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How do 'normal' people cope without a sharp tool/Airplane Travel frustration!

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Ludwell01, Sep 23, 2012.

    blunto Loaded Pockets

    I need to have tools for work trips and sometimes mailing stuff in advance is not practical. One trick I figured out is to take apart a stanley utility knife with no blades. Put all the parts in a clear plastic bag so it could be seen easily in the security check, at that point it looks like a couple blocks of metal with the little razor holder and screw. Then when I got to where I was going, I find a Home Depot right near the airport. A 10 pack of razor blades is like $3 at the most. It's kind of a crude tool, but will work for 2 days.

    kertap75 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Isn't the whole thing only a few bucks? I haven't bought one in a while but unless you have a super fancy one you like using I would save the hassle and for the same price just get a cheap one and give it away. Also I thought sharks where okay in checked baggage? I think this thread was mostly about the short period of time when you are completely bladeless in the airport/on the flight.
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    J_C Loaded Pockets

    I think the OPs issue was that they were traveling light and couldn't check luggage.

    Personally I'd go to a shop when I arrived and buy a SAK Classic for about $10 and mail it back to myself before I departed. Can't have too many of those anyway. :)

    The real underlying point of the thread is how utterly overboard they have gone to try to create a false sense of security (or more likely, ability to avoid blame) by excluding even something as harmless as a pair of tweezers or a very small cutting blade. However, probably nothing we'll ever be able to do to reverse that sort of thing. So we just have to learn how to adapt and cope.
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    tinker gnome Loaded Pockets

    Well said. Adapt, cope and overcome! So here's a reason to get new gear and start a SAK Classic collection! :rofl:

    Several color variations in opaque and translucent scales, Alox, silver, gold, several limited editions. There must be literally dozens of variants! :frantic::D

    I know you can't get all of these at the humble airport shop, but you get the picture! [IMG]

    GADGET982 Loaded Pockets

    I find it odd that you can take knitting needles on a flight (just looked it up at TSA.gov), but they will take away a vic classic. I would be way more concerned about someone coming at me with a foot long piece of semi-sharp aluminum than someone trying to take me apart with a vic classic.

    Monocrom Loaded Pockets

    Welcome to the World of TSA logic.

    GADGET982 Loaded Pockets

    Now now, I'm pretty sure it is against the rules to use TSA and logic in the same sentence.
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    KB3UBW Loaded Pockets

    Not if it's sarcastic

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    Lone Airedale Loaded Pockets

    I never check luggage. Carry on only. So I buy a SAK when I get where I'm going, and then on my way home I give it to my cab driver at the airport. :)
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    SharpScott Loaded Pockets

    You should have just gone straight down to B&Q or any hardware store. 1 Pound will get you a snap off style craft knife. For a few days it'll work great, yeah it's not UK EDC friendly, but if you're traveling with all your stuff and you have a little one with you I'm doubtful a cop would get too bothered. Heck, if he decides to confiscate it, it's not the end of the world. Alternatively you could have grabbed a SAK and just posted it back home.

    I really hate flying. Security should be renamed "disarm here". In all of the airports here cop's are armed, even past security. But wait, security checks are 100% and therefore no-one will be armed. Really grinds my gears, biggest faux pas ever.

    I fly a lot to Spain and back, therefore there isn't much of an option bar driving and sailing/tunneling. Last time I had to fly back with just a backpack carry-on. I've really grown to dislike airports now, it's just a hotbed for stress and zombified-ness. Whoever came up with the idea that people could bring on hardbacked suitcases that are way too big needs a talking too. Every flight I've been on results in people having to check some luggage in (at no cost) because they fill the cabin full of luggage.

    The Wright brothers are turning in their graves.

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    TheBoyScout22 Loaded Pockets

    Scott, a lot of people bring hardback suitcases on the plane knowing they won't fit so that they can check them for free. Personally I think that if some one brings a suitcase on board a plane and it doesn't fit they should have to pay te same amount if not more as those of us who check bags honestly. Sorry for taking this thread off topic had to get a little rant off today :)