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Greetings! (Introduction)

Discussion in 'Andrews Design LLC' started by Nutmeg, May 5, 2017.

  1. Nutmeg
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    Nutmeg Loaded Pockets

    Dec 29, 2012
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    My name is Jon, and I am the Owner/Designer/Stitch-Bitch at Andrews Design LCC. My focus is on leatherwork, but I've done a fair bit of sewing in the past, so all branches of sewn EDC gear are in my wheelhouse.

    A little background on myself: I'm a degreed Mechanical/Nuclear engineer, working a day job designing data center equipment (racks/cabinets, cooling systems, infrastructure, etc). In my spare time I rebuild classic cars, take part in target rifle shooting (vintage rifles), R/C airplanes, and general like to work with my hands. It's this drive to constantly be making things that has lead to my forming of Andrews Design LLC.

    A little about Andrews Design LLC: I started this small business as a creative outlet for myself, and as a way to share my work with others. While the main focus of the business is leatherwork (for the time being), I have experience in sewing tactical gear/edc gear, and I consider all aspect of EDC culture to really be within my wheelhouse.

    For now, I am working on offering a number of different designs of leather items, which will be available on a made-to-order basis. Each item will allow for choices in leather colors, thread colors, and customized engraving (logos/artwork, both standard template items or provide your own).

    Keep an eye out on this sub-forum for new work as I put out new designs! I look forward to working with the members of this forum to make some new EDC focused items.