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How about an EDC picture thread? - Vol. 5

Discussion in 'Show us pics of your EDC!' started by Soulriot, Aug 12, 2012.

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    Soulriot EDCF Rule Enforcer

    JAfromMn Banned

    SAKplumber your wife's edc is Awesome.

    My Bad that's sakplumbers gear packed around taking care of his wife.

    Admin could you please move SAk's pic from part 4 here. Please :D

    You inspired me to work on m wives edc next. She has got a good start but your wives blows hers away.

    I'm going to try talk her into getting a permit to carry. I don't carry a firearm but I wish she did.

    I wonder how much this is going to cost me. I blame SAKplumber.

    I'm still carrying my weekend edc and I still love it.

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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I would appreciate that post being moved here. It was a lot of work putting all of those links in it.

    But, JA, it wasn't my wife's edc! It was mine! Most of it was oriented around being with her and meeting her needs as they arise. FAK (for comfort & first aid( ie. moleskin, etc), repairs(tools), and protection. She's my girl and I gotta take care of her.
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    Fabregas485 Loaded Pockets

    Part 5 already :O Time flies
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    JAfromMn Banned

    I thought that was a big knife for the Mrs mine carries a purple ladie bug.

    I'm still going to redo her gear and try talk her into carrying a firearm. If I can she not big on guns.

    I might be better of trying to get a large peper spray in here bag and forget the gun.

    I'm making her a altoid fak tin today and I'm going to try talk her from a micra to a juice. Then I'm going after her keys way to bulky.

    I got take care of my girl too. :D she takes care of me.
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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Here it is again !!
    Taking my Lady for a walk in the park Pocket Dump.
    Starting at the bottom left going clockwise:
    • The custom SkinthVS with my Anodized Victorinox Spirit and PocketWrench2(along with the corkscrew with mini-jeweler's screwdriver in case I have to repair my wifey's glasses)
    • LifeProof iPhone beltclip
    • EDCF.com custom Spyderco Moonglow Manix2(out of stock, but a few of THESE are still available) with custom Willydigger Tritium bead on neon green paracord lanyard
    • Wifey's Honda CRV key on a McGizmo clip(having been removed from the rest of the unneeded keys)
    • Altoids FAK incase the wifey needs some moleskin, bandages, or medication.
    • The one of 1000 made Kimber Elite Ultra CDP(Custom Defense Package) in .45 caliber, Corbon +P hollowpoints, 7+1 cocked & locked with extended magazine well, and a bumper added to the magazine for quicker/smoother tactical reloads, riding high in a Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe, IWB, velcro clipped, forward cant, leather holster.
    • Extra 7 round magazine in a Crossbreed single magazine IWB, velcro clipped holster
    • Victorinox Tinker with Culpepper Minuteman logo & slogan on a Tec Accessories P-7 Suspension clip
    • Fenix LD-15 on Tec Accessories P-7 Suspension clip
    • HuMn wallet

    Almost forgot what wasn't in the picture...
    • EDCF.com Buff which she took becasue she started to sweat and she just got her hair done yesterday
    • iPhone in LifeProof case, because I took the picture with it
    • Casio Pathfinder watch
    • Wedding ring
    • Stainless Steel chain and cross pendant
    • water bottle, for thirst quenching and medicine taking
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    fwronniv Loaded Pockets

    Scrub Loaded Pockets

    First time in Vol 5!

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    MR24927 Loaded Pockets

    really starting to enjoy this

    Idaho Gunslinger Loaded Pockets

    SAK, anodized Vic!?!?! When did this happen!
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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Couple months ago. I posted that in my Vic's Day in the Life thread, also(refereing to a question you just posted there)
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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Last edited by SAKplumber, Aug 13, 2012

    ModrnDayMcGyver Loaded Pockets

    Today's basics...[IMG]
    -Leatherman Juice KF4
    -Spyderco Tenacious
    -Zebra F-402
    -Centon Data Stick Sport 64Gig
    -Metolius climbing biner
    -Homemade Lanyard OD Green/Digi-cam

    Emmi Loaded Pockets

    EDC a la grunge with my nu Oakley "Bucket" (Chopped Tortoise) ;-)

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    Bravo_Kilo Loaded Pockets

    I dig those specks. I rock the Oakley Tumbler in all black.

    Emmi Loaded Pockets

    Black its not my color! *lol* To dark for my face...

    El-Duderino Loaded Pockets

    At blacmud8's request.

    A handful of pics I just took with my iPhone.


    Kombi Loaded Pockets

    That is just beautiful. :cool:
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    El-Duderino Loaded Pockets

    thanks!!! But, I can't take credit... Filip at Custom Bladeworks does such an amazing job at quality and simplicity.
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