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Is It Really Every Day Carry?

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by Ethos, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Ethos

    Ethos Loaded Pockets

    Jul 25, 2016
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    That may be. Lol Kinda hard to search for it though if you weren't sure what it's called. I was just wondering basic opinions regarding it, I don't think there's a right or wrong answer.
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  2. SOS24

    SOS24 Loaded Pockets

    Feb 12, 2016
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    I've often wondered the same thing. The way I look at it is my EDC is a gun, knife, flashlight, etc and not brand/model specific. The specific one might vary depending on situation or how I'm feeling.
  3. thegrouch314

    thegrouch314 Loaded Pockets

    Dec 10, 2015
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    I tend to think of my edc as categories. Each day I need my phone, money, first aid, tools and house access. The details change.
    For instance today I had my phone, wallet, pill fob with meds and band-aids, SAK and my mum so I didn't need keys.
    Tomorrow I might have my phone, cash, small trauma kit, LM and my keys.
    As long as I have at least one thing from those categories, I consider myself ready for the day, but the exact items vary.
    I also have a back up of everything except house access in my bag and my car
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  4. dmattaponi

    dmattaponi Loaded Pockets

    May 1, 2010
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    I have carried...

    1) A Swiss Army Knife everyday since 2007. A slipjoint of one sort or another since the 1970s.

    2) A Bullet Space Pen everyday since 2007-8

    3) A single cell pocket or keychain flashlight every day since 1994.

    4) A wristwatch everyday since the early-mid 80s.

    Even so, I think a person can change out items from day to day, and still call it edc. Edc is whatever I carry everyday.

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  5. earthman

    earthman EDC Junkie!!!

    Jan 12, 2014
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    Didn't caveman have it easy when it came to EDC? Apart from a club of some sort and maybe a slither of flint/stone, what other options did he have?? Lol
  6. The Slap

    The Slap Loaded Pockets

    Feb 14, 2017
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    Check out Otzi the Iceman... Stone age loaded pockets! Several types of firestarter mushroom, herbal medicines, tools, advanced clothing, he was geared up.
  7. FLbeachbum

    FLbeachbum Loaded Pockets

    Mar 14, 2017
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    FWIW my idea of EDC is categories of stuff carried every day not necessarily the exact same item every day.

    For example my EDC includes keys, wallet, watch, flashlight, pistol, and knife. I don't always carry the same knife every day but I carry some form of a knife or multitool everyday.

    Things get swapped out based on where I'm going. I also carry a first aid kit everyday but most of the time it gets left in the truck unless I'm going hiking or fishing.
  8. ArkansasFan30

    ArkansasFan30 Loaded Pockets

    Dec 7, 2012
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    It's absolutely not everyday carry! Everyday carry is day after day, every day. My EDC is actually every day, and sometimes I even add a pistol which isn't part of my EDC. It makes it quite silly when examining EDC items because once they're pocketed and used daily there's no reason to discuss it until it again evolves, and I don't think "This has been my EDC for three days" really qualifies as EDC. To that end, how long does it have to be carried to be EDC? Is my EDC bag that I carry into the office and then back home an EDC bag? I do use it when we're out in my wife's SUV as well, but I don't physically carry it around all the time. Rather, it's strategically accessible.

    Having said all of that, the basic questions we ask here about bags, pants, knick knacks, will a hot air balloon fit in my pocket, etc seems more to the point, and perhaps the title here should be EDC Selection dot com.

    I, personally, would LOVE to have a Glock 19 in an OWB holster, a spare mag, a full-sized light, a Letherman in a holster on my belt, a fixed blade on my belt, lighter, ferro rod, battery charger for my phone, monocular, $5,000 money roll, and all kinds of other crap on me all the time. The reality is, I don't like the weight, bulk, or how it displaces my shape and movement. Like when you wear a pistol on your hip, you can't put your arm down like you would if you weren't wearing a pistol, and I don't like gobs of stuff in my pocket rubbing against my leg or impairing my mobility. My minimal EDC has served me well, and although others might counter, I really never "need" anything else.

    Wallet, wristwatch, smartphone, folder, small light, pen, white handkerchief (and I almost never need this).
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  9. lawmanhdg

    lawmanhdg Loaded Pockets

    Nov 29, 2018
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    My list is more like RDO (Day Off) Carry.

    At work (LE), I don't carry anything on me except my slim wallet (upper right shirt pocket), Kershaw knife (clipped on left pocket), glasses (on my face), and my work keys (on my duty belt). My work keys just contain what I need for work, i.e. handcuff key, spare house key, patrol car key and fob ('09 Impala), station house key, Knoxx Box key, St. Michael pendant.

    My other necessities are carried on my patrol bag on my passenger seat such as my Gerber multi-tool, Benchmade seat cutter, pen/stylus for in-car computer, phone charging cords, etc.

    When I am off duty, I carry either my Skinth S Shield in chocolate brown, Skinth Mondo Shield in burgundy, or my keychain survival kit.

    My S Shield has a small Coast flashlight, bullet pen, SAK/Vic Officier Suisse, small prybar, and utility blade.

    My Mondo Shield has my Altoid first aid tin in it, a Volant mini notebook, Pokka pen, Universal Glow Marker, utility blade, Keyport charger.

    My keychain kit has a CountyComm/Maratac green split pea lighter, Dango pill holder, InCharge classic charger, Pry-Me opener, CRKT seatbelt cutter, mini glow marker, small prybar, Sliver Gripper tweezers, True Utility folding nail clippers, keychain thumb drive.
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  10. Mabrowns

    Mabrowns Loaded Pockets

    May 22, 2018
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    Thank you for your service
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  11. Elmiro Dungfoot

    Elmiro Dungfoot Loaded Pockets

    Feb 18, 2015
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    What I EDC all the time/everytime. Only the watch, and carry-options change. The handgun changes with the situation. Usually a large revolver in at least .40 caliber for the woods. [See below.]


  12. ace19636

    ace19636 Loaded Pockets

    Feb 2, 2010
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    If it's just what I have on me every day at all times other then shower and bed then it's the following.

    - Cybertool 41
    - Rovyvon Aurora A1
    - Current carry gun/Ruger Sp101 when at home

    (Boker Kalashnikov not always on me but its the picture I had handy)[​IMG]

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  13. smokingfish

    smokingfish Loaded Pockets

    Apr 11, 2014
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    My only true edc is my sebenza and lumitop tool.

    I dont rotate, even though i have many knives and lights.

    Maybe edc means you carry a knife or other top daily, doesnt have to be the same one.
  14. Tesla

    Tesla Loaded Pockets

    Apr 23, 2009
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  15. Narcosynthesis

    Narcosynthesis Loaded Pockets

    Jul 21, 2009
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    For some I see the appeal in a strict EDC setup - a certain selection of items that you have chosen, everything with a purpose, and easy to keep track of and store.

    On the other hand I can admit that just wouldn't work for me, so about the only things I can say are truly EDC are the pair of glasses I am wearing and the chain around my neck - everything else I have gets swapped out depending on my mood and the needs of the day. I find that what I am doing is what determines the carry, as a day in the office or a walk down to the shops come with very different needs than if I am to be going out hiking in the wilderness or spending a day helping friend move house. So EDC becomes more of a philosophy than a strict rule - there are certain types of item I always make a point of carrying, but the exact tool will regularly change. The smart watch I would wear in the office becomes something more robust when doing gardening, the AAA torch that is compact and slips into a pocket when going out for a meal becomes a head torch or something much more powerful if I am going to be out camping, or the survival items that are appropriate when away on a hike that can be left in the car if I am just going to the cinema...

    The philosophy and concept of EDC is what is most important to me - taking the time to stop and think about what items are useful, make your life easier, or are worth carrying for your own safety, and not just blindly heading out on any given day

    Hell, at the start of this year I decided I would see how long I could stick to wearing just one watch - that lasted about a month before I figured out an excuse to wear something else one day for the fun of it...
  16. plumberroy

    plumberroy Loaded Pockets

    Nov 11, 2012
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    For work I have
    Benchmade mini griptillion
    Fenix pd32
    Zippo in a Thyrm pyrovault
    Personal keys
    cheap pen, sharpie, highlighter
    Mechanics rule
    Notebook (cheapie)
    Casio watch
    Work keys with a Kershaw key knife on ring

    At home/weekends

    Knife SAK Walker
    Lighter zippo in a thyrm pyrovault case
    Gun glock G42 or G29 most of the time also have and carry once in a while a G26 or G20 or G17 or Ruger SR22
    Extra mag
    Fisher bullet space pen
    Moleskine notebook
    Homemade 24x24 bandana
    I may carry a mora fixed blade if I feel the need
    If I need a watch I have a Gshock
    I always have a knife lighter and if not at work a gun
    Resurrection Sunday after the attacks on the Sri Lankan churches I carried both a glock G20 and G42 with extra mags to church
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