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How to be fashionable with EDC?

Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by Spartan745, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Garland

    Garland Loaded Pockets

    Oct 31, 2010
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    One way I rationalize buying so many different knives, lights, multitools, holsters and guns is that different clothes call for different items. One recent morning I was looking in my edc drawer trying to figure out what would work with the pants I was wearing, and I had to laugh at myself. I reminded myself of a woman trying different earrings and shoes on with her new dress, seeing what looked best.

    Part of the fun is mixing things up, though. I like seeing how much capability I can have on my person without it being obvious.
  2. MedusaOblongata

    MedusaOblongata Loaded Pockets

    Jul 24, 2007
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    That's actually another way to EDC fashionably. Instead of a knife that will be hidden in your fashionable clothes, a knife that, when seen, becomes a (handy, deadly) fashion accessory itself.

    ("Is that a knife?"
    "This is not a knife. This is a $X00, handmade, unique decorated, ZDP inlaid, S400V Damascus knife. The artis's name is ...")

    It's like a BBQ gun, for people who don't wear guns when they BBQ.

    Repeat with the titanium/tritium flashlight.
  3. dfergut

    dfergut Empty Pockets

    Jun 8, 2011
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    That's what I would like to know and just how do you do it? Because I know fanny packs went out of style after about a week in the 80's and man purses really never caught on either. So is there a website or something were they sell utility clothes that are fashionable because cargo pants do not really fit in every situation.
  4. Monocrom

    Monocrom Loaded Pockets

    Jul 19, 2009
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    I found a great use for the various knives, multi-tools, and other EDC items I bought over the years . . . I toss them into my BOB and other emergency kits.
  5. phaserrifle

    phaserrifle Loaded Pockets

    Oct 1, 2008
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    I seem to recall there was a tactical clothing company who did jeans with hidden cargo pockets.
    might have been eotac.
  6. halvdan7

    halvdan7 Loaded Pockets

    Apr 23, 2009
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    +1 on this thread needing some attention.

    I use a variety of things that make my daily EDC look less tactical as I work at a University and "militant" is frowned upon.

    -My bag Tom Bihn shoulder bag is functional and fits what I need, well priced and looks good. Black makes it more profesional; http://www.tombihn.com/page/001/PROD/200/TB0203

    -Inside the bag is a Condor T&T Pouch which holds all the tools, utilities and basics in one, nice pullout package.
    http://www.condoroutdoor.com/ma54tandtpouch.aspx .T&T Pouch serious holds a lot of gear.

    -apart from polos and button down shirts, pants really stick out with people in the work place. A couple of brand and styles have really helped my out and even garnered compliments;
    -Rail Riders work pants, http://www.railriders.com/men-yukon-canvas-work-pants-p-907.html
    Super comfortable, durable and lots of subtle spacious pockets.
    -Of course a forum favorite, VertX pants; http://www.wearvertx.com/VertxMensPant.aspx nuff said.
    -Additionally, as mentioned by others, my in pocket gear is low profile and discreet;
    -SOG Flash II with a pen-like deep clip (or something like it I rotate about 6 folders, :p )
    -My Big Skinny wallet was cheap, holds tons of stuff and is well, skinny http://www.bigskinny.net/sport-wallet-chocolate-brown.html
    -Things like Burt's Bees, a thumb drive, and SAK Manager, micro light, and a mini bic (I don't smoke) are all so small they sit nicely in my front pockets.

    Small, multi-functional, well-priced, and durable. This is what I strive for. I'm a desk jockey programmer so I'm rarely called upon to be John McClain.
  7. compy222

    compy222 Loaded Pockets

    Feb 12, 2010
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    I'll bite. I work in a professional office, three days a week we're suits/ties, the other two days we are casual.

    I carry the same stuff on my person everday -
    Benchmade 530SBK - all black, light/thin, black clip
    Surefire LX2 Lumamax - black clip, bezel down
    Keys - house, car, fob, etc.
    Old leather wallet
    Business cards in back left pocket
    EVO 4G Smartphone
    Smith's Sequel II sunglasses w/ spare clear lenses in my bag
    occasionally, if i'm feeling dressy, i'll throw the kershaw damascus scallion over the benchmade.

    watches are either a swiss army field watch (metal band), or a Lucien Piccard Rally Sport. NEVER go anywhere in professional clothing without a watch, unwrinkled shirt/pants, and presentable shoes. Men and women notice these things and will form opinions about you from that about your character. They'll notice a watch days before they'll notice a small black pocket-clip.

    to date, NO ONE has ever questioned or noticed my knife or light clips in my pockets. in three years!

    I also carry in my bag - Maxpedition Tactical Operator Attache -
    - small sewing kit
    - AMK Trauma Kit
    - Glock 33 w/ 13rd. spare mag
    - Surefire 6P LED Defender and two spare batteries (carried in a maxped holster and dual mag carrier - velcro)
    - 2gb SD card and 2gb jump drive
    - Leatherman (old school)
    - more business cards
    - pens, sharpies, moleskin
    - Tide Pen Mini
    - Spare knife (usually the Kershaw or an old Gerber)
    - Liter size orange nalgene with narrow pour spout
    - A spare Galco Triton Holster for carrying on my person
    - Usually some work stuff - papers, legislative work, etc.
    - 8gb Ipod Touch

    Nice thing about the maxped operator, is that in black, it looks like every other decently adorned black nylon computer bag out there. I'd say four or five people i work with have a bag that looks very similar. Our bosses even get issued a grey nylon case for their laptops. Again, no one has commented beyond, "that's a nice looking bag," EVER. Most people don't have a clue there is a firearm in it because that pocket conceals so well with the velcro. a few of the security folks noticed because they know maxped bags, but they never say anything.
  8. Chopper

    Chopper Loaded Pockets

    Mar 18, 2007
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  9. Soda Pop

    Soda Pop Banned

    May 23, 2007
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    Woolrich Elite made them and then their spin off company Eotac made them, Eotac closed down a few months ago and there are some pretty big rumors going around on what happened to them, these guys have them for $35 http://www.rogueelite.net/205_Men_s_Operator_Grade_Discreet_Denim_Pant_p/205.htm and the standard ones http://www.rogueelite.net/204_Men_s_Operator_Grade_Discreet_Pant_p/204.htm

    Woolrich had versions of both of those but they were a bit too bulky. Woolrich Elite has the new Chino pants http://www.rogueelite.net/Woolrich_Chino_p/44919.htm but they are nothing like the other ones, far more casual and less tactical. There are hidden pockets by there are no cargo pockets
  10. Chopper

    Chopper Loaded Pockets

    Mar 18, 2007
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  11. Condition1

    Condition1 Loaded Pockets

    Jul 18, 2011
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    for me, trying to be fashionable while still carrying my edc means paring it down. i carry the same thing on my person every day. everything extra i carry in my coat in the winter, my car, my toolbox (at work), my diaperbag (if i am out with my son). i organize my pockets and keep them to a consistent minimum. i do not like the mall cop/emt/tactical look. i wear jeans almost every day. when i do not wear jeans, i wear a suit. the exception would be while hiking or backpacking (my pockets are jammed when doing such). but, we are discussing a regular day around town. here is what i usually have on my person.

    i wear a wedding ring and a watch
    in my left front pocket, i have : keys (pared down to the bare minimum), pen, lighter
    in my right front pocket, i have: phone, knife, comb
    in my back right pocket is my wallet (pared down to the bare minimum)
    in my watch pocket i have enough coins for parking and exact change.
    at 4 o'clock i have my handgun
    at 8 o'clock i have my spare magazine holder with 2 spare magazines
  12. marsos52

    marsos52 Loaded Pockets

    Feb 21, 2010
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    i feel im fashionable,, others may think different and i dont care... im a salesman and i am comfortable with how i dress and look..
    most days i wear a button down collared shirt with the compant logo.. my vertx pants and danners boots.. i use chute43 belts and a rat wallet to hold my phone nad keys and wallet

    in my pockets are a pirahna pockettool and one of my flashlights lights and also on my belt is my swisstool x,, back pocket holds a
    maxP 3x5 notebook cover and my pad and pens

    my lunada bag stays in my car