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Ideas for College Commuter EDC?

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by robo-rabbit, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. robo-rabbit

    robo-rabbit Loaded Pockets

    Feb 6, 2014
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    I've just started my EDC adventure! I'm tight on space for carrying things on my person (in my pockets), but have my backpack and car too. I'll focus on that next, but I have a feeling some ideas you give me here will end up in one of those two places. At the moment I need compact suggestions for water purification (I keep a water bottle in my pack), fire, and first aid. Preferably that can fit in a small non-folding wallet, or behind the otter box of a phone.

    At the moment I keep this on my person (in my pockets):

    Phone (including contacts of friends living on/near campus)

    Small non-folding Wallet (Money (100 minimum, several 5 bills for vending machines if I need water/food), cards, ID, a few matches, fisher space pen refill)

    Keys (Lanyard, photon light, acme tornado whistle, leatherman micra)

    Customized Zebra F-701

    I have 1 tool for starting fire (need another), a tool for bandaging (micra to cut clothes, need another), 2 lights (phone and photon), 2 tools for writing, and 3 tools for signaling. The micra should be able to work as a seat belt cutter and the zebra seems more than sturdy enough to break glass.

    If it were up to me I would be carrying a spyderco cricket, but with the no weapon policy that is asking for trouble. With my major I can easily explain the micra, which seems more than able enough to handle most cutting jobs. The pen easily flies below radar, as should the rest of my gear.

    I'll soon add a cardboard card wrapped in floss to the wallet soon for some "string". I might also keep a pocket monkey in my phone's otterbox for a backup multi-tool.

    I will have all the gear on me through out the year as well, with the exclusion of my car keys when I'm riding with family/friends. I'll probably purchase the cricket for this. My phone would turn into my sole light/signaling device. But with family/friends around I should be okay without the whistle and photon.
  2. FenixArcher

    FenixArcher EDC Junkie!!!

    Oct 14, 2013
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    I am also a college student.
    My college has a dumbed down rule of "no blades over 4 inches," so I carry my EDC knives everyday (as does almost everyone else. This is in the south.)
    Seein as how you can't have knives, the micra seems like a good choice for small tasks (I even carry one).
    Some good EDC gear for college life is a lighter, a paracord strap, a small flashlight, a watch, a keychain prybar (this does actually come in handy), and a pen.
    This is just some suggestions and what I found to be useful.
    I carry more, but I think that is the "essentials."

    I also carry quite a few things in my backpack that have come in handy.
    But I also carry my bag everywhere else besides school.
    I have (let me get my bag and open it up. I may find stuff I forgot I had X3):
    -a Bic and my old Boker Vox clipped on the outside
    -a bottle of contact re-hydrating drops (I wear contacts)
    -a Rite-in-the-Rain notepad
    -a small 4 pack of superglue (well, now it's a 1 pack)
    -a book of matches
    -a lens cleaning cloth (I wear costa sunglasses)
    -for some reason there is a box of Nerds in here, as well as some Mio water flavor
    -I have a keychain lighter and a keychain fine grit sharpening stone stuck in another pocket

    I have a dedicated pocket for all this:
    -an SOE Gear drink koozie (I just like havin it handy)
    -a small FAK made from an altoids tin, containing:
    -tums (these get used a LOT)
    -allergy and sinus relief meds
    -a packet of hydrocortizone cream
    -assorted band aids
    -alcohol wipe
    (the meds are individually packaged in packs of 2. I got these at a gas station.)
    -a pair of scissors
    -a homemade waterproof container with a AA battery inside (forgot I had this X3)
    -a ziploc contianing a small roll of duct tape, some paracord, and some kevlar cord
    -a ziploc containing ziplocs (ziplocs are a universal waterproof)
    -a swiss tech pliers multitool (no blade)
    -a CRKT Eat n Tool (very handy)
    -a comb
    -an earplug container with...earplugs (don't think I'll ever need em, but if I do need em, I'll be glad I have em)
    -some paperclips and a bent nail (don't know why this is in here, but ok!)

    It's also handy to have a few band aids and a BC powder in your wallet. I also carry a strip of duct tape on a piece of sticker sheet (the plastic covered paper that stickers and labels come on).

    Well, that's pretty long, but that's what I carry in my college life!
  3. RC2814

    RC2814 Loaded Pockets

    Jul 31, 2012
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    For your compact needs, you could carry aluminum foil as a way to boil water and as a reflector for signaling. Of course, aluminum foil is delicate and doesn't deal with chemicals, but for size's sake, it's the best option you have. As for first aid, probably some bandages or gauze pads. For fire, wax covered matches and accompanying striker.
  4. bpa

    bpa Loaded Pockets

    Apr 24, 2006
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    How far are you from civilization?
  5. robo-rabbit

    robo-rabbit Loaded Pockets

    Feb 6, 2014
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    It depends on the day...
  6. ItsHardToKnow

    ItsHardToKnow Loaded Pockets

    Feb 22, 2013
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    Im a commuter student at a University too
    My EDC to school is really no different from my EDC anywhere else.
    Dont have firestarting things cause, well, why? Im going to class, not camping
    I keep a water bottle in my bag (and have one in the car), but dont do water purification tablets cause, well, the water at school is purified. And even if it wasnt - I'll just drive home.

    Honestly, I think youre overthinking this.
    I do have some bandaids in my bag, and have a MT on my hip, but that comes back to normal EDC stuff (e05/brewzer/wave/chapstick/phone)
  7. aswan

    aswan Loaded Pockets

    Jan 5, 2014
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    Congrats on starting up! I too am a college student and have found this forum very helpful in my EDC journey.

    My EDC changes a bit between school and day-to-day operations. I won't go through my whole bag dump, but you are off to a good start. Believe it or not, the most useful EDC item I use is my Casio G-Shock GW-6900 watch. Sure you may have a cellphone, but the watch is amazing. A lot of instructors get bent out of shape for checking your phone in class, so this is a good alternative for time.

    I recently picked up a Parker Jotter for taking my notes and I didn't think I could possibly fall in love with a pen...it's an amazing device.

    I carry the usual suspects you will find people carrying on this forum in my bag. I find carrying around snacks and a Nalgene get me through the day well. Being a commuter student, I try and fill out my "kitchen" compartment as best I can. I carry said snacks and Nalgene, but also carry a Light My Fire spoon/fork/knife with me. Also, napkins and some tea bags live in that compartment as well. I don't find much use for my Leatherman Wave or Surfire torch (other than working at the school where I am a TA).

    I have also thrown a change of clothes in the bottom of my bag. This is helpful if you find yourself having to stay the night in the city at a friend's place (I have missed the last train back home before).

    If you want my full bag dump, let me know!
  8. Agent Berry

    Agent Berry Loaded Pockets

    Oct 1, 2012
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    Duct tape wrapped around a used gift card (First Aid, repairs, etc.). Large 36"x36" bandana(sling or tourniquet). The Victorinox Compact or Small Tinker are very inconspicuous and can be explained away as tools. And for cordage use braided masonry string.