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How to get past iPhone Passcode

Discussion in 'Electronic Devices' started by IROCKID, May 9, 2012.

    IROCKID Loaded Pockets

    I have my grandmother's iPhone 4s and she has passed away. I don't know what her Passcode is and I don't want to just do a restore on it and lose any of the pictures that are on it.

    Does anyone know if this is possible? I have been to the Apple store and they have been absolutely no help so I figured that there might be someone here that knows.

    Thank You.

    FuzzyLumpkins Loaded Pockets

    I don't have any software solutions but you can try the following:

    Turn the phone off so you have a black screen, tilt it up to the light and you can usually see the popular finger print smudges from the dozens of times unlocking it from the screen saver. Done this twice with success.

    newtothis Loaded Pockets

    It happened to my son after hours on the phone to Apple they told me You have click "restore" from Itunes. It dumps everything and gives you a new phone with nothing on it. Sorry

    neonecko Loaded Pockets

    I've actually done this on one of my friend's phones just playing around. Only works if the screen wasn't cleaned recently.

    IROCKID Loaded Pockets

    Yeah I don't want to lose any of the pictures that are on it.
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    CatherineM Loaded Pockets

    I'd call a few pawn shops or those places that unlock cellphones. They have probably dealt with it.
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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Possibly start a database of grandchildrens birthdays or her anniversary dates an just start tring them out.

    Other than that I think Catherine has had a great idea.

    Ollie243 Loaded Pockets

    I'd go for a guessing game as said previously and use any significant dates, or maybe her pin number for credit/debit card. Maybe it's in a purse on a piece of paper.

    Alternatively could you not just link it up to her pc and let iTunes update and get all the stuff onto the pc that way you don't have to unlock the phone.
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    xbanker Geriatric Admin

    Don't have one, so don't know ... do they come from factory with same default passcode for every phone? If so, maybe she didn't change it, or does activation require new, user-specified passcode?
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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Huh? Perhaps its her last 4 digits of the iPhone #
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    xbanker Geriatric Admin

    Google returns 153K hits for "How to hack passcode iPhone 4." Quick scan of results shows firmware upgrades have plugged some of the methods. Might be worth a look nevertheless.

    BASR Loaded Pockets

    If you just want the pictures, you can plug the iPhone into your computer and it will show up in Windows Explorer, or Finder, if you are on a Mac. Just copy the pictures and then you can restore it afterwards.
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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    ^sounds like the easiest advice yet. Too good to be true?

    Ramza76 Loaded Pockets

    If you want to retrieve photos from the Iphone, I believe this is the safest and easiest way to do it.

    Sriracha Loaded Pockets

    wow. your grandmother used an iphone? sorry for your loss.

    CADMAN Loaded Pockets

    Just go to an apple store. If you have the receipt would help, but they should be able to help.

    Changchung Loaded Pockets

    Do you try ifunbox? I think that is the name, with this program you can access to all the pics and videos in the phone...


    IROCKID Loaded Pockets

    I've plugged it into her pc but she never had it tied into iTunes.
    I've called a bunch of people on Kijiji and no one has returned my messages or emails.
    If I plug it into my PC running Windows it doesn't come up in explorer as a thumbdrive or anything.
    I have tried iExplorer and it doesn't show up in that program either.
    I have started trying different numbers into it but every time you have the incorrect number it locks the phone down for an hour...and I'm not sure at what point it's going to be for 24 hours...
    The Apple store has been no help either. Even with a receipt they can't help...said it's not there problem and the only advice they can give is to restore it...

    IROCKID Loaded Pockets

    iFunBox needs it to pair with iTunes first...so that's out..

    Beneficial Loaded Pockets

    try putting into diagnostic mode and then itll show up

    i dont know how because i dont use iphones or any apple crap but it worked with all my ipods years ago whenever they constantly failed.