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I have "loaded pockets" but......

Discussion in 'Forum Functionality Issues' started by baja820, Dec 2, 2012.

    baja820 Loaded Pockets

    I still can't post in the buy sell trade section, what gives?????
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    Dr Jekell I had fun once, It was awful.

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    Tango 191 Loaded Pockets

    I think you need to have a + 2 membership to post

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    baja820 Loaded Pockets

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    mooshi Loaded Pockets

    ^ Actually, other forums charge much, much more for use of their Sale forums.

    For us it's $5.00 (+1 supporter badge) and it covers you for 3 months and everything goes toward keeping our playground alive. :)
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    amacman Loaded Pockets

    Or, you could just decide this is such a great and fun place to hang out that its worth a few bucks. Beside some of us, me included, have some pretty sweet goodies listed in there!
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    mooshi Loaded Pockets

    Yah. There are some crazy good deals on our BST. One of the girls on here snagged a great condition Maxped PFII for $40.00 shipped just last week!

    Plus there are often giveaways and contests and stuff going on and those sporting a supporter badge get extra goodies. :D
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    amacman Loaded Pockets

    Also, lots of forums wont even let you SEE the BST section without paying.
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    baja820 Loaded Pockets

    I'll just put it on blade forums knife trading section. I don't want to sell my knives for profit. I just want to swap pocket knives with other collectors.

    ATF Loaded Pockets

    $5 over three months equates to a nickel per day. As they say, "A nickel a day keeps keeps the doctor away."

    Uhhhh... well something like that.
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    Belush2 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    With close to 75 posts, and almost 100 likes since you've been here about a month...
    :confused:It's a pity that you would not want to support the Forum, and offer your goods for Trade with our members here...
    Good Luck with your trades elsewhere.

    Sniperx7 Loaded Pockets

    I got my supporter badge as part of a giveaway thanks to the great people on these forums, but when it runs out I'll be sure to get one and maybe a +2 also. It's really worth it for all you get from the forums!

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