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Ifak upgrade for flu season?

Discussion in 'First Aid Station' started by Urban Hermit, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Urban Hermit

    Urban Hermit EDC Junkie!!!

    Dec 27, 2009
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    So, the flu season is getting really bad this year. Some of us may have Health issues that would make getting the flu a very bad thing!
    Does anybody alter their Ifak for such illness issues?
    I have recently started carrying a smaller secondary kit on my person when I go out in public. It is currently in Maxpedition Janus pouch I wear on my belt.
    1 bottle hand sanitizer
    1 travel size can Lysol
    1 travel packet sani wipes
    2 individually wrapped flu masks
    2 or 3 pair Nitrile Gloves in zip loc

    So far I've only been using the hand sanitizer, and the wipes. On the news they have been saying that this flu is possibly transmitted even through simple breathing. And even though I have had a flu shot, the shot is said to be less than 15% effective this year. I have a mild heart condition which would make getting the flu more dangerous for me so of course I am being careful. I limit where I go, I don't eat out, I try to avoid crowded places and try to avoid touching things like doorhandles directly. My younger sister, who is an ex paramedic and also work two years on a cardiac floor, told me the other day that I should not buy into the paranoia. I can't say that I think too much of her cavalier attitude where my health is concerned.
    Has anybody else found the need to take extra precautions this time of year?
  2. HardToHandle

    HardToHandle Loaded Pockets

    Jan 5, 2016
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    Hand sanitizer is a bit of a crapshoot on flu virus particles. The science says better than nothing, sanitizer is going to be most efficacious against bacterias. If your concern is a relatively hardy virus, then sanitizer is a terrible choice compared to frequent hand washing. When I cannot wash frequently, I am using hand wipes that hopefully remove the virus from my hands.

    Now the flu mask is probably the most effective solution if used consistently- I.e., not when you get worried... my wife’s hospital is forcing all staff that refuse the annual vaccination to be masked at all times. That is progressively protecting the patient. Same thing in protecting yourself, the Asian mask wearing example of personal responsibility.

    It is your life, but I go along with your sister.... Most infection control is marginally effective. Look at the repeated Ebola secondary infection rate even though the clinicians knew they were dealing with an effectively airborne fatal virus in advanced western nations. Another example is nonsocomical infection rates in modern hospitals (esp. the frequent UK NHS outbreaks).
  3. ffmedic245

    ffmedic245 Loaded Pockets

    Jul 16, 2014
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    The mask may help, but it's most effective on people already exhibiting symptoms. Basically you should start wearing one as soon as you start coughing. Handwashing is your other best defense. Hand sanitizers are OK in a pinch. Flu shots are only 10-30% effective this year, and Tamiflu doesn't really do that much either.
  4. ArkansasFan30

    ArkansasFan30 Loaded Pockets

    Dec 7, 2012
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    I really just hope for the best. With droplet nuclei, you're functioning more at the leisure of your own immune system than anything else.
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  5. thekapow

    thekapow EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Dec 7, 2011
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    other than a flu shot, I dont see alot more options than following the advice of your sister. Maybe talk to your cardiologist?
  6. Medic1

    Medic1 Loaded Pockets

    Feb 14, 2015
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    Never believed in hand sanitizer. Soap and water. Use the papertowel to open the public rest room door going out.
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  7. captainamerica

    captainamerica Loaded Pockets

    Apr 21, 2009
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    All year long I try to use paper towels or tissues open/close doors, push vending machine and elevator buttons, etc., etc. I also EDC tylenol, ibuprofen, alleve, and sugar free cough drops. My back pack always has hand sanitizer and lately I've though about a small packet of some type of wipes (lysol, other). I don't personally carry masks and exam gloves but would if vulnerability was a prime factor from other ailments and conditions.

    My doctor has told me for decades to open/close doors and all other public hand access touch points with tissue or paper towels and to wash a lot with sudsy/soapy hot water. My hands chap real bad so the other EDC that I'm average at best keeping with me is lotion.........which is why I use hand sanitizer so frequently.
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