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Help support your 2A rights! #2Arally2017 Nov. 5

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by A144, Oct 28, 2017.

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    MODS: I tried contacting someone through the "Contact Us" link before making this post, but I have not heard back and the clock is ticking on this event. If for any reason this post isn't appropriate (but I hope supporting our 2A rights is) for the forum, please remove it or let me know. If it's okay, I'd really love for it to be stickied until the event!

    To everyone else, please don't make this thread about politics other than the fact that we support the Second Amendment.

    Now, to my point. One of the pro-2A YouTube channels is planning a nation wide rally at the state capitols to help show our law makers that we, as gun owners, as are still here and that we don't want any new gun control laws. They want to show that gun owners won't sit idly by while our rights are slowly stripped from us.

    They are also trying to promote a positive image of gun owners, so if you plan to attend, please keep this in mind.

    Check out the facebook page for the event at

    There are links to each individual states' rallies. We're down to about a week before the rally, so also help spread the word on social media, to your friends, local gun shops and pro-2a organizations. Also don't forget to email your representatives (both at the federal and state level)!