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HuntFest 11th and 12th June 2016 Narooma N.S.W.

Discussion in 'EDCF Calendar' started by Fragarach, Jun 8, 2016.


Going to attend?

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  2. No

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  3. I'm not in Australia.

  1. Fragarach

    Fragarach Loaded Pockets

    May 16, 2016
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    Just realised noone listed it here!

    Yes its called huntfest. No there is no actual hunting allowed in the middle of town.
    Lots of stuff for field, target and such as well.
    Plenty of stuff for edc interested type folks!

    Encourage all normal well balanced folks to come check it out!
    Local govt has told the 17 local retards that like to protest anything and everything to go away and come back on another weekend :) Have a look at the narooma newspaper online ;)
    Do keep an eye on the weather tho!

    9am to 4pm Saturday.
    9am to 3pm Sunday.
    $10 entry for adults.

    Pre booking avalible for courses via the ssaa.
    R licence, safe shooting and intro to public land hunting courses run throughout the weekend.
    Air rifle and archery ranges.
    Lots of different vendors.