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How heavy is the stuff we're all schlepping around?

Discussion in 'Where, When, & How Do We Carry All This Stuff?' started by BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel, Jan 8, 2013.

    BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel Loaded Pockets

    Being ill at the moment I have a lot of time on my hands to think about strange stuff. Such as: how much weight do I carry around at the moment? It feels like quite a lot so I grabbed my kitchen scales and weighed the kit I carry at the moment.

    My "Winter EDC" at the moment consists of

    Wallet (175 grams / 6.2 oz.)
    Keys (108 grams / 3.8 oz.)
    Phone (HTC One X+ in Otterbox Defender) (207 grams / 7.3 oz.)
    MP3 player (Cowon D2+ w/ earbuds & SD card inserted) (95 grams / 3.4 oz)
    Buff (40 grams / 1.4 oz)
    Backup phone battery + USB Cables (Mini & Micro), stored in an Otterbox 3000 (746 grams / 1 lb 10.3 oz)
    Pocket heater (110 grams / 3.9 oz)
    Can of lighter fluid (for the heater) (124 grams /4.4 oz)
    Lighter (14 grams / .5 oz)
    Gloves (Marmot Convertibles) (100 grams /3.5 oz)
    Sunglasses in hardcase (82 grams /2.9 oz)
    Flashlight (Fenix LD20 w/ lithium batteries) (94 grams / 3.3 oz)
    SAK in leather belt pouch (181 grams / 6.4 oz)
    Chap stick (14 grams / .5 oz)
    Few ft of duct tape wrapped around an old gift card (18 grams / .6 oz)

    All this stuff adds up to a whopping 2.112 kilograms / 4 lbs 10.5 oz., give or take - and that's without my mini FAK and water bottle.

    That seems quite a lot to me and I feel that I need to shed some weight. My "power unit" obviously makes up a good portion of the weight. As discussed in my "Electronics vs Water" thread I will definitely evaluate some alternative means of packing my battery backup and keep the Otterbox for situations where the going may get rough.

    The heater stuff and gloves will eventually go when it gets warmer outside, leaving the rest of the kit at a weight of 1.777 kilos / 3 lb 14.7 oz (that's with the otterbox still in).

    Obviosly I do not want to get rid of any gear if I can help it, but somehow the weight makes itself felt, especially when carrying a shoulder bag over longer periods of time.

    So how much weight are you guys lugging around?
    Have any of you ever gotten a feeling that they are carrying too much weight around and need to skimp?

    Any weight saving recommendations?

    marsos52 Loaded Pockets

    i have no idea how much my edc weighs, im sure its more than i think it is.. my heaviest item is my multitool, a charge for everyday and a surge for working.
    at work, my edc is off the hook, non work days my edc is much less

    i try to use my bag for the heaviest, less used gear but i found my real answer is a good belt. at work or not the belt is the key to handling the heft of edc.
    even when nothing is attached to my belt and im doing pocket carry. the belt gives the suppport to keep the heft in line.

    my bullhide belts are 1 1/2 inches and work great....

    Idaho Gunslinger Loaded Pockets

    You think you're bad, wait until you start adding gun(s) and reloads.

    BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel Loaded Pockets

    That won't be an issue any time soon as it is quite difficult to legally buy and own guns in Germany. You need to be member of a gun club, attend active shooting for at least a year, take a couple of classes (if you want to get your hunting license anyway) and it requires an awful lot of paperwork (which we Germans are good at) - and even then you are not allowed to posess more than a certain number of firearms (which makes sense), plus there is no such thing as a concealed or open carry permit unless you have a professional reason for that.

    So I'm spared this sort of problem :D
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    ShadowE Loaded Pockets

    My scale (postal) errors at 12 pds when I have about 90% of the weight on it

    I also carry a HK45c & several hand tools though


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    Kilted1 Loaded Pockets

    I never really thought about it but just did a pocket dump on the shipping scale and it came in just at 5 pounds. Today's load is pretty typical though some items may be added or removed. My clothing, including shoes probably weighs about the same as all the gear that it contains.

    Had to give up on belts and went to suspenders. Lately I've been wearing some "side clip" types that I made out of some 1" webbing and pair of grimloks, they attach to the belt loops on either side. Sometimes wear a belt but I wear it loose with the braces doing the holding up.

    Idaho Gunslinger Loaded Pockets

    Understood. But I'm just saying that for a lot of us Americans who carry, it can easily double the weight of our EDC.

    BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel Loaded Pockets

    I can imagine that very well...if I was to choose a firearm it would be a Sig Sauer 226 which would probably add another kilo to the pack (loaded) without reloads.

    znapschatz Loaded Pockets

    The only things I have ever bothered to weigh are my knives and multi-tools, since everything else on me (watch, wallet, keys etc.) are things I must carry. Much as I like having them on me, I must admit that on many days my credit card gets more use than the Charge Tti or any of the other "essential" EDC hardware I have with me. My limit for any major M-T is +/- 12 oz./350 gm., including carrying pouch with accessories. More than that can get bothersome after a few hours on my hip. Didn't use to be that way, but I'm a few years older than back when :( .

    Friends in the ultra light camping community tell me 7 oz./198 gm. is usually regarded as the heaviest addition to gear still tolerable. They might be right. Lately I have been carrying a Rebar, which at 6.7 oz./190 gm. weighs only 1.5 oz/43 gm. less than my Charge. Carried in exactly the same position on my belt in the very same pouch, it disappears until needed, while the Charge usually makes itself felt. Less weight is nice, but often not up to the job, so I carry the least weight M-T I think will get me by. Often, it provides more than I need, but it is usually better to have too much than too little.
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    forestgrump Loaded Pockets

    Just weighed my work trousers with just the basics I normally carry, so no tools relating to a particular job.

    5lbs !

    That includes

    Leatherman TTi in a skinth with bits and holder
    Ra clicky
    iPhone 4 in case
    Lip balm
    Zebra pen
    Spyderco Ukpk
    Works phone
    Mora electrician
    Belt and knee pads

    Thing is this doesn't feel heavy once it's buckled up, only when taking off/putting on.

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    AK Adventurer Ice, Ice, Tigre

    Well, you got me to wondering, so I weighed my non essential items, leaving out watch, money clip, glasses, phone, that are not optional carry, ever.

    So, that leaves light, multi, and multi support kit, utility knife, lighter which came to about 2.5lbs.
    Then later in the week, I went through the support kit, and trimmed out what I hadn't used for a while, and decided not to carry the knife, it was redundant. So, Figured I'd re-weigh; lost a pound.

    So, 1.5lbs +/- a few ounces. Even if I add in the watch, money clip, it only hits 1.75lbs max.


    dyril Loaded Pockets

    My EDC gear weighs in around 1.4kg or 3pounds. I've weighed myself naked and with my EDC gear. Last time I did that, everything was around 2.3kg or 5 pounds, including clothes/socks/shoes.

    That number seems way off... I know because my modded HDS Clicky alone is 3.75oz...
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    forestgrump Loaded Pockets

    Edited. 5oz what was I thinking:D

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    generationlost Loaded Pockets

    My keys, wallet, phone, light, pen, MT, and watch comes out to be 1.05 pounds. Of course, I may carry more depending on whether if I have a bag or jacket to lug more stuff.

    Evilbunny Loaded Pockets

    maybe around 10 pounds when at school

    yakuzaboss Loaded Pockets

    At any given time, total weight of my bag and the contents is minimum 5-6lbs. If I need to pack tools in it for work, 20-30lbs, depending on which tools I need for the day.

    Myth90045 Loaded Pockets

    Sprained my elbow a few weeks back and i got into the habit of loading my stuff into my pants I will be wearing the next day. So out of curiosity I threw my loaded pants onto the scale. I wear about 4-5 lbs of stuff on me.

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    BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel Loaded Pockets

    Wow, some of you really carry some serious weight.

    Currently trying to skimp a bit...Problem is: much of the stuff I have just is heavy. Need to give that some really conscious thought.

    Keep it coming!

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    Gnarly Loaded Pockets

    How heavy is the stuff we're all schlepping around?

    Just about right. Some of it's actually pretty light, but the heavier quality stuff costs more.

    AK Adventurer Ice, Ice, Tigre

    *in a 1984 1/2 stoned rock star accent slur*
    Thaats HeeeaaaVVeeee Duuude....

    :D :D :D

    Re sorted my tool kit this week, and got a new utility knife... I'm back up over 2.5lbs.