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If you could choose only one knife from each brand....

Discussion in 'Knives' started by doby34, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Wydern

    Wydern Loaded Pockets

    Jan 8, 2014
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    1.Sak huntsman
    2.Spyderco Southard
    3.cold steel Recon 1
    4.Esse 4
    5.ZT 777
    6.Buck Vantage
    7.CRK Umnumzaan
    8.Bark River Bravo 1
    9.Kershaw Injection
    10.Sog Seal Team Elite
    11.Mora Companion
    12.Ontario Rat 1
    13.Lionsteel SR 1(ti version)
    14.DPx Hest 2.0
    15.Emerson Super Commander
    16.Michael Burch Tangent
    17.Jake Hoeback A10
    18.Al Mar hawk ultralight
    19.Fallkniven A2
    20.Boker Kwaiken flipper
    21.Jesse Jarosz model 75
    22.Rockstead Shin
    23.Benchmade Contego
    24.Brous Blades T4
    25.Curtiss F3 3 inch model
    26.Strider SMF
    27.Crusader forge Metro
    28.Ka-Bar BK 2(my understanding is that Ka-Bar bought out Becker, correct me if I'm wrong.)
    29.Lone wolf T2
    30.Protech Rockeye BHQ exclusive
    31.Tops BOB Fieldcraft
    32.Todd Begg Glimpse
    33.Phantom steel works PF-1
    34.Jerry Hossum Retribution scout
    35.GEC bullnose
    36.Mcusta Katana
    37.Les Vorhis Model 15
    38.CRKT Swindle
    39.Case sodbuster
    40.Direware R2
    41.XM-18 wharncliff blade
    42.Microtech Halo V
    43.Neil Blackwood mini skirmish
    44.Pohan Leo Bluephin
    45.Blackbear knives woodsman
    46.Camuillus Carbonitride
    47.Dustin Turpin Strife