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If you're looking for the best hearing protection...

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Wolvee, Apr 4, 2012.

    Wolvee Loaded Pockets

    ..every instructor I've spoke with told me to buy MSA Sordins. I have issues with my hearing so I can't be in a class setting with my hearing protection on and hear the RSO or instructors if there any background noise. After looking for weeks, someone told me about Botch's deal on the MSA Sordins.

    Here is an unboxing video and explanation of where I got them.

    Available in 1080p Please rate and Sub. It helps me make more videos and get more views.

    Makahbay Banned

    The NRR rating - 18dB on those is HORRIBLE (can you hear me now?).

    I'd suggest at least an NRR of 26-28.

    Proears Gold has the highest NRR for active noise cancelling headphones afaik. They clock in at NRR 33, and even then I usually double up with plugs.

    I will not risk my hearing. I was too stupid as a kid (with guns, power tools, concerts, stereos, etc), so now I'm fairly rigid on using the best and maximum hearing protection available. YMMV.

    Ciclope Loaded Pockets

    Hey Maka so why do you think that most of SF in all the world use the MSA?
    For me it's one of the best electronic ear protection.

    JonM1911 Loaded Pockets

    There are a few good ones, MSA, Peltor, and Howard Leight. I have the HL Impact Sport electronic earpro and they work great, though I have not tried the other ones. Use then indoors and used them during my carbine class last year, worked good enough for me and you can't beat them at $70.

    Makahbay Banned

    I'd recommend you talk to your Doctor, not an ex-seal or green beret. Different folks have different needs and priorities.

    To call muffs with an NRR of 18 "the best" is highly subjective, regardless of fit and finish -- because they simply cannot perform (function) at the same a noise reduction ability of higher rated muffs.

    Swedish169 Loaded Pockets

    at work we use custom molded ear plugs in the loudest areas - highest NRR possible, but at a price of ~ $200/ea. they also work better at attenuating higher Hz sound - remember that they advertise the mean NRR, but it varry's over frequency.

    I also suggest you wear plugs under the muff's you bought.

    Wolvee Loaded Pockets

    The thing that makes them the best is the durability of the headset and how it handles the transition of the audio. I've owned peltors and used pro ears and neither of them worked as well as the Sordins.

    Octagon Loaded Pockets

    I use Pro ears Gold and have for years as instructor and student indoor and outdoors. I highly recommend them and still feel they are a real value even though they are not cheap. Durable ( other muffs break at the pivot points near the muff ) comfortable ( tension adjusts nice and leather muff covers are so much softer and better when sweating) and noise reduction works well with adjustable volume on each ear and can be doubled up with plugs for different weapons( long guns handguns, small caliber to boomers etc..) Lastly they do not clip like so many electronic muffs do so when you are on a line with a bunch of shooters or a second class you still can hear all the commands/instructions and issues instead of just turning into passive hearing protection at the first shot.

    Makahbay Banned

    IMHO one can't remove the actual ability to reduce noise from the criteria of what makes the best gun muffs.

    One can have a pair of really durable muffs, that don't clip or drop out, but that leave the wearer with long term hearing damage if used under certain conditions. As a consumer, all I have to go on is the NRR rating and it's quantifiable that higher is better.

    165 dB - 18 NRR = 150dB
    165dB - 33 NRR = 132dB

    165dB - [18+4 NRR] =143DB
    165dB - [33+4 NRR] = 128 dB

    The older you get, the more you value your body and its diminishing abilities. I'll stick with 33NRR muffs + 29NRR foam ear plugs for most of my trigger time. You can stick with what you're comfortable with, and who knows... in another 10 years you might be able to buy new ear drums from Walmart, imported direct from China where they were grown on the backs of piggies. ;)
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    tower Loaded Pockets

    I certainly haven't used enough different models to tell what's best. I got these for $150.


    I like them a lot.


    The Tactical Pro Hearing Protector MT15H7BSV from 3M Peltor has an Active-Volume that provides maximum distortion-free amplification of low level sounds up to 18dB. The Tactical-Pro 's Omni-Directional Stereo Microphones provide 360 external ambient listening. These Peltor Hearing Protectors have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25 decibels. The Peltor Tactical-Pro Hearing Protector MT15H7B SV also have liquid/gel filled ear cushions and a behind-the-neckband design that is great for cap and hat wearers. For a hearing protector with high effectiveness and a comfortable design 3M Peltor Tactical Pro Hearing Protection will get the job done.
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    grayman Loaded Pockets

    When I was shooting competitively, I did so every weekend with at least a day of practice in between, I like most of the guys I shot with doubled up. A set of foam plugs and a set of Pro Ears or Peltors in some cases. I used the hell out of the Pro Ears and they've been hauled all over the country getting beat around in my range bag.

    I looked at the MSA Sordins and it seemed like the higher you went in price the less protection. Take care of your hearing. The last thing you want is a lifetime of Tinnitus. Go see and audiologist. A lot can make you custom plugs with filters to allow you to hear voices, but block out loud abrupt noises like gunfire.
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    cowsmilk EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I work in an industrial plant where everyday we are required to wear hearing protection due to elevated noise. Anything over 85 decibals has the potential to create hearing loss over time and we have that and more in the plant. Most of the time its in the 120-130db range but there are times when we are starting up certain pieces of equipment or steam sterilizing other equipment that its much higher. I don't have much of a preference to which hearing protection I use but it has to do two basic things: it has to reduce the overall noise level to a safer level and it has to be comfortable. If it is not comfortable, I am less likely to wear it which is not an option. As long as you have noise reduction and they are comfortable then regardless of the manufacturer you will wear them and be safe.

    The problem we have in the plant is when our hearing protection is in and being used, its very hard to have a normal conversation or hear the radios we use for communication. You get used to it but it looks funny seeing people put there heads together and yell for a normal conversation. Several years ago everyone got custom molded ear protection. It wasn't very much better than the disposable kind we usually used with the exception that you could hear conversations better in the plant.

    Anyways, just remember that the most effective hearing protection is the one that you are willing to wear.
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    tower Loaded Pockets

    I am in complete agreement about the value of doubling up. For plugs, I really like the etymotics (the $13 ones, not the $500).

    http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias=electronics&field-keywords=Etymotics earplug

    tennvol12345 Loaded Pockets

    My pro ear dimensions were utter fail

    1. Not water resistant, I shoot outside in all weather
    2. Uncommon and expensive batteries
    3. Batteries were prone to falling out when the pro ears were stored in my bag, due to the poorly designed method of retention
    4. Knobs were too easy to turn on when stored. Most of the time this didn't matter because my batteries had already fallen out
    5. No auxiliary input Jack. I run a timer indoors and need to be able to hear it.
    6. Big outer miffs equals no cheekweld when shooting a rifle.

    I've been running soridins for about 3 years and haven't killed them yet. I do however double up indoors - which I also did with the pro ears.

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    yota4by4 Empty Pockets

    I double up; MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X & 33db plugs.
    It is important that my hearing is protected, and that I can communicate with those around me…
    The Sordins work with a rifle, with the lower profile they have…

    lchurch Loaded Pockets

    I've used Pro Ears for many years, first the Dimension model and now the Gold.As a pistol and 3-gun competitor and as an instructor.

    I've had no problems other than the foam mic covers being scraped off in my range bag. Pro Ears Customer Service sent me a hand full, gratis. I've never found N batteries difficult to find...

    I've heard good things about the Sordin's, their users seem to be quite vocal.

    Oldcoyote Empty Pockets

    In 2007 I researched this and, for hunting, the best seemed to be the products made by E.A.R.
    They are almost like hearing aids and are frightfully expensive. They are tuned to your hearing test. They shut off at the shot.

    The US Army took much of my hearing but these bring quite a bit back. I have used them on many hunting trips including Africa and Alaska. I would not buy them just for range use.