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Guidelines for the Craftsman's Corner

Discussion in 'Guidelines for the Craftsman's Corner' started by scríbhneoir, Sep 1, 2016.

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  1. scríbhneoir
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    Apr 13, 2006
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    EDCF Craftsman Designation
    • A registered forum member in good standing who individually (no employees) produces goods for resale and does not market or sell his/her creations through retailers may offer his/her products through the Craftsman’s Corner. (If a member does not meet these requirements, he/she may be eligible as a manufacturer.)
    • The cost for Craftsman status: $30 per three months -- just $10/month -- payable via auto-recurring PayPal charge until changed/cancelled.
    • A Craftsman will be identified with a custom title/badge beneath his/her avatar and provided a dedicated sub-forum, Craftsman’s Corner, located in The Marketplace, in which to conduct marketing and selling activities.
    • Only badged Craftsmen and forum staff may initiate and post new threads in the Craftsman’s Corner; regular members may post replies, comments, and questions in such threads.
    • Craftsmen may not initiate threads about their product(s) in other parts of the forum; however, they may post answers to questions appearing in threads outside of the Craftsman’s Corner. Use of shills to create questions or interest is prohibited.
    • Only Craftsmen may reference their product(s) or business in their sig-line, which may include a link to their website or blog. Maximum font size is 4, and link may display as "raw" URL or be embedded in a text string that might be the craftsman business name or the widget(s)' name.
    • It is understood that some members identified as Craftsman might one day be reclassified as a manufacturer if their operation changes. The forum reserves the right to not approve a member's request for Craftsman status.
    • For questions or more information, contact scríbhneoir or xbanker.
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