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How can I reduce weight of Get Home Bag on train and bicycle?

Discussion in 'Where, When, & How Do We Carry All This Stuff?' started by Dan2, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Dan2

    Dan2 Loaded Pockets

    May 30, 2012
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    What do you think should be the maximum weight of a Get Home Bag in a city, if I use a train, bus or bicycle?

    That could be a shoulder-bag or backpack, including it's content. You might call that an EDC-bag as well.

    IMO this Get Home Bag should be a compromise between carrying-comfort and preparedness.

    I could need that bag for certain emergency items, in case of an accident or disaster, while I am away from home. Or in case I get locked out from my home accidentally. But I also don't want to stand out in the crowd too much, permanently carrying a large bag, which can also be exhausting.

    This Get Home Bag could contain for example:

    a small bicycle tube repair kit and small bicycle pump

    a few small zip-ties for repairs

    multi tool

    a few aluminum carabiners in different sizes

    some safety matches

    first aid kit with small scissors, duct tape, dental gloves, kiss of life, elastic bandage, etc.

    some medication

    small bottle of insect-repellent and sun-screen


    small hair-comb

    small toothbrush, dental sticks and dental floss

    some tissues and a handkerchief of woven fabric

    a few masks for corona-prevention

    small bottle of hand-sanitizer

    small amout of emergency-food

    a thin teaspoon

    some drinking-water, also for hand washing with soap or shampoo (which I carry in a tiny plastic bottle)

    rain clothing

    dry thin socks

    sweater, winter gloves and thin scarf and bonnet in winter

    a baseball cap for sun and rain

    one or two smartphones in a protective padded plastic box

    smartphone charger and cable

    power pack

    some printed road maps and a mini-compass, in case the smarthpone gets inoperable or empty

    a bicycle helmet

    some writing utensils

    two sewing needles

    small flashlight and two bicycle lights, with spare batteries

    reflective material to use in dense traffic

    a few yards of paracord, for tying objects to a bike or backpack, etc.

    an empty garbage bag for various purposes, to use as a grocery bag or to cover a dirty park bench, or for first aid


    What of this equipment could be left out, to save weight and bulk, since it is meant to carry without a car?
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  2. SOS24

    SOS24 Loaded Pockets

    Feb 12, 2016
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    I don’t really see anything I would leave out. If anything, I would probably add an emergency bivy (like a mylar blanket but stitched to be like sleeping bag) for warmth if get stuck out overnight. I also would probably add a water filer of some type for in case need more water not from clean source, But not knowing how far away you will be, that could just be me,
  3. Dan2

    Dan2 Loaded Pockets

    May 30, 2012
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    Thanks for your reply. I carry a few water purification tablets instead of a water filter, since that weighs much less. And if I would lock myself out of my home, I can ask for drinking water everywhere.

    And water from a river or pond can be chemically contaminated, which is hard to clean with a filter, I guess. And I can improvise a water filter if necessary, with a sock, etc. I could add a mylar bivy on longer trips. Thanks for the idea.

    Am I the only person that carries such a heavy Get Home Bag, while using a bike, bus or train in an urban environment? My Get Home Bag weighs 21 pounds, including one quart of water and bike helmet, without winter items (scarf, bonnet and sweater).
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  4. kikaida

    kikaida Loaded Pockets

    Jan 4, 2013
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    Get home bag? Looks like more of a bug out bag instead of a GHB. For me, a GHB is basically a bag to get me home from work or some other place within the same city. Home is within walking distance, I don't need a lot of stuff for the hour or two walk to get home, certainly not 21 pounds worth of equipment.
  5. reppans

    reppans Loaded Pockets

    Jan 31, 2011
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