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Hello from St Louis, MO

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by noDave, Jan 8, 2013.

    noDave Loaded Pockets

    just saying hi, I don't post much but I read a lot. I am a medic so feel free to ask about paramedic stuff, but I don't know much about anything else.

    Mostly looking for ideas to add or change my current system. Currently putting together a hiking/hunting setup. I really like having modular stuff so I can add and swap stuff around, can't afford extras of everything! In the mail I've got a maxped 12x5 bottle holder that is going to be the basis of my hiking/hunting kit. - Does anyone know of a nice shoulder strap with pouches on it, similar to a paqlite crosspaq that I could use to carry the water bottle holder with?

    Anyway, here's some pics of my EDC.

    Maxpedition Micro pocket - 5x9 bandage and guaze roll. swiss knife, water filter, fire steel, clif bar, solar power led, space blanket and bandaids. Going to add one of those roll up water pouches when I get around to buying one.

    My glock doesn't fit in this bag!


    I've also got a bunch of other setups/kits for first aid and camping/survival but they aren't EDC's.
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    ArnieJB EDC Junkie!!!

    Welcome to the forum!

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    wstamper Loaded Pockets

    Welcome from Northern KY!!!
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    SurvivePenna EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Welcome to EDCF !!! :) You got a "like" because I noticed a Cliff Bar in your picture...:D I would really like to see pictures of your other setups if and when you feel like posting it. Anyways...enjoy and have fun !
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    mooshi Loaded Pockets

    Welcome to the forums! :D I'd love to see how your EDC evolves. Medic stuff always intrigues me...

    T.H.Cone I am senor Fluffy, hear me roar

    Too bad there is noDave, we could really use one around here.


    I really nailed it with that on, right guys?

    (sound of crickets)

    Ah... Guys?

    (more crickets)


    Anyway, welcome to the forum.
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    tango down Empty Pockets

    howdy neighbor (west central IL - home of the Leathernecks)

    JPHing Loaded Pockets

    Hi Dave. Welcome!
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