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Good Blue Jeans for Everyday Wear?

Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by tennessee226, Jan 7, 2013.

    tennessee226 Empty Pockets

    I am on a search for good Blue jeans for everyday wear. I want a pair that is rugged and durable for working working outside while wearing them. I need nice roomy pockets for all of my EDC stuff. The color is not important, as long as they are blue. The size I would need is usually between 28x28 and 30x30, because i am a little fellow.

    Any suggestions, Guys?

    Makaveli Loaded Pockets

    Duluth trading firehose jeans. They also sell regular type jeans with added benefits over regular jeans

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    Sparkey Loaded Pockets

    +1, Carhartt as well.

    AK Adventurer Ice, Ice, Tigre

    Carhartt and Duluth are fabulous in their respective canvas duck and firehose, I have and use both at times. Prefer the Firehose to the carrhart canvas, FH is a little more flexible/stretchy. Never had denim from either company though, but if the build/QC is the same in denim, they both gotta be bullet proof.

    Best heavy duty denim Jeans I've had are Cabelas house brand... Heavy weight material, thick and durable, but soft flexible and comfortable(and pre-washed so they don't shrink any at your first washing!). Its what I go to for work; right now a pair thats flannel lined for the winter. Premium quality that will last a while, but you pay for it. Although cheaper than Dulluths offerings.

    Best bang for your buck everyday knock around jeans ever are Wranglers IMO. Durable, soft, easy wearing, sized acurately(unlike Lee, Carhartt, and Duluth 'jeans' patterned pants where I have to go up a size and a half) with almost no shrink on first wash, and low, low cost.

    The Cabelas last me 5 times as long, but the Wranglers are close to 1/4 the cost...
    Everyday knock around work or play; Wranglers. Hard ''gonna kill me I swear'' work days; Cabelas.


    Mudinyeri Loaded Pockets

    I think your biggest challenge, as you're probably painfully aware, is going to be finding adult jeans in a 28" waist size and 28" length. I wear a size 30" waist and it's hard enough to find anything that small.

    IMO, their quality has dropped over the last several years, but I know Dickies makes jeans with a 28" waist. I think 30" is the shortest inseam. Levi's also makes jeans in 28" waist sizes.

    Wrangler makes several options in 28" waist and 30" inseam. That's what I normally wear for work on the farm. They're not as durable as Carhartt or Duluth, but they're so cheap (usually can find them for <$20 at Wal-Mart) that I just buy several pair when they're on sale and throw them away when they wear out.
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    patrat Loaded Pockets

    I have had both Carhartt and Duluth Jeans. The cloth durability is about the same as any other decently made jean, such as Wrangler. The reason to pay extra is if you prefer the cut and pocket layout, or tend to wear out seams. Myself I need a gusset or a roomy crotch/thigh, or I will rip out the seam when I crouch down, so I buy the above brands. The double front jeans from Carhartt are built like a brick house, after 10 years I am about ready to retire them due to holes in the back. Dungaree/Carpenter cut seems great for EDC, to me.

    For my next pair I am going to try ordering from Diamond Gusset Jeans.

    wave180 Loaded Pockets

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    Eagle Scout Loaded Pockets

    Yup. Feel your pain. I'm a 30x30 and not every place has jeans that size (don't get me started on belts...)

    Best place for jeans - second hand stores. Especially in "off" sizes like 30x30. Can't remember the last pair of new jeans I bought.

    For new, LL Bean is hard to beat.

    Also note, I wear jeans almost every day....
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    AK Adventurer Ice, Ice, Tigre

    Funny, I always thought the smaller waist sizes were easier to find... they always seemed plentiful when I needed BIG and couldn't get it.. ;)

    Short length being hard to get, I can painfully understand.
    I used to be a lot heavier, and finding 54x30, then 52x30 was a real Bitch. I'm 6'4", wide hipped but short legged... manufacturers assume that wide means tall, and that tall means long legs.
    Always had to get 52x34 or longer and have them cut down.
    I'm down to 42x28 or 44x30 depending on brand, but it can still be hard to find them that short.


    blt2drg Loaded Pockets

    I'm a Levi's 559 kind of guy.

    I have some that are 10 years old, but i only wear them a few times a year.

    LausDeo Loaded Pockets

    I prefer Levi's or American Eagle. Only exception is I am going to get the dirty then I would put on a pair of old ones or junkers

    Walnut Empty Pockets

    I must recommend Diamond Gusset jeans. Many styles, very comfortable, very long-lasting, and made in USA!
    Because of the way they're made (quality, construction, and the special gusset) they last at least twice as long as Levis.
    Yes, there a bit more expensive, but, in this case, you get what you pay for. IMHO.
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    thwippa Loaded Pockets

    I dunno about anyone recommending Levis...
    OP said that they needed durable jeans for outdoor work.
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    keith1234 Loaded Pockets

    I feel your pain trying to find smaller sizes I used to have trouble with the 30x30 size and now that I wear a 32x30 I have a bit of trouble finding them. I stick with Wrangler brand decent enough for the price, I tried Levi's when I found them on sale but they didn't hold up as well as Wrangler. I have one pair of Duluth Firehose Jeans and haven't had a problem with them even though the fabric is heavy they are still flexible.
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    thwippa Loaded Pockets

    28 waist here.
    It is absolute hell trying to find 28X30s.
    And then I see sizes like 28x34.

    Don't even get me started on finding shirts/jackets that fit.

    But yeah, Carhartt is good stuff. I only wish they had narrower legs on some of the duck pants (*swish swish swish swish*) .
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    keith1234 Loaded Pockets

    I notice lately that some of my pants are a bit longer as I tend to step on the back cuffs, even though these are socalled 30 length. I say the same thing where do they come up with the patterns for some of these pants as I had 2 brand new pair sitting in the closet for about a year I threw away. Loose waist and tight around the pockets going down the legs a bit then normal fit the rest of the way. These were Levis too.
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    thwippa Loaded Pockets

    ^ were they 501s?
    My 501s seem to be okay, except for my black pair being nice and tight (shrunk in the wash) while the not-as-black pair haven't shrunk at all and are kind of weird and just slightly loose in a few places. Both of them are 29X30s.
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    keith1234 Loaded Pockets

    ^^ They were 501's but mine are what they call Stone color.

    Hobs98 Loaded Pockets

    I had good luck before with Old Navy Jeans, but I haven't bought any in a couple of years. Lately, I have been wearing the cheap Wranglers from Walmart. They're like $15 a pair, so I don't cry if I tear them up.

    Strayz Loaded Pockets

    For Cheepies, Costco house brand are hard to beat for less than a $20 bill.

    I don't recommend the Old navy jeans as they are almost as stick as an onion skin. :) (I live where it is cold and the wind just blows through them like they are not even there.)