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Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Discussion in 'Electronic Devices' started by chavez, Jul 9, 2012.

    HawaiiZach Loaded Pockets

    Long time lurker here. I'm actually posting on my nexus 7, its a fantastic edc device. Small yet powerful. Love these forums, its good to finally post.

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    Navi X

    bigguy02 Loaded Pockets

    I agree, My wife has a 16gig ipad and that thing is full, I cant do more then 3-4 updates at a time becasue there is not enough storage to downlaod them. When i got my Mini i went for the 32gig. I have 2 games alone that take up allmost 3 gigs of space.

    I love flipboard, Another one to look at is Summly, if its avabile. It takes news story and condenses them down to what fits on the screen.

    ShadowE Loaded Pockets

    248 for the 32g at Sams I see on their app. Thinking about getting one, it will be a family first tablet so I may not get to play with it much. Everyone else in family is a eyephone person so I am purposefully getting a Android tablet first :) (even though the wife uses a Galaxy phone, she is itching for a iphone next :confused:)
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    Stonerman33 Loaded Pockets

    I've had my nexus 7 since the day before thanksgiving, and I love the thing. Went for the 32gb variant for $248 via sams club. I had an HP touchpad 10" that I had put android on but I never used it much. I was slightly hesitant to purchase the nexus for fear that it'd be an expensive and rarely used toy, but I've only turned on my laptop once since I purchased the nexus, and that was only necessary to put some music onto a flash drive for my brother. This thing is a great little edc device.

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    PreparedCountryBoy Loaded Pockets

    I almost got a Nexus 7, but ended up with a Galaxy tab 2 for the removable storage. Plus, I love my Galaxy s3.

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    ProjeKtWEREWOLF Loaded Pockets

    I have decided that I like the keyboard on the Nexus 7 far less than on my iPod Touch (2nd gen!!). The screen is also FAR less precise.

    b.s. Loaded Pockets

    That's funny you mention it's because the screen precision of my android phone seems way better than my iPhone.

    GSDadventures Loaded Pockets

    I have had many tablet from the Ipad, HP Web OS (now hacked to Android OS), and now the Google Nexus 7. I like it! It does stuff way better than the IPad plus since I own an Android phone it linked up everything very nicely. I am testing out a theory about attaching a USB Flash drive to it but have not had a change on that idea yet. It should work from what I have read. So 32Gbs can be expanded to what ever the USB drive has to offer or external HD. I also found the Nexus to be way more versatile than an Ipad in terms of apps. Now the con I found is it does not have a rear camera... bummer! However, if I want to take a pic I have a nice SLR for that. So after all the comparisons, consumer reports (don't put much stock in them), and reviews from others the Nexus 7 was a logical choice for an EDC device. Now with the new Otterbox Defender case for it it, it is not pretty much indestructible for my EDC bag. Otterbox also makes a nice accessory case (mainly for IPad but works) that can hold all the extra cool stuff for it. Or go with a Grid-it Cocoon for the EDC bag... All in all loved the price of the Nexus 7 and so far all the nice features.

    Update: Ok with the use of the Nexus Media Importer App you can use an external HD, USB Drive, and for those who want the MicroSD that too! I have a USB MicroSD reader and it worked like a champ... So there is a solution!

    Update part 2: If you root the Nexus use Stickmount which will allow the Nexus to see the USB device once it is pluged in as an additional memory space... Both solutions work great!
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    phatch Loaded Pockets

    It depends a bit what you want to access off of Nexus Media Importer. For example, it will not do the comicbook standard cbz/cbr stuff which is important to my kids. It plays too much of a media bridge rather than a file explorer. Still helpful for many things, true, which is why I have it.
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    Gambit88 Loaded Pockets

    I love my Nexus7. Using it now!!
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    mlehto Loaded Pockets

    I just got one awhile ago, and unfortunately it was stolen after only a couple days.

    Liked it so much i got another one the next day.

    It is really that awesome! I sell cell phones for a living and it is by far the smoothest most powerful tablet for the money. Even faster and smoother than my S3 or Iphone 5. ;)

    shrap Loaded Pockets

    Well, you can try out other keyboards on the Nexus 7, unlike iOS devices (but the quality of other keyboards varies). Swipe keyboards (Swype is better than the stock keyboard's implementation) can be useful sometimes, and there's always voice dictation.

    phatch Loaded Pockets

    Swype and voice often don't work in forum editors. Not sure about the reason, but it's been a peeve of mine. Even the built in swype-style android keyboard has the same problem.

    GSDadventures Loaded Pockets

    I heard of an upgrade to the Nexus (aka Andriod OS) keyboard that may help. I will research and update this post when I find out. Tech stuff is my life so happy to help. Cheers!

    Update: I heard SwiftKey is a good keyboard replacement for the Nexus. I have heard from a few that Dragon Go for phone and Dragon Assistant for Nexus is the best for the dictation.
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    BigGeorge Loaded Pockets

    I went with the rooted option and love being able to plug in a card reader via and OTG cable. Works great for transferring pictures from by DSLR's SD card to facebook when I am out and about.

    BigGeorge Loaded Pockets

    I use the Hackers keyboard. It works great and I love having all the keys of a normal keyboard (Ctrl, Alt, Arrow Keys) available. A must if you are doing any SSH Tunneling.

    shrap Loaded Pockets

    That doesn't make any sense to me as the keyboard/input method shouldn't have anything to do with the application, but the consistent Android experience seems to be of inconsistency.
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    Stonerman33 Loaded Pockets

    Was finally able to backorder the official nexus 7 dock that uses the pogo pins for charging from bhphoto.com . At $40 for a weighted chunk of plastic with a micro USB and audio out port, it is a bit on the expensive side, but I love the convenience of a drop in charging dock for my edc gadgets, plus it saves wear and tear on the built in micro USB. I think I was really spoiled with the touchstone charger for my HP touchpad. Wish more devices took advantage of built in wireless inductive charging.

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    BigGeorge Loaded Pockets

    Have you received it yet?