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How can I reduce weight of Get Home Bag on train and bicycle?

Discussion in 'Where, When, & How Do We Carry All This Stuff?' started by Dan2, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. plumberroy

    plumberroy Loaded Pockets

    Nov 11, 2012
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    knife, lighter and flashlight are always on me even hobbling around the house now I have those . My bag has a decent first aid kit hygiene kit , cord extra lighter, knife, light. A space blanket, battery bank, sewing kit, cup spoon seasoning etc. Drink bottles are everywhere if you need to carry water most public trash cans have extra bags under the one in use . In an urban area you can live out of the trash if you had too . The more resourceful you are the less you need to carry

    Surgery went well now just staying off of my foot to let it heal
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  2. FiaOlleDog

    FiaOlleDog Loaded Pockets

    Oct 27, 2017
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    My head revolves around this question every other day - especially after trips.

    Long time ago I've heard/read/seen some saying: Your GHB should be your (extended) EDC.

    Advantage: in case you are away from home and within a certain distance (like 5-15 miles) this will provide what is needed within a few hours and still is much less than a BOB.
    Disadvantage: carrying more than what is really needed every day.

    I'm a practitioner of modularity, so I group my stuff, allowing me to have mostly only one item/kit for a specific reason, like a booboo-kit, trauma-kit, ... and can add/remove kits from my bag according to climate, terrain, distance, weather, risk, security, etc.

    I also "escalate" the stuff for my needs.

    Example: hydration (water)
    • EDC pouch (on me when out of the door no mater what, goes into EDC bag): 3 water disinfection tablets, this allows me to treat up to 3 quarts/liters
    • EDC bag: add 0,5 liter of water for emergency/immediate use
    • Travel bag (EDC bag content goes into travel bag): add 1,0 liter of water, plus Sawyer mini or equivalent to treat larger amounts of water

    Example: illumination (light)
    • small AAA flashlight on my keyring (ThruNite Ti3)
    • EDC pouch: spare AAA battery
    • EDC bag: headlamp
    • Travel bag: 18650 flashlight

    How does this help reducing weight of my EDC/GHB? Well, thanks to modularity I don't carry stuff that is not required for my planned trip/activities - with some exceptions like a trauma kit that's always in my EDC bag and on-wards.

    I hope the idea and principle came across and is helpful :)
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