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Discussion in 'Electronic Devices' started by atm, Mar 30, 2006.

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    Hi skunksoup-

    Welcome to EDCF! You'll find a lot of helpful information here.


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    Could you give us some specs on your custom setup? If it goes too far off-topic maybe just start a thread in the break room.

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    skunksoup -
    I would suggest any of the eTrex units by Garmin. They are WAAS enabled, compact, and fairly accurate. Some are now being discontinued and you can find them for some fairly reasonale prices. If you check out www.gpscity.com and look under the 'handheld' category that would give you lots to choose from.

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    Nice set-up Leatherneck. I am a newb to the gps thing and my wife went and got me the MAPGPS60CSx for Christmas. :smitten: I haven't really gotten to try it out yet. I've been wondering about what map software to get. For street use I figure City Nav should do it. I like the look of the Delorme for offroad use but I can't get much info a simpleton like me can grasp. What topo-ware are you using in the photos? Other than getting out to practice with the unit, what other recommendations might you have for someone just getting started? :confused:

    Thanks. And thanks to all you other posters on this forum. I have learned a lot from reading everyone's posts. O0

    Regards. Kenn

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    We have two Rino 120's and I think a 110. I love them because of the GPS / two way radio combination. Is great to be able to not only talk to those you're with but track their locations on your GPS.

    We also have a Garmin 2710 and a Garmin Conquest. Both fantastic.

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    I have a Garmin eTrex somehwere, have not found it since I moved last time. I want to look at a better one, one that has more detail/info other than just coordinates and waypoints. Any suggestions?

    vadsoom Loaded Pockets

    I've been carrying a bluetooth GPS for use with my OQO for several years. Before that, I used a serial GPS with my Toshiba Libretto. I've looked at lots of GPS solutions, but since I have to carry a loptop anyway, this has been the best for me. I find the advantage is I can update my map software with very little expense and effort. For points of interest and trip planning, I've been using MS Streets and Trips. It has navigation capabilities, but it's tough to see sometimes. For in-motion navigation, I use iGuidance . It's hard to beat and has a mode specifically for UMPCs like the OQO. At about $100, it's not the cheapest, but it's well worth the money. Streets and Trips can be found for about $30. Both have maps of USA and Canada.

    I think the best part of using a laptop for GPS is the ability to change maps whenever I feel the need. There are many street and topographical map vendors to choose from. The only drawback is the OQO's limited battery life.

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    Just got a Nuvi 350....

    My wife bought a Garmin Nuvi 350 for me and I am loving it. I am in Commercial Print Sales and this thing has already proven to be one of the most important tools I have! I love the size, features and accuracy. The only thing that I think sucks, is the proice of additional maps. I haven't looked around a lot but on the Garmin website it looks like additional maps will cost 1/2 as much as the unit itself.The one for Mexico was around $250! Other than that I am loving it and have carried it everywhere

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    We use a pair of Garmin Map60C units for car travel, and mostly for geocaching. Good battery life, takes NiMh's and no trouble getting a good fix even in heavy cover.

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    I have a Garmin GPSMap 60 and a GPSMap 60CSx. Considering I have two, you would think I would have one with me most of the times, but thats not true. If I were to carry one of the two, I would actually have the plain old 60 rather than 60CSx with me out of fear of losing it. If you have it with you more often, you are more likely to misplace it, and I would never get over losing the 60CSx, so she just gets used for geocaching ;D


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    My Vista Cx lives in its own pouch on the shoulder strap of my everyday/everywhere backpack. My upcoming project is to install the roads/trail system of our National Forest. I find that under heavy tree cover, the signal can be lost, and I alway carry (and know how to use) a standard compass and topo maps.

    Recently, I got a StreetPilot 2720 for the car, and that has been a lot of fun. I have it on even around town. Planning to add topo maps to that for travel in more remote areas.

    Leatherneck's setup is pretty slick, but installed in my Subaru Outback Sport, there wouldn't be room for anything else! (And it might be a bit fragile at the speeds I sometimes drive gravel roads).

    fishshooter Empty Pockets

    I've tried a few, now I have a Garmin eTrex Vista Cx. Ive got different map software for whatever I'm doing. The maps, especially the inland lakes and rivers, and topos are very detailed. It has almost all the trails in the nearby 1/2 million acre National Forest. It has two trail roads in it that are not on any of my maps of the area. It is also waterproof and I use it on the boat and jetski all the time. Get one that you can upload and download info to, and has expandable memory. It's pretty amazing all the stuff this thing can do. YOu can even get it to talk to Google Earth and map your tracks, waypoints ETC on the satellite images. I have lost signal in the woods in bad weather, but moving a little will locate you again. Going back to a saved waypoint, I'm usually within a few feet of where I marked it. Runs on AA batts too, just like all my other stuff. The screen is a little small for driving, but will work if needed. I don't EDC it everday, just when I'm outdoors or I'll throw it in the truck when on the road.

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    I'm looking at a Garmin 76CSX. From what I've been able to find out, has all the same stuff as a 60CSX plus auto routing capabilities. That way I can use it when hiking and geocaching, but then turn on the auto routing and use it like a vehicle gps. Most places seem to have it for around $450, but I have seen it as low as $330 I think. I just finished another year of college and started working for the summer, so once I have the funds I think I am going to pick one up.

    bigfoot Loaded Pockets

    I believe both the 60Cx / 60CSx and 76Cx / 76CSx models have the auto-routing capability.

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    Mobile GPS help

    I had to go back east earlier this week on business, and had my second experience with an onboard GPS in our Quality Director's rental. Garmin's site doesn't list that model, so I'm hoping to identify something similar. The thing had an earphone and mic jack, (mic for what?) and SD card slot, and USB port which I can see for software/database updates. I have a bunch of questions.

    I've used the search, and even read every GPS thread on the board, and more questions. I'm looking at the Garmin treetPilot c330. Some units seem to require an SD card and others seem to have enough onboard memory (preloaded.) Others, I think, require you to transfer map data from an included CD. I read an inferance that map-base software updates require a paid subscription. (Help!)

    I don't need BlueTooth for a wireless headset, an MP-player, or cell interoperability! (I don't even own a cell!) I absolutely hate being lost, especially at night! I suppose I should hit-up Wikipedia for a primer on the things, but thought I'd ask here first. ;D

    The Lady impressed me, despite complaining about losing satellite signal in Boston's big dig, and I can't post what I said to her upon being told to buckle my seatbelt when booted. ;D


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    Re: Mobile GPS help

    I am new to GPS but am having a great time.
    I went the laptop route and purchased Microsoft's Street and Trips ( which I was familiar with ) and it came with a tiny GPS receiver
    that plugs in the USB port. Love it.

    You might find this forum very useful. I did. GPS Forums

    tvodrd Empty Pockets

    Re: Mobile GPS help

    Thank you very much for the link, Anglepoise! :bow: I've spent over an hour there tonight, and am now looking at the Garmin Nuvi 650. (~$450 on Amazon. :faint: ) It has solid state memory, (Some models have HDD's) and I can simply ignore the MP3, audio book player, and picture viewer features. It's also powered by LiIon, and can go hand held, not that I'm eager to get into geocaching. ;D (Makes it sorta relevant for EDC. ;D )


    Anglepoise Loaded Pockets

    Re: Mobile GPS help

    I forgot to mention in my post above. I was given some very good advice from a long time GPS user ( Georges80 ).
    He advised me that the new Sirf III receiver that is now becoming generally available is outstanding and the way to go.
    Try and buy a unit that uses this chip/receiver.
    It will lock on with far more sensitivity than previous chips and the speed to lock on is immediate. Works under a full canopy
    of trees in a wood and also in 'downtown' type environment.

    Also with the SirfIII chip, the antenna is built in and the whole 'package' measures around 1" x 1".

    I do believe that Nuvi 650 does use the Sirf III chip but you might want to check.

    ddashner Loaded Pockets

    Re: Mobile GPS help

    The Sirf III chips are great. I have an old Garmin IQUE PDA/GPS that doesn't have it. I also have a GPSMap 60Cx that does. The 60Cx gets recpetion everywhere, even inside my house. The older non-Sirf III never did that.

    tvodrd Empty Pockets

    Re: Mobile GPS help

    The 650 appears to be SirfIII. I have an Etrex from a couple years ago which seems to need a full minute to figure out where it is, even out in wide open desert!