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Grav's EDC

Discussion in 'Show us pics of your EDC!' started by Grav, May 11, 2014.

  1. Grav

    Grav Loaded Pockets

    Jan 3, 2010
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    Figured I'd add my carry here after so long of looking at everyone else's here.

    Level 1 pocket carry:

    Benchmade griptillian
    Sunwayman V11r
    Field notes and Fischer stow away in a leather wallet by shkira on etsy
    Leatherman micra
    Cut down pry bar from home depot
    Seiko Orange monster
    Samsung note 2 (taking the pictures)

    Level 2 The bag:
    Like many of us, I've been through several bags. The current carry is the mountainsmith day. It's made as a lumbar pack but I modded the strap to make it a sling bag that can still also be worn as a hip bag. It is currently my best of all worlds edc bag. The only thing I may still need to mod is just a little internal organization to keep the bags within bag system organized. But I do love just how versatile this bag has been.



    The contents:

    Repair kit in a maxped micro organizer:
    leatherman wave
    Bic lighter
    Stanley multi screwdriver
    Sewing kit
    Nite eyez gear ties
    Gorilla tape
    Mini altoids tin with a bunch of random small repair stuff: zip ties, fishing line, safety pins, etc.

    Maxped janus not holding anything currently but hooks into the mountainsmith strap.

    Small First aid kit: (yellow)
    Mostly otc meds with some bandaging and wound cleaning supplies

    Nexus 7 gen 2
    Plantronics Bluetooth ear buds
    Micro cloth
    Small water bottle from target
    Regular small notebook and all weather note pad with pen and pencils
    Maxped micro wallet with various retailer cards

    Bag with random comfort stuff (blue)
    Hand sanitizer
    Tide stick
    Lens cleaner
    Titanium spork

    Forgot to put in the picture:
    Fenix LD20
    Extra batteries for lights
    Cables for phone and tablet

    Level 3 The truck: is still an early work in progress. Hopefully to be updated later.

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  2. warchild
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    warchild Eternal Pockets

    May 17, 2013
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    Nice Level one pocket carry. ;)