacturing company as a programmer and network administrator.

    On my keychain:
    - Split ring #1 = car key, immobilizer fob
    - Split ring #2 = work keys
    - Split ring #3 = personal keys and 16GB LaCie iamaKey
    - Central ring = the above three split rings plus a Fenix E01 and =http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&sour...RaLgcjG0NDr_sEKeVCE8zA]Wenger Nail Clipper AT (everything attached to central ring by McGizmo clips)

    In my pockets:
    - Right front pocket = keychain
    - Left front pocket = wallet (Big Skinny Leather Hybrid World Bi-Fold w/zippered pocket) and sometimes my pen if my shirt doesn't have a pocket
    - back pockets are empty because I don't like sitting on anything except my chair

    On my belt:
    - right side = Leatherman Charge TTi with half the bit kit and the bit extender, Fenix PD30, and a black Sharpie if my shirt doesn't have a pocket
    - left side = iPhone 4 and Leatherman Crunch with the other half of the bit kit

    These items get me through 99% of what happens during the day. Other tools and spare parts are in various drawers near my desk when I need them.

    A few years ago I was working as a mobile technician, so I had to carry quite a bit more with me. Back then all my tools were carried in a CH Ellis Rolling Soft Tool Case and only my phone was on my belt.

    grayman Loaded Pockets

    I keep my larger tools in a Pelican 1550. Things like my Delta Li-Ion Impact and Drill, extension, bits, tape, cabling tester. My other hand tools, such as screw drivers, crimpers, strippers, etc. are in a zippered canvas bag. I can through it in my bag when ever needed and the pelican in the car or truck if I'm traveling.

    I want it known, the compact Delta Li-Ion Cordless Impact is a must have tool if you rack a lot of equipment, particularly in a two-post rack. However, it is an great replacement for a drill because of it's compact size. The only reason I have the drill that matches is because it came as a set for $40 more, so I got an extra tool and battery plus a gift certificate for an addition battery.

    Haffner Loaded Pockets

    Wiha system 4

    Most of what I carry has been mentioned, but I'll show you this.
    Plus a complete set of system 4 nut drivers from 1.5 - 4 mm and 3/32 - 1/4".
    Look here for all the goodies.
    They take up little space and do an excellent job.

    whitethomas Empty Pockets

    I bought myself the latest Asus EEE Transformer. It’s a tab cum laptop and it’s got a power life of 16 hours. It’s two in one and is very elegant piece. I want a pad, but I also want a laptop. So I suggest that this is the best gadget to go for.

    Firedrow Loaded Pockets

    As much as I love linux, and I thoroughly enjoy seeing Android continue to take market share, I have tied myself to Windows more-or-less because of OneNote. I have used it for so long that I'd rather not move from it. It has several features not one has replicated and I prefer it's file format over the others. I will give tablets more consideration when a Windows tablet comes out that support OneNote and Dropbox (how I sync my notebooks between PCs).

    4EverLSU Empty Pockets

    We have 600 users in this building, and 250 other users scattered around the state in satellite offices, so this is what I carry

    • Leatherman Surge
    • Surefire 6p
    • Two Uniball pens...always one red, one black
    • 2-3 Flash drives
    • Pocket notepad
    • Pocket lock-blade knife
    • Phone

    That's just my EDC on my person. I have a lot more EDC in my bag at my desk. I also smoke (I know...dirty habit), so I've always got my cigs, lighters (I always carry a spare...too many people always "borrow" one) and sunglasses on me, too. And the newspaper's puzzle page. There's always downtime waiting for something to copy or install, gives me time to do the crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and the Jumble.

    4EverLSU Empty Pockets

    Hijack This is awesome. I probably use this half a dozen times a day minimum.

    gflack Loaded Pockets

    Me too... Always looking for new tools to add to my arsenal.

    gflack Loaded Pockets

    Have you ever tried Evernote as an alternative to OneNote? Just curious.

    I made the switch because I own a MacBook Pro and OneNote was not out when I bought. I have been very happy with it and it has apps for most cell phones/tablets.

    Kripto Evil Sid

    I've never been a "Microsoft" guy, been in this business going on 20 years. I love evernote and dropbox, in general I avoid any application that locks me into a particular file format. For the Mac fans, I've been also using Devonthink and Truecrypt. It's a good way of keeping important things in a protected environment. (I make an encrypted file on a USB key that is key and passphrase protected and then drop the info from Devonthink in there.)

    Now if I can only find TrueCrypt for iOS or Android, I'll be happy :)

    Firedrow Loaded Pockets

    I did look at it once. When I was working for a server hosting group I switched from Windows XP to Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft, and I tried EverNote then. I wasn't happy with it at the time. I'm specifically using the feature Print To OneNote all the time. I print PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, webpages, whatever directly into OneNote. I don't screenclip and save them as pictures, they print as word documents so I can copy and paste small sections, etc. I also like to drop whole files onto planning pages (like archived webpages) so I stored my files with the design/plan pages.

    But I will look into it again, I would like to get back into Linux full time. My few Windows-centric programs (firewall manager, etc) should run from Wine easily enough.