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Help Me Find a New EDC Light

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by ItJustDiz, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. ItJustDiz

    ItJustDiz Loaded Pockets

    Sep 19, 2013
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    As the title suggests, looking for a new torch, currently carry a Fenix LD35 that is both too large and starting to fade in reliability (light taps or shaking the light can make it go out, I'm sure it's something I did, but still, looking for replacement).

    So here's the checklist, please give me a hand!!

    1) What do you intend to use this light for? Pocket-carry EDC

    2) What Region/Country/State will the light be purchased in?
    I will be mail-ordering or buying online, so this doesn't matter.

    3) Price Range: An easy question, but you may change your mind after answering the rest!
    [ ] $40 - $120 I combined two ranges, I'd like o keep it under $125, but I also want some quality.

    PART A
    [ ] I want a flashlight.

    PART B
    [ ] 2-5 inches. (Pocket carry) (Smaller than the LD 35)

    PART C
    [ ] I prefer a short wide light. I like the width of the Fenix, would like to keep it <1in.

    PART D

    [ ] Medium light, about the weight of a AAA MiniMag
    [ ] Medium, slightly heavier than a AA MiniMag

    5) What kind of "bulb".
    [ ] LED - more rugged, unlikely to burn out in your lifetime, less accurate color rendition, in general less output but more efficient (longer runtimes)
    [ ] Don't care, just want the best fit for my needs.

    6) What batteries do you want to use?
    [ ] I want lithium batteries. (coin cells, CR123, AAA, AA...)

    7) How much light do you want? Sometimes you can have too much light (trying to read up close up with a 100 lumen light is impossible).
    [ ] I want to read a map, find a light switch/keyhole, or get around the house at w/o disturbing anyone. (5-10 lumens)
    [ ] I want to light an entire campground or dazzle an intruder. (100+ lumens)

    8) Throw vs Flood:

    Throw (distance)----------------------X----------------------Flood/close-up

    9) Runtime:
    [ ] 360+ min. (More than 6 hours)

    10) Durability: Generally the old phrase “you get what you pay for” is very accurate for flashlights.
    [ ] Very Important (Camping, Backpacking, Car Glove-box.)
    [ ] Critical (Police, Fire, Search & Rescue, Self-defense, Survival.)

    11) Switch Type:
    [ ] clickie switch. (Stays on until pressed again.)
    [ ] momentary switch. (Only stays on while held down.)

    12) Switch Location:
    [ ] I don't care.
    [ ] I want a push switch on the back end of the body.

    13) Operational Modes: Check all that apply.
    [ ] A simple on-off is fine for me.
    [ ] I want 2 light levels. (Brighter/short runtime and Dimmer/long runtime.)
    [ ] I want multiple light levels. (some lights have 5-16 light levels.)

    14) Is it important whether the body is metal or plastic/composite? In this case "plastic" and it's variants does not mean "cheap" or poorly made. In many applications a plastic bodied light is preferable, hard use and water resistance comes to mind; think caving or lights that get dropped or abused.
    [ ] I don't care.
    [ ] I prefer a metal-bodied light.

    15) Special Needs: I like the idea of waterproof/resistant, matte or non reflective/non shiny, I like a pocket clip but also like to have a lanyard hole, and I like a crenelated head.
    [ ] Waterproof – how deep
    [ ] Non-reflective/dark finish (stealthy/hard to find)
    [ ] Corrosion resistant or hard-anodized finish
    [ ] Belt/Jacket clip
    [ ] Wrist/Neck Lanyard
    [ ] Kuboton/self defense features

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. GatorMedic

    GatorMedic Loaded Pockets

    Jun 8, 2013
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    Fenix LD09 or L3 Illumination L11C or Eagtac D25A
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  3. JLeePhoto

    JLeePhoto Loaded Pockets

    Jun 3, 2008
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    ZL SC52w L2 is my latest EDC pocket light and loving it. Programmable modes but a simple L-M-H from moonlight to 200+ lumens with beautiful tint the size of my ring finger.
    The UI is really brilliant with combo presses to directly enter a mode or simply hold down the button to scroll through three levels.
    Great efficient run times on any type of AA and even with 14500 lithiums. I've got a lot of lights but this is my EDC favorite right now.

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  4. Goob469

    Goob469 Loaded Pockets

    Apr 12, 2016
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    I just picked up about a month ago a OLight S1R Turbo S. I must say I've been very impressed with this little light. It's about the size of your thumb so it rides really nice in the pocket. It has five brightness levels and a strobe mode - 0.5, 12, 60, 300, 600, 900 lumens.

    It's a neat little light - Google it there are a lot of reviews out there.

    A quick recap from Olight's web site:

    • Cree XM-L2 LED
    • Powered by a 550mAh RCR123 customized battery of five times discharging rate, giving a maximum output up to 900 lumens
    • The flashlight can be charged through the magnetic contact charging port (other batteries may also be used in S1R, but cannot be charged)
    • New 750mA portable USB charging cable
    • Brightness increases or decreases gradually: when the flashlight is switched on/off, it will light up or fade gradually to protect eyes from the stimulation caused by sudden brightness changes
    • Flat magnetic tailcap that allows it to be secured to ferrous metal surfaces as a hands-free option
    • Lockout mode can be activated on the side switch for accidental triggering protection, along with a low-voltage indicator underneath
    • Reverse polarity protection circuits
    • Timer Setting: Short (3 minutes) and long (9 minutes)
    • The standby current is below 30uA
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  5. JLeePhoto

    JLeePhoto Loaded Pockets

    Jun 3, 2008
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    Searching for something similar and I went with an Olight BatonS1 and a Zebralight SC52w.
    I like the Olight for its size but the switch can be tough to locate and the tint a bit blue for my taste. The ZL has an excellent customizable UI and a beautiful neutral tint beam and the ability to take any type of AA and make the most of it. It's my daily carry and the S1 is clipped to my car visor for quick access when I need the magnetized tail.
    For your budget, why not get both?

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  6. JLeePhoto

    JLeePhoto Loaded Pockets

    Jun 3, 2008
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    Oops. Just realized I responded twice with the same suggestion on the same thread. At least I'm consistent.

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  7. thatotherguy

    thatotherguy EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Feb 19, 2012
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    I fixed someone's LD20 for them recently and it was exhibiting the same behavior as your light, so maybe it'll work for yours too. All I did was take a pair of needle nose pliers and tighten the silver ring inside the tail cap (I believe it tightens counterclockwise, but I don't remember). That reestablished good electrical continuity between all the components of the light and made it 100% reliable again. The ring just has a tendency to vibrate loose over time and when it does it causes an intermittent connection, causing poor reliability.

    If you want a new light, get a new light, but see if you can get the old one working again before you toss it. It'd be a good backup or a good gift to someone just getting into the hobby. Aside from that, I have little input- my EDC lights are simple, small, cheap, and not the brightest, but compact and reliable.
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  8. Doctawho

    Doctawho Loaded Pockets

    Dec 3, 2016
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